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Netflix’s latest hit ‘The Kissing Booth’ is a Wattpad success story

One of the most popular movies in the U.S. is a terrible teen rom-com called “The Kissing Booth,” and it’s not in theaters. Instead, this Netflix Original with its paltry 17 percent critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, shot up to become the No. 4 movie on IMDb,

Tesla lost nearly $8 billion in shareholder value this week and its board should be ashamed

Over the last five days, Tesla shareholders have watched the value of their stock decline by roughly 16% and seen nearly $8 billion in value erased, as the company’s celebrity chief executive, Elon Musk, has what amounts to a very public breakdown. However,

The Automatica automates pour-over coffee in a charming and totally unnecessary way

Most mornings, after sifting through the night's mail haul and skimming the headlines, I make myself a cup of coffee. I use a simple pour-over cone and paper filters, and (in what is perhaps my most tedious Seattleite affectation), I grind the beans by hand. I like the manual aspect of it all.

Movado Group acquires watch startup MVMT

The Movado Group, which sells multiple brands including Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, has purchased MVMT, a small watch company founded by Jacob Kassan and Kramer LaPlante in 2013. The company, which advertised heavily on Facebook, logged $71 million in revenue in 2017.

YC-backed Mutiny helps B2B business personalize their website for each visitor

Mutiny, which is part of the current batch of startups at accelerator Y Combinator, helps business-to-business, software-as-a-service companies present a message that’s customized to each visitor on their website.

6 million users had installed third-party Twitter clients

Twitter tried to downplay the impact deactivating its legacy APIs would have on its community and the third-party Twitter clients preferred by many power users, by saying that “less than 1%” of Twitter developers were using these old APIs.

YC-backed Sterblue aims to enable smarter drone inspections

As government regulation for commercial drone usage seems to be trending in a very positive direction for the companies involved, there is an ever-growing opportunity for drone startups to utilize artificial intelligence to deliver insights without requiring much human efforts. Sterblue,

Incentivai launches to simulate how hackers break blockchains

Cryptocurrency projects can crash and burn if developers don’t predict how humans will abuse their blockchains. Once a decentralized digital economy is released into the wild and the coins start to fly, it’s tough to implement fixes to the smart contracts that govern them.

Telemundo, Universal and TreasureHunt are launching a shootout game in time for the World Cup

Just in time for the World Cup, Telemundo Deportes, Universal Brand Development and the startup TreasureHunt, have launched a shootout game for the Instant Games platform on Facebook and Messenger.

Juul tightens up social media to focus on former smokers switching to e-cigs

Juul Labs, the company behind the ever-popular Juul e-cig, has today announced a new policy around social media. This comes in the midst of Juul’s effort to get FDA approval,

Meet Atoms, the minimalist startup shoes you’ll actually wear

Step aside, Allbirds. Atoms come in quarter sizes you can mix-and-match. Emerging from stealth today in a TechCrunch exclusive, this shoe startup’s obsession with satisfaction allowed it to replace my Nikes. I’ve spent the last 2 months wearing Atoms every day.

avalon 的HTML规范 - 司徒正美

由于avalon以绑定属性实现对DOM的选择与操作,页面的美观与调试就变得至关重要。参照boostrap的HTML规范,制定如下属性排列的规范 class (class, id,

IOS开发计算文本尺寸 - 微尘AT

在IOS开发中例如微博,QQ聊天界面中要显示大量的文字信息,这样需要计算出文字部分的尺寸,才能设计出合适的控件尺寸和位置。下面是IOS 7.0计算文本尺寸的方法。- (CGRect)boundingRectWithSize:(CGSize)size options:(NSStringDrawingO...

Amusing Vacuum Billboard Sucks Its Own Ad Back Into View

Here's further proof that you don't need celebrities, scantily clad models, or even a developer's conference to advertise a product. Playing up those billboards that rotate through multiple advertisements during the day, Samsung stuck one of its vacuums on top of this sign,

Microsoft to discontinue vintage mapping services MapPoint and Streets & Trips

Microsoft will be discontinuing two of its mapping services, MapPoint, and Streets & Trips. Both the services snagged their last updates, and are now headed towards their retirement. The demise of the said mapping services comes in favor of Microsoft’s premium mapping product, Bing Maps.



Google 推出 64 bit-Win版 Chrome Beta 浏览器

可以在 Beta Channal 下载。目前,该版本仅适配安装了 Win 7 和 Win 8 的64位操作系统。原文中提供了各版本 Chrome 的下载地址。


微星推出了一款全新Windows平板电脑-微星S100,并采用了相当不错的规格。这款10英寸平板电脑运行的是Windows8.1操作系统,采用英特尔Bay Trail处理器,并赋予它部分笔记本电脑的风格。 


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Telepathy Over the Internet Is Getting Real

Researchers at the University of Washington just successfully demonstrated a brain-to-brain interface in a six-person study. This is the second such study, but with more people, more confidence, and enough success to presume that telepathy might just leap out of the realm of sci-fi. Read more...

sleep better 睡眠管家:改善睡眠习惯,一觉睡到天亮

Sleep Better 是 Runtastic 公司新发布的一款健康类应用软件,能够详细追踪用户的睡眠时间,以及对用户睡眠情况进行分析。

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