'Ant-Man and the Wasp' reviews hit social media, and the keyword is 'fun'

Marvel fans: Get excited.People got to check out Ant-Man and the Wasp for the first time on Friday night, and while reviews will have to wait until next week, the inevitable tweeting has begun. And if the initial reaction from critics is any indication,

E-scooter companies really don't want you to do this

Just because you're riding around on two wheels with a motor boosting you to 12 mph doesn't mean you can stop paying attention. Just like distracted driving, distracted scooting is becoming a concern on the road. That's why scooter-share company Bird says it joined AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign.

'Game of Thrones' director says Season 8 twists will rival the Red Wedding

Game of Thrones' final season might only be six episodes, but director David Nutter confirmed that they'll be super-sized. (We already knew this, but thank the old gods and the new.)Nutter also suggested, in a Reddit AMA, that there are jaw-dropping twists ahead.SEE ALSO:

Best gifts for gamers: What to get for the gamer in your life

Shopping for a gamer sounds like it should be easy, but getting them the right gift can be a bit more complicated than you think. The good news: there’s so much to choose from. The bad news: there’s so much to choose from.

Just in time for the holidays ... a magnum bottle of ranch dressing

The worst kind of snobs are salad dressing snobs. As anyone with *real tastebuds* knows, ranch dressing is the best kind of dressing. Thankfully for some of us, Hidden Valley is releasing a giant magnum bottle of ranch dressing just in time for the holidays.SEE ALSO: Finally,

50 unique gifts for under $50: Gift ideas for literally everyone on your list

Some people possess an innate talent for thoughtful gift-giving. No matter the occasion or recipient, they somehow nail their gift selections year after year, cementing their status as favorite aunt/coworker/second-cousin-twice-removed.On the other end of the spectrum,

Ezra Miller arrived at 'Fantastic Beasts' premiere with 'Avada Kedavra' written all over his hands

Ezra Miller is a known style icon, and he continues to bring that brilliance to the wizarding world. Miller arrived at the London premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald decked out in white and silver from head to do, with brilliant detailing even on the palms of his hands.SEE ALSO:

You can now talk to The Wiggles on Google Assistant

Google Assistant is already another handy way to distract the kids, and now Australian superstars The Wiggles are making their way onto the platform.You can talk to Emma Wiggle on the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max or compatible smartphone, just by asking, "Hey Google,

Apple will fix busted MacBook 'butterfly switch' keyboards for free

Apple is finally taking some responsibility for the troubles assailing some MacBook and MacBook Pro owners with broken keyboards.The company's new "keyboard service program" pledges to replace individual keys and — whenever it's necessary — entire keyboards on certain, more recent MacBook models.

This massive pile of barrels will break your bourbon-loving heart

To the bourbon fans out there: I'm sorry for what you're about to witness. I know it will pain you to see thousands of barrels piled up in a mess of broken wood and metal scraps rather than stacked neatly along the walls of your favorite distillery,

Cynthia Nixon celebrates #TransDayofAction with heartfelt Instagram post about her son

In honor of Trans Day of Action, Cynthia Nixon shared a touching Instagram post to celebrate her oldest child.On Friday, the Sex and the City star — who's currently running for governor in New York — shared a photo of her and her son Samuel, announcing that he's transgender.SEE ALSO:

世界报:马德里同性恋旅游业发达 年均产值达7亿欧元


华为Mate 8曝光:配备2K无边框屏幕

昨天余承东在微博上对MX4 Pro和小米Note进行了点评,并抛出了体验差、2K屏无用等犀利的观点,很符合大嘴一贯的发言风格。随后这也引起了小米的还击,好不热闹。不过大家更关心的还是华为手机何时上2K屏。




天了噜谢 @袁霖邀啊!你是如何洞察出我在药厂搬过砖的!大家已经说的挺多了~~~我来简单说点好像被大家忽略掉的好啦~~~1. 辣么,小试和中试是什么呢?小试和中试都是药品正式投产前的试验啦,是较小规模的试验。

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich isn't banking on Windows 10 to revive the PC market

The world of personal computing is in flux. Traditional PC users are finding new and creative ways to accomplish their computing goals. For a two to three year span, some people found tablets to be their go-to personal computing devices. For other users,



Diabolical Falcons Trap Living Birds in Rocks For Future Meals

A team of ornithologists were working on a small Moroccan island when they observed some rather bizarre behavior in adult falcons. The raptors appeared to be imprisoning tiny birds in the crevasses of rocks in an effort to keep them fresh for a later meal. Read more...

梯度下降、随机梯度下降和批量梯度下降 - 楼燚航的blog

转载请注明出处,楼燚(yì)航的blog,http://www.cnblogs.com/louyihang loves baiyan/这几种方法呢都是在求最优解中经常出现的方法,主要是应用迭代的思想来逼近。在梯度下降算法中,都是围绕以下这个式子展开: $$frac {partial}{p.....

Sing karaoke on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Mardi Gras

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia is a fabulous thing in itself, but here's a way to add just that little more glitter.It's called the Mardi Gras Climb, run by BridgeClimb from Feb. 25 to Mar. 9 to help celebrate Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the city's biggest LGBTQI event.

Telegram:2016年2月Telegram月活跃用户已经突破 1 亿大关

移动通讯应用 Telegram 的创始人兼 CEO Pavel Durov 今天在 MWC 大会上宣布,Telegram 的月活跃用户已经突破 1 亿大关。

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