Help, Jason Momoa is wet in new 'Aquaman' pictures

While it stands to reason that anyone playing a hero called Aquaman would have to look good wet, I'd like to file a complaint with whoever got Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, quite this wet for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.This week’s @EW cover story: ‘Aquaman' featuring an intense,

Stephen Colbert can only say 'little Adam Schitt' if Trump's tweet appears on screen

TV has some weird rules about swearing, even for The Late Show host Stephen Colbert.After skewering Donald Trump's Fox News interview, in which the president blasted the man who oversaw the hunt for Osama Bin Laden as a "Hillary Clinton fan,

Cards Against Humanity rolled out a pretty neat little promo with Jack White

Cards Against Humanity skewers countless famous people, card after card, but this time, one has given them permission.The polarising card game has teamed up with Jack White for a pretty neat piece of merchandise for his Nov. 19 show at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL.SEE ALSO:

How do you pronounce Blink-182? It's tearing Twitter apart.

If you were a kid of the early '00s, you would've listened to Blink-182's hits just about everywhere. But importantly, have you been saying their name right?We specifically mean the "182" bit in the band's name, which, as per a conversation over Twitter, could be "one-eighty-two" or "one-eight-two.

A firefighter rescued a cat from the Paradise Fire and she won't leave him alone

Get ready to sob, because this newfound friendship will pull every single heartstring you have. While raking through debris from the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA, firefighter Ryan Coleman came across a fluffy gray cat. Deciding that Coleman was her human,

This electric motorcycle runs on 15 parts made via 3D printer

Ready to upgrade from your e-scooter?The NERA electric motorcycle is a functioning bike that was made using a 3D printer. The only catch — it's just a "use case" example for a German 3D printing company to show off its material-making skills. SEE ALSO:

Save up to $265 on Calphalon pans at Macy's (with promo code) during this massive Black Friday sale

It's officially the time of year where life starts to feel like a big Food Network cooking competition show — starring you as the only contestant. Maybe you're the master chef of the house, preparing to wow your entire extended family with your most decadent holiday recipes.

The iOS Google Photos app can now do what some iPhones can't

Photo shots fired!Google announced an update to its Photos app for iOS on Monday. Now, iPhone users can edit the background blur and focus of portrait mode images within the Google Photos iOS app. Customized portraits, here you come!SEE ALSO: Does the Google Pixel 3 have the best smartphone camera?

Benedict Cumberbatch is 'The Grinch' in weird-ass new trailer

The studio behind the minions is gearing up for Christmas early. Illumination's first trailer for The Grinch dropped in early March, and now the second sneak peek previews even more of the holiday thief. 

Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

Moto G6$249.99View ProductThe GoodAll-day battery life with fast charging • A speedy processorThe BadDisplay doesn't cut it against flagships • Camera is slowThe Bottom LineMotorola's Moto G6 promises a respectable-yet-affordable smartphone, and it mostly delivers, though there are a few missteps.

Watch Trump exchange an awkward salute with a North Korean general

Another day, another embarrassing Donald Trump moment that the internet's buzzing about.On Thursday, footage of President Trump awkwardly saluting a North Korean general surfaced online, and it's just something you have to see for yourself.SEE ALSO:


威锋网讯 3 月 12 日消息,经过一段时间的测试之后,暴雪娱乐的卡牌策略游戏《炉石传说:魔兽英雄传》(Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft)今天终于正式登陆 Mac 平台,当然同时登陆的还有 Windows。



如何评价邹恒甫在 IDEAS 的世界第 48 位的排名?


科勒推出感应式马桶 无需接触挥手就能冲水


越野车何以如此任性 因为我们是战斗民族

莫斯科吉尔汽车制造厂 ZIL(Zavod imeni Likhachova)在俄罗斯的名声可谓无人不知,除了为普京定制专车外,他们也非常热衷于制造卡车和重型设备,当然也包括一些军用汽车,比如下面这辆越野,是不是有点悍马的感觉?  



The latest Subway Surfers update for Windows Phone takes players to France

Subway Surfers for Windows Phone has picked up an update, bumping it to version 1.37, and bringing along a few interesting changes on board. As with every other update to the game, the latest one takes players to yet another new exotic location -- Paris -- as a part of their World Tour.



Got a kid who’s ready to colonize to Mars?

Got a kid who’s ready to colonize to Mars? NASA has just released a set of Martian survival activities, suitable for grades K-12. From touring the Red Planet’s topography to building rovers and engineering artificial environments,

The Biggest Change to How Americans Go Out to Eat in the Last 50 Years 

Americans love to go eat to out, and have for a long time. But the way we like to do that has changed quite a bit in the last five decades—and in one way in particular. Read more...

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