In 'Forsaken,' Bungie is taking care to put 'Destiny 2' fans first

It's not that Destiny 2 is broken. But it does need some fixing.As many have observed, Bungie repeated a bunch of mistakes over the past year that first cropped up — and were eventually corrected — in the original game. As a result, many fans have come to feel that the sequel is a step back.

Robert Irwin let three mischievous African serval kittens run over Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon invited The Tonight Show regular and Animal Planet host Robert Irwin back on the show, with his usual assortment of cute baby animals.The 15-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin,

Stephen Colbert breaks down where we're at with Trump's State of the Union address

Nobody's quite sure whether or not we're going to have a State of the Union address, but at the very least, Stephen Colbert has broken down where we're at.The Late Show host detailed the situation,

Microsoft's Bing blocked in China

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing has been blocked in China."We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps," a Microsoft spokesperson told Mashable.The news was first reported by the Financial Times.

NYC might actually eventually allow e-scooters

New York City has been a holdout in the electric scooter craze, but after a city council hearing Wednesday, that could finally change.The city's Committee on Transportation introduced four bills concerning e-scooters and electric bicycles.

Chris Hemsworth launches his own fitness app Centr

Want to work out like Thor? Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is releasing his own fitness app.Dubbed Centr, the app will be available for iPhone and Apple Watch starting Feb. 4, and features workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness exercises all helmed by the Australian actor.SEE ALSO:

Uber Rewards rolled out to more cities and we aren’t that impressed

On my way home from the gym Tuesday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see an invite to join Uber Rewards on the ride-hailing app. I'm in San Francisco and the loyalty program hadn't made it there yet — or so I thought. As of this week,

Best headphones for every situation

There are literally thousands of different headphones, earphones, and earbuds out there to choose from. All have the same idea at heart — to provide you with music without having to play it out loud for everyone to hear. But some achieve this result so much better than others. Sure,

Help, Jason Momoa is wet in new 'Aquaman' pictures

While it stands to reason that anyone playing a hero called Aquaman would have to look good wet, I'd like to file a complaint with whoever got Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, quite this wet for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.This week’s @EW cover story: ‘Aquaman' featuring an intense,

Benedict Cumberbatch is 'The Grinch' in weird-ass new trailer

The studio behind the minions is gearing up for Christmas early. Illumination's first trailer for The Grinch dropped in early March, and now the second sneak peek previews even more of the holiday thief. 

Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

Moto G6$249.99View ProductThe GoodAll-day battery life with fast charging • A speedy processorThe BadDisplay doesn't cut it against flagships • Camera is slowThe Bottom LineMotorola's Moto G6 promises a respectable-yet-affordable smartphone, and it mostly delivers, though there are a few missteps.

福特或放弃微软架构 转向黑莓QNX车载平台

福特如果弃用微软平台,那么Windows Embedded Automotive将丢失一个重要的合作伙伴。同时,QNX系统的装机量将获得质的提升。

Turkey's Mine Disaster Is Worst in Its History, Kills at Least 274

At least 274 people are dead in what has become the worst coal mine disaster in Turkey's history.So far, 363 miners have been rescued, while the fate of 150 others who remain trapped underground is unclear, according to multiple reports.

In Private, Nurses Say They're Terrified of Ebola

Two health-care workers in Dallas have now been infected with Ebola.Nina Pham, 26, is in good condition. Another unnamed healthcare worker was diagnosed with the virus late Tuesday night. Both treated Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola last week.See also:


Shoji Sato预计,Murata向中国智能手机生产商销售了总计价值2-3亿美元的组件。考虑到仅小米一个品牌今年的船运发货就将高达6000万部手机,明年将触及1亿部,这对日本零部件制造商来说是一个稳固坚实的收入来源。

Pandora确认将登陆CarPlay平台 称与苹果“亦敌亦友”

在周二Fox商业新闻的专访中,Pandora首席财政官Mike Herring回应称Pandora在线音乐播放服务将会正式登陆苹果的车载信息娱乐系统CarPlay平台,Herring并没有透露确切的推出日期。

韩用户起诉苹果私下收集信息: 遭法院驳回



随着中天信电子被官方证实停产,标志着锤子T2代工厂正式歇业! 此前便有消息称,中天信电子老板刘超强失联,拖欠员工3个月工资共近3000多万元。而中天信电子则是锤子T2代工厂。尽管罗永浩一再声明,不影响锤子T2云云,但是供应链危机已对二流国产手机形成了釜底抽薪……甚至致命一击!

79万人集齐支付宝五福平分2.15亿 人均271元

2月8日凌晨消息,支付宝公布春晚“咻一咻”数据,互动平台的总参与次数达3245亿次,是去年春晚互动次数的29.5倍。最终,有791,405位用户集齐了五福,平分了2.15亿的大奖,人均271.66元。  官方数据显示,在春晚进行当中,支付宝“咻一咻”互动平台总参与次数达到3245亿次,是去年春晚红包互动次数的29.5倍,在21点09分,用户的参与热情达到了最高峰,“咻一咻”峰值达到210亿次/分钟。  从地区分布看,三四线城市的参与用户占比达到了64%,明显超过了一二线城市,在中小城市中,江西赣州、河南周口、山西运城位列前三,他们和北上广的观众一样,成为了春晚抢红包的主力。  


昨天我们报道了小米的四款新机,而现在其中的两位成员2015810和2015817已经拿到了入网许可证,这也意味着它们近期跟大家见面。从工信部给出的数据显示,代号为2015810的机型,机身厚度8.5mm(长和宽分别是139.369.6 ... ...

微软开发出中国政府专用的Windows 10

官方媒体财新网报道,微软大中华区董事长兼CEO贺乐赋在接受记者采访时表示:微软与中国电子科技集团公司合作开发政府专用版Windows 10操作系统,现已完成第一个版本。中国电科与微软是在去年的乌镇大会上宣布成立合资公司,中国电科将占51%股份,微软占49%。贺乐赋表示,与普通Windows 10相比,专用版或会去除一些针对消费者的应用和功能,以增强产品的易管理性和安全性,满足中国政府的特殊需要。

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