Dead Cells’ Xbox One release date announced, pre-orders open

The video game, Dead Cells, has officially been confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One on August 7th this year and digital pre-orders for it are now live. The game is a 2D platformer with a huge emphasis on exploration, numerous skill and weapon combinations, and nonlinear progression.

Microsoft inches closer to its goal of 1 billion Windows 10 installs; hitting 700 million devices

It looks like the needle has offically moved closer to 1 billion with a company executive revealing during an Ignite 2018 session that Microsoft's Windows 10 has indeed been installed on 700 million devices.

Xbox head Phil Spencer announces special XO18 event on November 10, upcoming support for mouse and k

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced today a special XO18 event in Mexico City on November 10, as well as upcoming support for mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One.

Microsoft announces new Xbox Games Pass and Games with Gold titles for October

Wolfenstein II: The New Order, Metro 2033: Redux will join Forza Horizon 4 on the Xbox Games Pass catalog in October.

A Stranger Things video game could still be on the way to Xbox One

Netflix would like to see the 25-employee skeleton crew finish up the Minecraft: Story Mode game for release on Netflix's platform as an interactive narrative series as well as allowing The Stranger Things game to find a new home for development.

Watch Xbox Forza Horizon 4 livestreams from the Goodwood estate today

The Xbox team is be celebrating Forza Horizon 4’s upcoming release today with a series of Mixer livestreams live from the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England.

LinkedIn announces Talent Insights, data analysis for how to find, and keep, talented employees

LinkedIn announced today that Talent Insights, its new talent analytics solution aiming to optimize recruiting efficiency is now generally available.

Microsoft Whiteboard comes to iOS, and to the web for Office 365 users

Some Microsoft Whiteboard news coming out of Ignite today, as the idea collaboration app, first introduced as a feature of the Surface Hub, comes to iOS, and to the web in limited preview. Whiteboard first came to Surface Pro devices and then Windows 10 in preview in December 2017,

Pre-order the new Surface Go Type Covers here

The new Type Covers for Microsoft’s newly announced Surface Go device are now up for pre-order on the official Microsoft website. The Type Covers are slightly smaller than the regular ones made for the main Surface and Surface Pro devices and come in burgundy, platinum, cobalt blue, and black.

Shining Resonance Refrain is a new 4K JRPG video game on Xbox One

Shining Resonance Refrain now available to play on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. The game is a Japanese roleplaying game (JRPG) that’s actually a re-release of the Japan-only original with new features and character options.

Rocket League comes to Xbox Game Pass

Rocket League, the popular vehicular soccer game that has grown to become an eSport phenomenon is joining Xbox Games Pass today.

送上今年微软的一道笔试题 - 潇一

这里送上一道微软的笔试题,具体题目如下:Time Limit: 10000msCase Time Limit: 1000msMemory Limit: 256MBDescriptionConsider a string set that each of them consists of {0,...

Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs

Jason Koebler writes: Time and time again, federal agencies like the FCC ignore what the public says it wants and side with the parties actually being regulated — the ISPs, in this case.

Hackers Breach Hospital Network, Steal 4.5 Million Patient Records

A group of hackers, believed to be from China, has breached a large American hospital network, stealing 4.5 million patients' records.The target of the attack, Community Health Systems, revealed the breach in a regulatory filing on Monday. The hackers obtained the "patient names, addresses,


“把这支笔卖给我。” 这道听着略带乡土味又偏偏很难回答的该死面试题,不知道考倒过多少应聘者。如果由世界上最擅长营销的企业家之一,乔布斯,来推销这支笔,他会怎么做?

10 Snappy Life Lessons From 'The Addams Family'

When you think of TV families, you may conjure up the Brady Bunch or the Jetsons. But, for many of us growing up in either the 1960s or the 1990s, we look to a different, less nuclear family: the Addams.Sure, they may be creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and all together ooky,

凤凰网财报:2014年Q3凤凰网广告收入5310万美元 同比增长45.5%

北京时间2014年11月14日,凤凰网(即“凤凰新媒体”,纽约证券交易所代码: FENG)公布2014年第三季度财报。财报显示,截至2014年9月30日,凤凰网总收入为人民币4.32亿元(约合7030万美元),同比增长14.0%。

Everything Microsoft Announced About Windows 10 Today 

It's Windows 10 day! Again . This time though, Microsoft had a ton of in depth announcements about free upgrades, the future of Windows Phones, playing Xbox games on PC, and putting holodeck goggles on your face. Here are the highlights. Read more...

Outlook app for Android and iOS blocked by EU parliament on privacy grounds

One of the real hot topics over the last few years, as more and more of us shift our operations to the cloud, has been that of privacy. With corporations the world over offering to take our data and store it in unknown corners of the globe for a nominal fee, security becomes a major concern.

富士康欲摆脱外界恶名 苹果近年持续审查供应链




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