Microsoft To-Do starts testing new “important” category for your most urgent tasks

After Microsoft recently added a dark theme option to the Windows 10 version of Microsoft To-Do, the company has now started testing a new star feature that lets you add select tasks to an "Important" category.

Microsoft To-Do updates on Android & iOS with routine reminders and more

Both the iOS and Android Microsoft To-Do apps have updated to add the importance and collaboration features that were added to the Windows 10 version a few days ago. Here’s the official release notes for the iOS update. New:

VLC app gains ChromeCast support on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

The VLC app for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones and Windows 10 computers has updated to Version 3.1.0. While this update is undeniably a small one, it does come with a pretty major feature; support for ChromeCast.

No Man’s Sky digital pre-orders are now open on Xbox One video game consoles

The No Man’s Sky video game is now available to pre-order digitally on Xbox One consoles ahead of its July 24th release date.

Microsoft continues to rake it in as 4th qtr earnings numbers are released

Microsoft announced its 4th quarter earnings for fiscal year 2018 just a few minutes ago, and as expected, the company continues to ride the growth of Azure, the success of Office 365 and now Microsoft 365, and some bounce back on PC sales numbers to mark another quarter of strong earnings results.

No new Windows 10 Insider build this week as Microsoft plans “a few code changes”

While the Windows Insider team didn’t go into too much details about the delay, it looks like they didn’t have a build that reached their quality standards this week.

LinkedIn introduces better tools for content creators, new features in LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn has announced this week a couple of new features to encourage conversations and content creation on the professional social network.

In latest milestone, Microsoft Teams reaches “feature parity” with Skype for Business

Various company officials have stated this week at Inspire that Microsoft Teams has now reached feature parity with Skype for Business.

Watch here on Facebook Live as Panos Panay introduces the new Surface Go

Now that the dust has somewhat settled, be sure to tune in below on Facebook Live to see Panay officially introduce the device and demo it.

Naruto Shippuden Season 1 is now free on Xbox One and Windows 10

As part of the Microsoft Store’s Anime Month promotional campaign, the entire first season of the popular Naruto Shippuden anime series has been made completely free.

Xbox One digital pre-orders open for Darksiders III video game

Darksiders III is now available to pre-order digitally on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. This latest game in the Darksiders video game series is being released in three versions; a regular edition with the base game, a Deluxe Edition with a 10% discount and 24 hour early access,


三星在MWC 2014上有一个Tizen展位,有展出真正运行Tizen OS的手机。Tizen是三星开发的基于Linux的系统,目前已运行在第二代Galaxy Gear智能手表上,三星希望借此减少对Android的依赖。

用nodeJs写个简易的爬虫 - W·Axes

声明:本文为原创文章,如需转载,请注明来源WAxes,谢谢! 最近都在学nodeJs,刚好看到http模块,于是就心血来潮,想写个简单的爬虫。

Flipboard 將加入影片廣告,首個合作客戶是 Chanel

Flipboard 是不少人喜歡用的內容整合服務,在平板電腦上享有類似雜誌的閱讀效果,最近他們就決定要加入新的影片廣告,為這個服務增加更多的收入。繼續閱讀了解更多。


paopao 写道 "去年最高人民法院公布的司法解释称“‘谣言’转发500次即入罪”,曾一度引起轩然大波。

毒男大師再教路,教你如何一人製作 Silhouette Kiss 情深合照

情侶們要玩浪漫合照,那「Silhouette Kiss」剪影下吻就一定要玩玩。沒想到在「毒男大師」地主君也是如此浪漫之人,最近就教大家如何一人個拍出如此浪漫合照。

苹果发布iOS 8.1.3以及Mac版OS X Yosemite更新

苹果公司周二发布了针对iPhone、iPad和iPod Touch用户的iOS 8.1.3软件更新。用户可进入其设备的“设置”界面,并在“软件更新”子界面中无线下载这个更新。

搭着奥斯卡的顺风车,苹果又给 iPad Air 2 做了一手好 PR

苹果为 iPad Air 2 定下的 slogan 是 “ Everything changes with iPad” (中文翻译就没有那么霸气:轻轻地,改变一切),在搞定了摄影,搞定了音乐,搞定了小视频之后,Apple 说 iPad Air 2 其实也能够搞定微电影。

为了iPhone 7?富士康郑州面板厂即将拍板

威锋网讯 3 月 9 日消息,根据《工商时报》的报道,郑州市工商联主席、河南康利达集团董事长薛景霞近日向媒体透露,富士康的郑州面板厂投资案现在进行谈判,如果不出意外的话很快将“拍板”。




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