Cyber’s coming home: defending the World Cup against cyberattacks

It's time for businesses and individuals to treat their digital information and property as they would physical property.

UK and 50 nations sign cyber security pact

The US, China and Russia declined.

Despite raised awareness, worker cyber security practices aren't improving

It's getting worse, actually.

HPE and Siemens team up on next-gen networks

OT networks are not coupled tightly with enterprise IT networks, resulting in gaps in data and device visibility, application assurance, availability and security.

Organisations need to get more out of their data

Virtually all businesses face some kind of data woes, report finds.

Google makes it easier to move data to the cloud

Transfer Appliance tool allows businesses to migrate data loads of 100TB or more.

WannaCry still affecting thousands of victims

A year and a half after the outbreak, WannaCry is still growing, Kaspersky Lab finds.

Digital transformation and the digital workforce: sourcing data science skills for the age of online

As banks innovate and adapt, they often create a hybrid IT environment in which systems can’t or won’t ‘talk’ to each other.

Government launches UK Institute of Coding

The IoC’s goal is to nurture UK’s next generation of digital talent ‘at degree level and above’.

Panasonic launches new rugged Android handset

It's rugged, durable, and comes with a set of unique features, ones that the average consumer might find useless, but which will probably mean a lot for workers.

Younger workers often to blame for cyberattacks

Junior employees appear to care less about cybersecurity, Centrify survey claims.


在开场动画中,《看门狗(Watch Dogs)》中的骇客们称自己是“现代的魔法师”。这样的类比似乎很准确,我们 […]




据知情人士透入露:9月15号起,微信5.4版本将新增加刷卡功能,消费者在线下扫描微信商户二维码就可直接刷卡支付 […]

Data Center Study Reveals Top 5 SMART Stats That Correlate To Drive Failures

Lucas123 writes Backblaze, which has taken to publishing data on hard drive failure rates in its data center, has just released data from a new study of nearly 40,000 spindles revealing what it said are the top 5 SMART (Self-Monitoring,

松下新技术把数据融入灯光中 智能手机读取



索尼公司旗下索尼影视娱乐公司内网遭到黑客攻击事件,引发全球舆论关注。攻击者身份至今不明,但是外界认为攻击事件极有可能和索尼拍摄的刺杀金正恩题材的电影有关。据报道,索尼已经删除了电影中所有的SONY标记 ... ...

Zachary Quinto sweetly remembers Leonard Nimoy's legacy

Zachary Quinto appeared on Tuesday's Conan and remembered how legendary actor Leonard Nimoy, who died on Feb. 27, affected, not only his life, but millions of others' livesNimoy originally played Spock in the Star Trek franchise,

Almond+和Almond 2015物联网路由器:可触控的智能家居中心

说到物联网,路由器毫无疑问是所有设备的中心。而今天要介绍的两款产品——Almond 2015和Almond+——则是自带彩色显示屏和高级管理功能的物联网无线路由器。Almond+的外形要稍大一些,自带高功率天线和千兆有线网络接口。

Which Tech Company Retracted An Employee's 'Weaponized' Interview?

San Francisco's tech boom has radically altered the city's landscape — Teslas and tech worker shuttles prowl incessantly through the streets and the guy sitting next to you at dinner is invariably pitching his app.

同車手心跳同步 ! 心跳一下 Lexus RC F 發光一下

提起 Lexus,相信大家都應該還記得我們幾日前介紹過的 Slide 磁浮滑板吧?

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