Don't square off against a cyber threat without a game plan

Whether your organisation is dealing with ransomware, phishing or any other cyber threat, knowing what you're up against is essential to prevent falling victim to an attack.

Security budgets get an SME boost in 2019

Businesses will be spending more on cybersecurity and recruitment this year, report finds.

Two-thirds of Android antivirus apps are frauds

Some block themselves, report claims.

Google helps smash pi calculation record

It would take you more than 330,000 years to say the number out loud.

Huawei says it has its own OS in case it gets banned

OS should work on both PCs and smartphones.

Choosing an ecommerce platform? There is no good, bad, and ugly

Choosing the right solution will bring operational excellence and better ROI.

Supplementing the in-store processes in the retail sector

With more people venturing online to do their shopping, no business is safe.

Key data security and backup tips for the next 12 months

Here are some key security and backup tips for the next 12 months.

Addressing the threat from within

How can businesses encourage employees to take cyber security as seriously as they do?

Cyber’s coming home: defending the World Cup against cyberattacks

It's time for businesses and individuals to treat their digital information and property as they would physical property.

Government launches UK Institute of Coding

The IoC’s goal is to nurture UK’s next generation of digital talent ‘at degree level and above’.

Cortana will be adding French to her vocabulary in the coming months

[Erlang 0128] Term sharing in Erlang/OTP 下篇 - 坚强2002

继续昨天的话题,昨天提到io:format对数据共享的间接影响,如果是下面两种情况恐怕更容易成为"坑", 呃,恰好我都遇到过; 如果是测试代码是下面这样,得到的结果会是怎样?猜!s2()-> L=[1,2,3,4,5,6], L2=[L,L,L,L],erlang:display( {{ert...


2014 Changing Tomorrow Day标志着安斯泰来全球性年度服务项目进入第五个年头 全球6000多名员工在其所在社区完成了13000多个小时的志愿者服务 东京2014年11月4日电 /美通社/ -- 安斯泰来制药公司 (Astellas Pharma Inc.



You can watch the Grammys legally online for the first time ever

LOS ANGELES — There's no need to look for an illegal stream of Sunday's 57th Grammy Awards because CBS and the Recording Academy are making the telecast available online — for the first time ever — via subscription service CBS All AccessThe live stream will be viewable on desktop or the CBS mobile app for All Access subscribers.




用户体验的核心不是一堆产品功能,而是产品本身,事实上,功能只是产品里很小的一部分。Uber的核心用户体验是无论 ...

$4.5M of gold recovered from 300-year-old shipwreck in Florida

Florida's Treasure Coast has truly earned its name this summer.Less than a month after a group of treasure hunters uncovered $1 million worth of 60 gold coins from a 300-year-old shipwreck off of Florida's coast,

索尼今日停止包年优惠 PlayStation 订阅服务

索尼在去年推出的一款优惠游戏订阅服务,以原价一半的价格订购 12 个月的服务。这项优惠已于 1 月 11 日结束,但用户依旧可以选择超过 100 个 PS3 独家游戏和 300 场格斗游戏。 在刚结束的 CES 2016 上,平井一夫在索尼发布会上为粉丝带来了不少有趣的新内容,包括 PS4、PlayStation VR 等硬件方面的情报。而索尼在八月推出订阅服务后,11 月推出超过 100 多种游戏。公司还宣布,将在今年推出 40 款针对 PS3 的独家游戏。PlayStation 将在 8 月推出更多游戏。

Why Be Snowed In When You Can Snowboard Through NYC Behind A Jeep Wrangler?

Nothing screams “America” like hopping on your skis or snowboard to shred through the streets of New York City while holding the Stars and Stripes. With a Jeep Wrangler as your chaperone. In the middle of a snowstorm.Read more...

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