Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

There are plenty of ways to manipulate photos to make you look better, remove red eye or lens flare, and so on. But so far the blink has proven a tenacious opponent of good snapshots.

Pitching a $99 tax advisory service for the masses, Visor has raised $9 million

The only sure things in this life, according to Ben Franklin, are death and taxes. And a new startup called Visor has just raised $9 million in financing to make one of them as painless as possible. Unlike Nectome, Visor won’t kill anyone,

The Criterion Collection is launching its own streaming service

When WarnerMedia announced last month that it would be shutting down its streaming service FilmStruck, the team at the Criterion Collection said it would be looking for a new digital home. Today, Criterion announced that it will be building that home itself — namely,

Tesla has opened up Model 3 orders to customers in China

Tesla is now taking orders for the Model 3 from customers in China, according to its website. Reuters was the first to report that Tesla is taking orders in China. Tesla won’t confirm or comment on the information published on its own China-focused website.

Gift Guide: The best gear for that friend who wants to start a podcast

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gift Guide Hub. “How do I start a podcast?” As the producer of the TechCrunch podcast Equity, I get this question all the time. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get your voice out there,

Stoop aims to improve your news diet with an easy way to find and read newsletters

Stoop is looking to provide readers with what CEO Tim Raybould described as “a healthier information diet.” To do that, it’s launched an iOS and Android app where you can browse through different newsletters based on category, and when you find one you like,

Cryptocurrency chill causes mining speculator Nvidia’s stock to plunge

The cryptocurrency market is an exciting one, but it's also unpredictable — and when things go south, they take related businesses with them. Nvidia, a hardware giant that has been riding the cryptocurrency wave,

Reading List: Podcasting

I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators as Hollywood enters the fray. There’s a surge of interest by both creatives and businesspeople in podcasts right now,

First look at Instagram’s self-policing Time Well Spent tool

Are you Overgramming? Instagram is stepping up to help you manage overuse rather than leaving it to iOS and Android’s new screen time dashboards. Last month after TechCrunch first reported Instagram was prototyping a Usage Insights feature,

VCs serve up a large helping of cash to startups disrupting food

Here is what your daily menu might look like if recently funded startups have their way.

UK report warns DeepMind Health could gain “excessive monopoly power”

DeepMind’s foray into digital health services continues to raise concerns. 

Comcast Claims Netflix Slowed Down Its Own Video Streams

If your Netflix streams have stuttered in the past, you've likely blamed your ISP—but now, Comcast claims that Netflix has slowed down its own video streams.Read more...

途牛独推蓝梦计划 -“再不去马代我们就老了”

北京和上海2014年5月15日电 /美通社/ -- 国内马尔代夫销量领先的途牛旅游网,在继推出6月22至26日期间的马尔代夫伊瑚鲁岛“土豪”包岛基础上,再次重磅推出“再不去马代我们就老了”主题游活动,该活动将在北京、上海、广州、深圳等15个城市同步开启,邀途牛游客一同领略马尔代夫的深海魅力。



松下发布数款商用平板电脑 耐用性极佳


Microsoft Promises Its Surface Project Is Here To Stay

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the pitch this morning that his company’s Surface project is here to stay, hoping to convince potential business customers that investing in the tablet-hybrids won’t leave them in the lurch.


Apple旗下的测试服务TestFlight Beta现已支持更大的测试人群,开发者可通过iTunesConnect添加最多1000名外部测试者,并优化了注册测试者的流程,丰富了ITC中的测试报告内容,给开发者带来了极大的便利。


苹果本周宣布了 3 月 9 日春季发布会的消息,他们现在开始对发布会现场进行布置。威锋网消息,根据国外科技网站 9to5Mac 的报道,苹果这一次举行发布会的地点临近著名的芳草地艺术中心(Yerba Buena Center)。







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