Panasonic launches new rugged Android handset

It's rugged, durable, and comes with a set of unique features, ones that the average consumer might find useless, but which will probably mean a lot for workers.

De-risking digital transformation

Businesses that protect against vulnerabilities and secure their data are more likely to have a successful digital transformation.

IBM launches AI bias tool

The firm's new tool can analyse how and why algorithms make decisions in real time.

A vision of workforce enablement

By using innovative technology and the latest insights, your business can improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

The best Usenet providers

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when looking at binary newsgroups is finding a provider with fast servers who keeps copies of binary files uploaded to Usenet for as long as possible (retention period).

ISVs help elevate today’s enterprise apps

Independent software vendors can aid businesses in re-building their apps and preparing them for the digital economy.

Microsoft launches Hololens to businesses

New HoloLens applications should help bring the device into the office.

Three technologies transforming the legal field

Embracing new technologies can help law firms gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Younger workers often to blame for cyberattacks

Junior employees appear to care less about cybersecurity, Centrify survey claims.

Four tips for Office 365 resellers to be more nimble in 2018

Migrating your organisation's workload to the cloud doesn't have to be a hassle.

Barclaycard launches co-branded business cards for SMBs

Small business customers can now get extended interest-free period of up to 116 days with some retailers.

Google Glass硬件升级内存扩展到2GB,后续还会带来更长的待机和性能的提升

根据The Verge的消息,就在Google I/O 2014开幕前夕,Google对智能眼镜Google Glass的硬件进行了一次升级。这次升级的主要变化就是将Google Glass的内存从682MB扩展到了2GB,相比之前的版本,升级后的Google Glass会有前者3倍的内存空间。

小心 Facebook App 兩大惡習, 消耗手機儲存空間

如果你有定期看看每個 apps 佔用的容量,你可能會發現 Facebook 這個本身已經頗大的 app (約 70 MB),之後佔用空間會越來越多。原來這是因為 Facebook app 兩大惡習,不想手機儲存空間被一個 app 耗用就要注意了。  

先搶先贏! 3 步教你搶 $100 – HKTV 派錢不取巧

試業多個月的 HKTV 購買 Mall,今日終於正式開幕更送 $100 給大家洗,廢話少說,襯未有任何變掛前「先搶先贏」,快搶左 $100 先!而家就等 教教大家啦。The post 先搶先贏!



炉石传说 暴雪为何一直在错失机会

摘要 : 我宁愿相信,暴雪是不愿意适应这种文化。那么,就让暴雪以最好的形象,以一个“艺术家”的形象活在我们记忆当中就好,就这样慢慢老去。  

Lenovo's new REACHit app makes Cortana even more personal on Windows 10

During Lenovo Tech World today in Beijing China, Microsoft and Lenovo have formed a partnership in regards to Cortana on Windows 10. Lenovo unveiled a new technology called "REACHit" which taps into Cortana on Windows 10 offering "a much larger inventory of information to search,


逾20%调查受访者计划未来12个月购车 北京2015年8月5日电 /美通社/ -- 7月份中国消费者对购车环境日益乐观,计划购车的 受访者比例上升至2012年3月本系列调查启动以来最高水平。

Slack Introduces User Groups, Allowing Larger Teams To Collaborate Way More Effectively

Slack now has 1.7 million people logging in and chatting it up on their enterprise messaging service every day.A great deal of Slack’s success has come from their product’s ability to allow companies to communicate internally in a fluid and transparent manner.

DraftKings And FanDuel Lose A Payment Processor

Update: Title changed to reflect that FanDuel does not use Vantiv for payouts, and offers additional deposit methods besides Vantiv processing. Daily Fantasy Sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have been dealt another major blow today,

7 ways 'House of Cards' Season 4 eerily mirrors real life

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers about the entirety of Season 4 of House of Cards.The writers of House of Cards know one saying to be true: Life is stranger than fiction. This year, the Netflix political drama borrows heavily from today's headlines to build its scandalous plot.

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