EU-Google decision postponed due to Trump visit

Google likely to face another record fine at the rescheduled meeting.

Barclaycard and SAP team up to make corporate payments easier

Partnership looks to bring procurement and payment for B2B organisations into a single solution.

Chinese phones now make up more than a third of all EU sales

Individually, Samsung is still king.

JP Morgan launches cryptocurrency

Business-only JPM Coin looks to take on the likes of Ripple.

Amazon cancels $2bn New York HQ

Online giant claims it doesn't want to go against the wishes of NYC locals.

How technology is transforming the casual dining industry

New ways to buy and new ways to pay are fuelling innovation in the sector.

Why businesses need to go paperless now

Here’s a look at the current situation in the UK and some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.

How AI technology is digitising supply chain processes

With supply chain and logistics becoming more complicated in the age of industrial IoT, the need for AI-enabled chatbots is much higher in this field.

Three reasons biometric technology will be a strategic priority for people management

In addition to improving security, biometrics can also save company time by eliminating complicated passwords.

Microsoft reveals low-cost Surface Go tablet

Microsoft rounds out Surface line with new smaller entry-level tablet.

Why everything is moving to the cloud… And your access network is next

Cloud networking offers a host of advantages when compared to traditional, controller-based network management systems.





Can Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint sell Windows 10 for Microsoft alone?

It has been an almost ubiquitous facet of advertising for Windows 10, an unrelenting focus on the businessman; making productivity sexy.The notion first hit me during the recent Microsoft conference at Mobile World Congress 2014, held in Barcelona. During an almost 40 minute presentation,



好消息!Apple Watch 即将提前出货!

买不到 Apple Watch,只能到苹果零售店试戴过过干瘾吗?这可能是全球 Apple Watch 迷的心声,究竟何时 Apple Watch 的供货量才会逐渐稳定呢?


Python是一门优秀的语言,它能让你在短时间内通过极少量代码就能完成许多操作。不仅如此,它还轻松支持多任务处理,比如多进程。 不喜欢Python的人经常会吐嘈Python运行太慢。但是,事实并非如此。



Before and after images show Tianjin blast's destruction from space

Wednesday night's explosion in Tianjin, China was truly massive.The explosion, which originated in a shipping container at a company that stores chemicals, was felt up to six miles away and was registered at a U.S. Geological Survey seismometer station in Beijing,


杭州2015年11月6日电 /美通社/ -- 11月初,顾客发现银泰门店多了一瓶瓶特别的“水”。据统计,银泰杭州区共向顾客免费发放60万瓶水。

Can you handle these weird food combinations?

From breadsticks & Coca-Cola to pickles & peanut butter, mussels & cream cheese to Oreos & fruit roll-ups — check out all the weird food combinations that our Mashable staffers could come up with.Read more: Read more...More about Bbq, Videos, Lifestyle, Home, and Food

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