VC Brian O’Malley jumps from Accel to Forerunner Ventures

Brian O’Malley may be the most-poached venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. While rising through the ranks at the global investment firm Battery Ventures, where O’Malley had led deals in Hotel Tonight among others, he was plucked out of the firm by Accel Partners in 2013,

Pitching a $99 tax advisory service for the masses, Visor has raised $9 million

The only sure things in this life, according to Ben Franklin, are death and taxes. And a new startup called Visor has just raised $9 million in financing to make one of them as painless as possible. Unlike Nectome, Visor won’t kill anyone,

The Criterion Collection is launching its own streaming service

When WarnerMedia announced last month that it would be shutting down its streaming service FilmStruck, the team at the Criterion Collection said it would be looking for a new digital home. Today, Criterion announced that it will be building that home itself — namely,

Tesla has opened up Model 3 orders to customers in China

Tesla is now taking orders for the Model 3 from customers in China, according to its website. Reuters was the first to report that Tesla is taking orders in China. Tesla won’t confirm or comment on the information published on its own China-focused website.

Gift Guide: The best gear for that friend who wants to start a podcast

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gift Guide Hub. “How do I start a podcast?” As the producer of the TechCrunch podcast Equity, I get this question all the time. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get your voice out there,

Stoop aims to improve your news diet with an easy way to find and read newsletters

Stoop is looking to provide readers with what CEO Tim Raybould described as “a healthier information diet.” To do that, it’s launched an iOS and Android app where you can browse through different newsletters based on category, and when you find one you like,

Cryptocurrency chill causes mining speculator Nvidia’s stock to plunge

The cryptocurrency market is an exciting one, but it's also unpredictable — and when things go south, they take related businesses with them. Nvidia, a hardware giant that has been riding the cryptocurrency wave,

Reading List: Podcasting

I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators as Hollywood enters the fray. There’s a surge of interest by both creatives and businesspeople in podcasts right now,

A look back at the best tech ads of the last 35 years

Last week the Association of Independent Commercial Producers announced the winners of its annual awards honoring the best moving image marketing of the year and Apple’s “Welcome Home” ad took home the prize for Advertising Excellence in the single commercial category. Directed by Spike Jonze,

Reddit launches a ‘News’ tab into beta testing

Reddit is rolling out its “news” tab into beta, the company announced this week. The expansion follows on Reddit’s initial test of a news-related feature that began this May, when an alpha version shipped to some users of Reddit’s iOS app. At the time,

Konsus looks to give companies a way to get specially designed documents in under a day

Fredrik Thomassen as a consultant used to have the resources to offload the annoying project tasks — like making PowerPoint presentations — but now that it’s gone, he and his team wanted to make that available for everyone. Now the startup, called Konsus, wants to turn that around even faster.

NPD:Xbox One与PS4的美国销量差距正在不断缩小

日前,索尼和微软美国公司又再次分享了其游戏机最新的销量报道。据悉,索尼2月份又再次战胜了Xbox One,成为了美国市场销量第一的游戏机。相较于索尼,微软发布了更加详细的销量报告。    

Google Received 12,000 Requests to be 'Forgotten' on First Day, Report Says

It's been less than 48 hours since Google launched its online tool that allows people in the European Union to request to be "forgotten" from search results, and the company has already received 12,000 requests, according to a new report.

三星多款机型被指在华售价低 韩国民众表不满

据韩国《数码时代》7月22日报道,三星Galaxy Tab S平板系列在中国售价比韩国低12万韩元(约合人名币723元)。此外,部分大众型智能手机售价也比韩国市场低20万韩元。


央行今日发布上半年地区社会融资规模数据,数据显示, 我国被统计的31个省市社会融资总额为100382亿元。其中江苏省融资规模10355亿元、广东省融资规模8401亿元、山东省融资规模8066亿元,分列融资额的前三位。

Broadway Tap Dancers Make 'Happy' Tolerable Again

You might be sick of Pharrell's "Happy," but it's impossible not to fall for this gleeful tap dance coverThe same group of Broadway dancers that brought the world a tappy cover of "Cups" tackles "Happy" in a video that makes you want to get up and dance along.See also:

5 Outrageous Things Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie Said Out Loud

SYDNEY — Jacqui Lambie is an interesting character. On first sighting, one isn't really sure what to make of herThe tough-as-nails former Australian soldier and single mother of two boys won Tasmania's sixth and final Senate seat in last year's election as part of the Palmer United Party.


比特币和区块链的领域正在酝酿一场有趣而且重大的变革。具体会体现在这几个 方面:Zerocash,一种完全匿名的货币;Ethereum,一个互联网去中心化的区块链平台;还有侧链(sidechains),一个可以加速比特 币进化历程的提议。



5个用户疯狂要求Windows 10改进的功能

Windows 10 技术预览版中,无论是哪一个 Build 内部版本,均内置有反馈应用程序,允许上百万参与微软新一代操作系统测试的用户,直接向微软提交 BUG 报告或者建议新功能。毫无疑问,该渠道是微软与用户沟通的最快方式。

索尼:A7R II 是聆听专业需求所设计的高端无反

在这次 A7R II 的发布会上,Sony 特别请来了产品设计部门的花田佑治(上图左)来与我们对谈许多关于产品的制作理念。

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