In the old days of Twitter — at least ‘old’ by Silicon Valley 2.0 standards, which is anything over 5 years — you could count on a couple of things. First, Twitter would go down almost every time people started really seriously using it.

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In the old days of Twitter — at least ‘old’ by Silicon Valley 2.0 standards, which is anything over 5 years — you could count on a couple of things. First, Twitter would go down almost every time people started really seriously using it.

Twitter Makes Tweaks To Limit Abuse And Abusers

Twitter has today announced some product and policy changes aimed at better tackling violent threats and abuse on its platform.

Respondly Launches To Simplify Your Support Team’s Workflow For Emails And Tweets

The founder of Favstar, a tool that surfaces popular Twitter favourites, has launched a new startup with a Twitter focus -- bringing a customer support tool called Respondly out of private beta today. Its tagline best sums up what this b2b startup is aiming for: 'Team inbox for email & Twitter'.

On My Hearts And Stars

We often forget that Twitter, more Web 2.0 media company than startup, is almost ten years old. We also forget that it has a global user base of just over 300 million people. But we can’t forget that Twitter is in trouble. Audience growth is at a crawl,

This Is How Most Of The World Uses Twitter

Blah blah blah, Twitter has 316M users or whatever and they’re not growing. Can it grow? Will it grow? Yes, there are a lot of questions that Twitter has to start answering if it wants to get some sort of momentum going with consumers and rebuild trust with its investors.

Snapchat Out Grows The Friend Zone

Discover is Snapchat’s big new play in the world of media. It is a special tab in the app powered by content publishers like ESPN, Yahoo, etc.,offering daily long-form content with videos, articles, and of course, advertisements.

Customize Twitter the way you want with Tweetlook app for Windows 8.1

Facebook Keeps Top Spot For Social Referrals, Twitter Drops Further Behind Pinterest

Twitter confounded expectations last quarter when it reported healthy revenue and good user growth numbers; now all eyes will be on its Q3 earnings later today to see if they repeat the beat.

GetReal Says Stop Messaging, Just Meet

GetReal is an app that, paradoxically, wants users to spend more time in each others’ company, and less with messaging apps. Read More

ConnecTV Acquires TweetTV To Add Real-Time Analytics To Its Social TV Platform

Both Twitter and Facebook are vying for pole position as the platform of choice for social TV engagement — the place where viewers go to quip about TV shows in real time – but there are movements among pure-play startups to build up their positions, too. In the latest of these,

Lyft now integrates public transit info in app

Lyft has officially entered the public transit space with the launch of Nearby Transit, a feature currently available just in Santa Monica, Calif. This comes just a couple of days after Lyft deployed electric scooters in the city. Today,

Entrepreneurs: It’s time to put corporate VCs back on your short list

The startup media is awash with stories of corporate venture capital prioritizing their own interests over those of their portfolio. While some of these stories may have a basis in truth, it’s critical to recognize that this is only one side of the story. It's time the whole story is told.

Coinbase hires Fannie Mae exec Brian Brooks as chief legal officer

Coinbase has made yet another addition to its c-suite. The cryptocurrency trading platform has hired Brian Brooks, the former executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Fannie Mae, as its chief legal officer. The hiring is part of the company’s effort to expand its legal,

Amazon launches Scout, a machine learning-powered visual shopping tool

Amazon is experimenting with a new tool called Scout designed to help shoppers better figure out what they want to buy in a more visual fashion, according to a report from CNBC, which first spotted Scout live on Amazon’s site. Using a combination of imagery, a thumbs up and down voting mechanism,

Fabricio Bloisi’s Movile is leading tech’s charge in Brazil and beyond and he’s coming to Startup Ba

In the twenty years since Movile launched its first technology services in 1998, the technology industry in Latin America has exploded. Technology startups have gone from being an afterthought to being at the forefront of the economic changes sweeping through the region. 

Password bypass flaw in Western Digital My Cloud drives puts data at risk

A security researcher has published details of a vulnerability in a popular cloud storage drive after the company failed to issue security patches for over a year. Remco Vermeulen found a privilege escalation bug in Western Digital’s My Cloud devices,

Fitbit targets employers and health plans with Care

When it launched the Versa back in March, Fitbit also announced plans to pivot. While the company will continue to operate in consumer hardware, it’s also shifting much of its focus toward healthcare. A month earlier, the company had acquired Twine,

Forget “OK Glass”, MindRDR Is A New Google Glass App That You Control With Your Thoughts

Google Glass has made a name for itself (somewhat infamously) as head-mounted hardware that you can control with your voice and a sliding finger. Now, a team based out of an interactive studio called This Place, in London,

Leaked Documents Show How Yelp Thinks It’s Getting Screwed By Google

Documents leaked to TechCrunch from inside Yelp allege that Google is manipulating its search results to favor Google+ content over Yelp. 

MOBA Games Come Of Age On The iPad With Hammer & Chisel’s Fates Forever

It seems obvious. Tablets should hold the future of immersive, dedicated gaming. But it’s taken several years for both the caliber of mobile gaming startups and tablet penetration to hit that inflection point.2014 may be the year.

iPad 版 Microsoft Office 未来会补回打印功能

分类: 平板电脑虽然刚推出的 iPad 版 Microsoft Office 软体系列之功能已经颇完整,但其中一个最大的缺点就是不支援打印了,虽然现在已经渐渐进入无纸化的世代,不过作为一套好的文件处理软体,打印功能暂时还是不能缺席吧。

94 floors in 43 seconds: World's fastest lift to be built in China

Hitachi will be installing a lift in China that will comfortably become the fastest in the world, travelling at speeds of up to 45mph, beating the current fastest in Taiwan by 8mph. Read more:



Xen入门系列四【Xen 管理实操】 - 小编络络

1. 克隆一台虚拟机# virt-clone -o base -n vm-clone -f /vm/vm-clone.img参数说明:-o 原虚拟机的名称;必须为关闭或者暂停状态。-n 新虚拟机的名称-f 作为新虚拟机端磁盘映像的新文件-u 新虚拟机的UUID;默认为随机生成UUID-m 新虚拟机的...


东京2014年7月14日电 /美通社/ -- 全球云端游戏领导厂商优必达科技今日宣布,


导读:每一个设计狮上辈子都是折翼的天使啊!讨论不只是为了分摊风险的呀。 对我们甲方来说,艺术性是第三才需要考虑 […]


全球增长最快的叫车应用Uber上周再遭禁令:德国首都柏林市宣布禁止用Uber叫车,违者将予以重罚。此前,Ube […]


日前有媒体报道称,美国运营商Verizon打算推出自己的应用商店,来和Android平台的Google Play商店相竞争。据科技网站Information报道,Verizon的新应用商店是他们和其他运营商以及硬件制造商的合作成功,将会在全球范围内推广。



Will an Unlimited Vacation Policy Work at Your Company?

In a recent interview, Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group, announced a vacation “non-policy” that allows his personal staff — some 170 employees — to take as much vacation as they want, with no one keeping tabs. At ShortStack we have a similar vacation benefit,

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