Microsoft planning an Amazon Go rival storefront

Microsoft is looking to implement a software-based solution that could rival Amazon's retailer and cardless purchasing alternative.

With IPO Hopes Fading, Square And Box Face Reality Of Commodity Products

Square and Box would seem to be the very epitome of every startup founder’s dream of reaching the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success. Take a kernel of an idea and turn it into a massive, multi-billion-dollar company that publicly debuts in an IPO. For the founders involved,

Built in OneDrive filesharing comes to latest Skype Insider builds

On the heels of releasing Skype calling for Alexa earlier today, a post on the Microsoft Answers forum also reveals that OneDrive in Skype is now available for Skype users on Insider builds on a number of platforms. Now, instead of sharing files by sending the entire document via Skype,

Microsoft acquires FSLogix in bid to make Microsoft 365 virtualization easier

FSLogix, an Atlanta-based company with an expertise on desktop virtualization is now a part of Microsoft.

Bing gets ready for Black Friday with new “Intelligent Shopping” experience

Microsoft's Bing search has carved out a new Black Friday experience for shoppers that will help highlight important shopping info

Azure Active Directory hit by multi-factor authentication issue, Microsoft is working on a fix

Microsoft has acknowledged a multi-factor authentication issue with Azure Active Directory, which prevents Office 365 users to sign in via MFA solutions like Microsoft’s own Authenticator app.

Watch Microsoft’s holiday ad, featuring the Xbox Adaptive Controller, here

In a different kind of holiday ad, Microsoft showcases the power of its new Adaptive Controller to let everyone play Xbox One. You can check out the ad below (via Tom Warren): According to the YouTube video description, the ad shows Owen, a nine-year-old with Escobar syndrome,

Skype calling is now available for Alexa-enabled devices

UPDATE: Skype calling on Alexa is available now in the U.S.,U.K.,Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand with support for other countries rolling out soon. Microsoft recommends updating to Skype version 8.34 or later. If you’ve got an Amazon Echo device,

Windows 10 October 2018 Update is currently blocked on PCs running iCloud for Windows and F5 VPN cli

Microsoft has now four upgrade blocks in place for the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, but the company expects to fix some of the known issues and software incompatibilites before the end of the month.

Microsoft is rethinking its PC Xbox app, promises some announcements before the end of the year

Because Microsoft's Xbox UWP app still pales in comparison to Steam and Discord, the Xbox team said this week that will change its approach towards Xbox integration on Windows 10.

New free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appears in official documentation

A new free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appeared in official documentation, suggesting that the team collaboration app could soon become a freemium product.

Report: Google looks to a Windows 10 Certification for its Pixelbook

The search engine giant might be now trying to play nice with Microsoft by getting the Pixelbook certified for Windows 10.

[图]著名越狱黑客 Winocm 入职苹果公司

著名越狱黑客 Winocm 于美国时间21日下午在推特上宣布,自己已经入职苹果公司,大约下半年开始工作。在他之前,越狱社区已有 Comex 和 Peter Hajas 两名著名黑客加入苹果。    

代理模式小试 - Chandler Qian


Intel Offering 3-D Printed Robot Kits

jfruh writes Intel is developing a series of robot kits for hobbyists, ranging from "Jimmy", a $1,500 "social robot," to a more robust $16,000 model. The robots are powered by Intel x86 chips, are programmable, and can have exoskeletons parts produced at home by 3-D printers. From the article:

Spark1.0.0部署指南 - Scott007

1 节点说明IPRole192.168.1.111ActiveNameNode192.168.1.112StandbyNameNode,Master,Worker192.168.1.113DataNode,Master,Worker192.168.1.114DataNode,WorkerHDFS集群...

4 Chic Ways to Make an Enviable Fashion Set

It's time to embrace your inner Anna Wintour.Getting in touch with your chic side is easy with the help of online fashion sets. You know those breezy style collages of mixed and matched outfits, the kind you find in glossy magazines? You can make them on your own with online fashion templates.

Amnesty International Accuses Islamic State of War Crimes, 'Ethnic Cleansing'

The actions of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, which include the mass killings and abductions of religious minorities in Iraq, amount to war crimes of historical proportions, according to a new report by the human rights group Amnesty International.

Makonnen featuring Drake: Tuesday

Makonnonen's been having a moment ever since Drake hopped on this track early this fall. Now it's Tuesday, and the video just dropped, so playing the song's appropriate. But the song works every day, always. Read more...


只有那些胆够大的土豪们才有可能去太空走一遭,对于绝大多数普通人来说这辈子都没这个机会。不过 ISS 的宇航员们还是想尽办法为大家提供了这样的“体验”机会。  



Why are poets' voices so insufferably annoying?

When I was in grad school I'd meet my thesis advisor, Catherine, on Tuesday nights at a café on New York's Upper West Side. We'd sit together at a small table, where she'd have me read my fresh, newly written poems out loud.It was an exercise to hear how the poems sounded,

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