Microsoft introduces new Sport White Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft has introduced a new Sport White Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller with a matching charging stand

You can now design your dream Xbox One controller in the Microsoft Store app with the Xbox Design La

Since the inception of the Microsoft Store app, it has continued to grow through the addition of new product categories, such as offering up Microsoft’s range of devices, to an enhanced Games section with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

How to make Windows 10 feel faster by disabling animations

Windows 10 added a lot of design refinements to the Windows desktop. Especially since the introduction of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, motion and animation has become much more prevalent throughout the user interface. While animations can make for a more polished, streamlined feel,

Microsoft reportedly working on a low cost – no disk drive Xbox One

After releasing the Xbox One S in 2016 and the Xbox One X console a year later, we could get new Xbox One hardware as soon as next year.

Microsoft Transforms France’s Mont St. Michel with HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is responsible for helping create a 3D model of Mont-Saint-Michel, an island and monastery in Normandy, France. Those equipped with a HoloLens can see the inside and outside of the cathedral as a part of an interactive exhibit at the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris, France.

Edge wins an Emmy for helping to standardize HTML5

Microsoft was honored with an Emmy for its role in supporting TV experiences over the web via its new Edge browser.

Microsoft is apparently testing showing ads to non-Office 365 subscribers in its Windows 10 Mail app

Microsoft could soon show some ads to users of its Windows 10 Mail who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

Sunset Overdrive officially coming to Windows 10 & Steam today

It’s official, both Microsoft and Insomniac Games confirmed yesterday that Sunset Overdrive is coming to Windows PCs today.

Action RPGs Overlord I and II are now backward compatible on Xbox One

Overlord I and II, two action role-playing games released on the Xbox 360 between 2007 and 2009 are now backward compatible on the Xbox One.

The Surface Go could be perfect for a market rarely talked about

Microsoft would fare well to sidestep the talk about the educational market as the Surface Go is the same bull in a china shop as the iPad is when discussing education.

Minecraft Update Aquatic Phase Two rolling out today

Minecraft: Update Aquatic Phase Two is now rolling out to all Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Engine platforms. The update brings new forms of ocean life to the game, a new weapon, and many more Minecraft firsts.





深入理解C# 集合之---- HashTable - 王俊1234

这是我在博客园的第一篇文章,写的不好或有错误的地方,望各位大牛指出,不甚感激。 计划写几篇文章专门介绍HashTable,Dictionary,HashSet,SortedList,List 等集合对象,从内部剖析原理,以便在实际应用中有针对性的选择使用。

The 250 New Emoji? Here’s What They’ll Look Like

Yesterday afternoon, the Unicode Consortium published a list of 250 new Emoji that they hope Google, Apple, Twitter and the rest will all come to embrace. Spiders! Middle fingers! “Man in business suit levitating”!The problem? Except for a tiny handful of exceptions,


为何硅谷两家知名风险投资机构FoundersFund and Lowercase Capital会向一家服务模式酷似Tinder的创业公司注资450万美元呢?原因是Hinge正在打造一个“浪漫图谱”,其结构化数据线索可表明两个人是否愿意约会。

Airbnb Investors Finance Smear Campaign as Reward for Favorable Law

When San Francisco began considering legalizing Airbnb, the flourishing startup was quick to ingrain itself in the political process. Airbnb's lobbyists secretly helped author favorable legislation, then created an astroturfing organization to strike down the sections they didn't like.

今日新聞淺談:HTC One M9 評測顯示過熱警訊,我的 M8 還是繼續服役好了

HTC One M9 都還沒正式推出,就已經有不少令人失望的評價了,除了和哥哥 M8 實在沒有差很多之外,甚至有國外網站評測到一半發現 M9 出現了過熱警訊,把各大廠牌最新的手機一字排開,iPhone 6 Plus、M8、LG G3、和 Samsung Note 4 平均約 40 度左右、M9 卻超過了 55 度。

新版乔布斯电影剧本被曝光了 爆料者:内容很赞

4 月 6 日,一些影迷可能很不喜欢艾什顿库彻(Ashton Kutcher)主演的《乔布斯传》影片,不过,这些影迷们千万不要失望,因为新一部有关苹果已故联合创始人史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)影片正在制作之中。新版《乔 ... ...


编者按:建议想入行设计的同学都看看,即使是设计大神,也不是随便画画就赚大钱的。已经跳坑的小伙伴就不多说了,如@牛MO王涵 所说,事业和感情一样,如果你...

如何评价服装设计师亚历山大麦昆(Alexander Mcqueen)?


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