Malware and ransomware see huge rises across the world

Cybercriminals turn to encryption to help deliver their malicious payloads.

Barclaycard and SAP team up to make corporate payments easier

Partnership looks to bring procurement and payment for B2B organisations into a single solution.

Chinese phones now make up more than a third of all EU sales

Individually, Samsung is still king.

JP Morgan launches cryptocurrency

Business-only JPM Coin looks to take on the likes of Ripple.

Amazon cancels $2bn New York HQ

Online giant claims it doesn't want to go against the wishes of NYC locals.

How technology is transforming the casual dining industry

New ways to buy and new ways to pay are fuelling innovation in the sector.

Why businesses need to go paperless now

Here’s a look at the current situation in the UK and some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.

How AI technology is digitising supply chain processes

With supply chain and logistics becoming more complicated in the age of industrial IoT, the need for AI-enabled chatbots is much higher in this field.

China Mobile signs 1bn euro Nokia deal

New frame agreement will aid China Mobile in the rollout of 5G networks.

Investment in end-user training will maximise Unified Communications success

Integrating Unified Communications into your organisation requires more than just choosing which technology to invest in.

EU-Google decision postponed due to Trump visit

Google likely to face another record fine at the rescheduled meeting.

10 Adorably Confusing Valentines Made by Kids

Kids speak from the heart — for better or worse. They're confusing, and sweet and painfully honest, especially to their parentsSo it shouldn't surprise you that their written displays of affection are equally over the top.




于2011年1月被Skype以1.5亿美金收购的视频流传输服务Qik将于今年4月30日关闭,届时Qik将从App Store下架,用户会发现Qik将停止服务,所有上传的视频将失效,Qik建议用户将视频提前下载或者转移至微软One Drive帐户中。



These are the coolest amateur rockets I've ever seen

Bamboo rockets are really cool. They are wheels with a central rod full of solid fuel and nozzles that spin into the sky until they stop and fall back to Earth on a parachute. Or explode. It's a big thing in Thailand—so big that they celebrate festivals to watch them fly and broadcast them on TV.



如何评价电影《疯狂的麦克斯4:狂暴之路》(Mad Max: Fury Road)?

What a lovely day!I live, I die, I live again!炸裂!暴力!荒凉!壮美!这些词都不足以形容这部电影的美妙和伟大。

Florida woman's toilet clogged by an iguana because Florida

Dealing with a plumbing problem is never fun and games, but Florida resident Marian Lindquist got quite the surprise when a clogged toilet turned into a bizarre situationThe 51-year-old probate lawyer called the plumber when she had difficulties unclogging her toilet on Sunday.

Explore the Microscopic World With These Gorgeous Scientific Puzzles

The microscopic world is beautiful and fascinating, but those of us who aren’t molecular biologists rarely get to appreciate it. If you need a little more microscopic flair in your life and on your coffee table, you might want to check out these gorgeous, scientifically-accurate puzzles.Read more.



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