Most gamers still prefer physical video game releases instead of digital

Survery companies are finding that Microsoft may still be putting the cart before the horse.

Why People Pirate Video Games

For such an important topic, it’s a shame that we can’t ever seem to have a real discussion about video game piracy. Any attempt normally goes down like this: people downloading games are painted as criminals, publishers trying to stop them are portrayed as monsters,

Developers can now submit 64-bits ARM apps on the Microsoft Store

Developers can now recompile their existing UWP or Win32 apps as ARM64, using the freshly released Visual Studio 15.9.

Cortana gets new conversation and device management skills on Android

Android devices have received a Cortana update that brings some of the improvements that were recently added to the iOS app. After updating to Version, Cortana on Android should now feature improved conversation skills, better performance,

Age of Empires: Castle Siege video game to close in early-2019

Microsoft Studios have announced that they will be sunsetting the Age of Empires: Castle Siege video game by May 13th next year. On that date, all online matchmaking will cease to function which will essentially break the game given its online nature.

Microsoft and Xbox will be at E3 2019, Sony and PlayStation won’t be

Sony announced today that they would be foregoing the traditional E3 presentation during E3 2019. No reason has been given for their decision not to attend but many are speculating that it has something to do with the launch of their upcoming console, the PlayStation 5,

Microsoft forms strategic alliance with data analytics giant Nielsen to accelerate retail innovation

Microsoft and Nielsen have together developed a new enterprise data solution that democratizes one of the largest consumer data sets in the world. The two companies will focus on helping Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail companies in today’s rapidly changing marketplace,

Microsoft acquires AI powered botmaker XOXCO

Microsoft has officially announced they are acquiring XOXCO, a company that specialized in conversational AI and bot-making though its core products, Howdy.ia and Botkit, repectively .

Workarounds to Microsoft’s A/B testing give Insiders access to features, but is that ok?

With the latest Windows 10 Insider release, build 18282, Microsoft is continuing a program of “A /B” testing for some features, this time for access to “window snip” a feature of the new Snip & Sketch that allows users to take a screenshot of an open window with just one click.

Microsoft Teams app updates on Android with new call functionality

Microsoft is constantly adding missing features and performance upgrades, and today Teams on Android gained new call functionality.

Patent shows Microsoft is looking to innovate USB C by making the port thinner

Microsoft is always looking to innovate on its own products, but a new patent shows that the company is also looking to change up the key USBC connection.

Windows Insiders can now preview Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to collaboration tool for many organizations, and Microsoft is now getting ready to launch a dedicated Teams app on the Surface Hub interactive whiteboard.

Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed

alphadogg writes "Pressure on the cellphone industry to introduce technology that could disable stolen smartphones has intensified with the introduction of proposed federal legislation that would mandate such a system. Senate bill 2032, 'The Smartphone Prevention Act,' was introduced to the U.S.

美发布高解析卫星图 百万人塞爆网站协寻失联客机




苹果下架iPad 2,重新上架iPad 4

今天苹果官网的在线商店在全球多个国家(已知有中国、美国等)下架了iPad 2,并重新上架了第四代iPad。


导读: 最近太多人和黑豆说和“针眼捅破天”的粉丝经济相关的事情了。黑豆忍不住得说说粉丝经济怎么玩?其实玩法很简单,你得先有粉丝,然后粉丝经济的事情让别人替你去想。     

Leaked document explains how Microsoft plans to utilize Nokia's services and employees

Prolific leakster Evleaks has obtained a document that explains how Microsoft plans to utilize Nokia’s devices, services, and employees after the completion of the acquisition. The several page document, which consists a 31-question FAQ,


导语:许多互联网公司在创业初期,最难的事不是产品研发,而是如何发展第一批有价值的用户,即种子用户(seed u […]



高引用科学家中国163人上榜 代表世界最先进科学头脑

2014年全球高引用科学家名单公布,全球共3215人次入选,中国有163名学者上榜,巴西入选5名,俄罗斯入选8名,南非入选11名,印度入选8名 ,他们代表世界最先进科学头脑。

Surface Pro 3教育促销计划 入门机售650美元

威智网 8 月 4 日消息,我们从微软官方商城上了解到,微软日前向美区用户开放了教育促销计划,凡是即日起购买 Surface Pro 3 平板的学生或者教育工作者均可享受到打折优惠。  

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