In 'Forsaken,' Bungie is taking care to put 'Destiny 2' fans first

It's not that Destiny 2 is broken. But it does need some fixing.As many have observed, Bungie repeated a bunch of mistakes over the past year that first cropped up — and were eventually corrected — in the original game. As a result, many fans have come to feel that the sequel is a step back.

Volkswagen's all-electric race car shatters records on the uphill Pikes Peak

For the last 100 years, cars have been setting records on top of Colorado's Pikes Peak.Another record has been broken this year, but this time it comes courtesy of a specially-designed electric race car developed by Volkswagen, the I.D. R Pikes Peak.SEE ALSO:

Here are all 47 artists featured in Netflix's ad highlighting black representation

Netflix recreated a legendary photo for its new ad showcasing black artists who create original content with the streaming giant.Aired during Sunday's BET Awards broadcast, the ad dubbed “A Great Day in Hollywood" features 47 black actors, writers, showrunners,

Jimmy Fallon hits back at Trump's 'be a man' tweet by donating to refugee charity

Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon are getting into it on Twitter, following revelations of the late night host's regret over a pre-election interview from 2016.Fallon revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he would've done the interview differently,

Kangaroo invades field, decides it wants to play goalkeeper

Although there's a lot of them around, Australians will have you believe that kangaroos aren't actually hopping up and down our city streets.Then something like this happens: A kangaroo delayed the second half of a match between soccer teams Blue Devils FC and Canberra FC on Sunday,

Police violence and activism lead the first official trailer for 'The Hate U Give'

The trailer for the film adaptation of Angie Thomas' novel The Hate U Give is here, and the film looks incredible.Based on Thomas' New York Times bestseller, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement,

5 things white people can do before they call the cops on a black person

Thanks to Alison Ettel, aka #PermitPatty, we can add selling bottled water without a permit to the list of things black people can't do in America without having the cops called on them. 

The Washington Post instructs us to 'Let the Trump team eat in peace,' but people are not having it

The Washington Post has jumped to the defense of Sarah Sanders a day after the press secretary was refused service at a restaurant.The piece, titled "Let the Trump team eat in peace," was written by the paper's editorial board. In it they argue that Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen,

Help, Jason Momoa is wet in new 'Aquaman' pictures

While it stands to reason that anyone playing a hero called Aquaman would have to look good wet, I'd like to file a complaint with whoever got Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, quite this wet for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.This week’s @EW cover story: ‘Aquaman' featuring an intense,

Benedict Cumberbatch is 'The Grinch' in weird-ass new trailer

The studio behind the minions is gearing up for Christmas early. Illumination's first trailer for The Grinch dropped in early March, and now the second sneak peek previews even more of the holiday thief. 

Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

Moto G6$249.99View ProductThe GoodAll-day battery life with fast charging • A speedy processorThe BadDisplay doesn't cut it against flagships • Camera is slowThe Bottom LineMotorola's Moto G6 promises a respectable-yet-affordable smartphone, and it mostly delivers, though there are a few missteps.

Ask Slashdot: Anti-Theft Products For the Over-Equipped Household?

First time accepted submitter Dufflepod (3656815) writes "After yet another hardware purchase last week, I realized with some alarm just how drastically an enterprising burglar could increase the crapulence quotient of my life if they ever made off with my hardware. The house is alarmed,

[图]性能提升屏幕缩水 LTE-A版Galaxy S5即将登陆欧洲市场

韩国作为全球网速最快的国家在很早之前就开始部署LTE-A网络,而作为龙头企业三星都会在韩国本土市场推出Galaxy S系列的LTE-A版本,根据GFXBench数据库的最新机型数据显示LTE-A版本有望推广到欧洲市场,但令人遗憾的是并未装备同韩国LTE-A版本相同的2560*1440分辨率屏幕,而是依然为1080P屏幕。



The history of all religions explained in one fascinating graphic

I spent some of my college years studying with the Jesuits, which inevitably led to theology classes and the fascinating history of religion. That class is summarized in this new version of a great graphic by Simon E. Davies, a complex tree of myths and traditions continuously evolving into remakes.

Adobe亚太区总裁Paul Robson高调亮相中国 败走麦城Or暗渡陈仓?

日前,据亚洲数字营销峰会ADMS组委会透露,Adobe亚太区总裁Paul Robson确认出席2014年12月1-3日在上海国际会议中心举办的亚洲数字营销峰会并做主题演讲。Paul此次高调亮相,必将一扫Adobe中国“关门”传闻阴霾。


Bayat Foundation 和斯塔基听力基金会 (Starkey Hearing Foundation) 共同向阿富汗冲突地区派送听力礼物。

NEJM:埃博拉疫苗测试结果理想 未见严重副作用


Jewish community in Paris 'distressed and anxious' amid increased security

PARIS — As darkness began to fall on central Paris Monday evening, there was tension in the air.The residents of Le Marais, one of the city's historically Jewish neighborhoods, were doing their best to put the bloody events of the past week behind them.

阿迪达斯Ultra BOOST(TM)跑鞋,前所未有的绝佳跑步体验

德国赫佐根奥拉赫2015年1月23日电 /美通社/ -- 随着阿迪达斯史上最佳跑鞋 Ultra BOOST 的发布,以行业领先的能量反馈性能著称的革命性科技 BOOST™ 跨出了大胆的新步伐。

可投射 20 倍大影像!Lenovo 發表首款雙螢幕概念智能手錶

Lenovo 在昨日舉行的 Tech World 大會上公佈了不少新技術概念,除較早前報導 過可將任何平面變成觸控螢幕的激光智能投影手機外,會上同時還公開了一款用上「魔幻屏」(Magic View)的概念智能手錶,而且其最特別之處是手錶上竟同時配備兩個螢幕。

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