Google warned by US courts over Huawei link

Partnership with the Chinese smartphone maker dubbed a security threat.

Security budgets get an SME boost in 2019

Businesses will be spending more on cybersecurity and recruitment this year, report finds.

Two-thirds of Android antivirus apps are frauds

Some block themselves, report claims.

Google helps smash pi calculation record

It would take you more than 330,000 years to say the number out loud.

Huawei says it has its own OS in case it gets banned

OS should work on both PCs and smartphones.

Choosing an ecommerce platform? There is no good, bad, and ugly

Choosing the right solution will bring operational excellence and better ROI.

Supplementing the in-store processes in the retail sector

With more people venturing online to do their shopping, no business is safe.

Key data security and backup tips for the next 12 months

Here are some key security and backup tips for the next 12 months.

TSMC to invest $25bn in 5nm chip development

Next generation of chips will be slimmer than ever, and TSMC is leading the way.

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT?

NetOps needs to support network connectivity in hybrid environments, which can feel somewhat like being stuck between a business group, cloud strategist, and cloud provider.

Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Technology is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations.

德国云端 iTunes 开始提供电影和电视节目内容访问

苹果今天扩展了德国云端 iTunes 服务的功能,增加了电影和电视节目内容的访问。据 网站报道,德国用户现在可以在 Apple TV 上下载电视节目了,以及之前在任何苹果设备上购买的电影或电视内容。

Linux 3.16合并窗口提前开始

Linus Torvalds在邮件列表上宣布 Linux 3.15-rc8,同时宣布Linux 3.16合并窗口提前开启,原因是他准备和家人一起去度假。


如果要选出拍照性能最强的Windows Phone设备,那么毋庸置疑,这个头衔非Lumia 1020莫属。不过 […]

Deep Identity Raises $470,000 To Help Companies Manage Access On Their Networks

Deep Identity, a Singapore-based startup that helps companies manage access to their internal networks and services, has raised US$470,000 (SG$589,000) to expand its services into the cloud and open a presence in Europe. Read More


近日知名版权图片网站Shutterstock的营销经理Sarah Maloy发布了一则博文,介绍了几位艺术家利用双重曝光特效打造的宛如梦境的图像作品。



有 8 成的 iPhone 6 使用者没有用过 Apple Pay

最近有一项针对苹果 iPhone 6 用户的调查,发现只有 6% 的人在使用苹果的「Apple Pay」,另外有 85% 的人完全没有碰过 Apple Pay 功能。

How to register to vote in the UK general election

LONDON — Time is running out to register to vote in the forthcoming UK general election on May 7.If you want to have a say about who governs the UK for the next five years, you need to make sure you're registered to voteSee also: 9 things America can learn from the UK about electionsIn 2010,

【上海招聘】范思广告(ACTIVATION NODEPLUS) 寻找“创意”+“技术”,让团队如虎添翼

公司介绍: ACTIVATION NODEPLUS is a young independent agency evol 您可能也喜欢: 【上海招聘】亿迈互动求贤:美术指导、资深客户主任、技术总监、编辑、创意文案等职 【上海招聘】亿迈互动求贤:美术指导、资深客户经理、技术总监、编辑、创意文案等职



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