UK firms overconfident about their cyber defences

Three-quarters of British firms rated their protection as above average.

Barclaycard and SAP team up to make corporate payments easier

Partnership looks to bring procurement and payment for B2B organisations into a single solution.

Chinese phones now make up more than a third of all EU sales

Individually, Samsung is still king.

JP Morgan launches cryptocurrency

Business-only JPM Coin looks to take on the likes of Ripple.

Amazon cancels $2bn New York HQ

Online giant claims it doesn't want to go against the wishes of NYC locals.

How technology is transforming the casual dining industry

New ways to buy and new ways to pay are fuelling innovation in the sector.

Why businesses need to go paperless now

Here’s a look at the current situation in the UK and some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.

How AI technology is digitising supply chain processes

With supply chain and logistics becoming more complicated in the age of industrial IoT, the need for AI-enabled chatbots is much higher in this field.

Malware and ransomware see huge rises across the world

Cybercriminals turn to encryption to help deliver their malicious payloads.

China Mobile signs 1bn euro Nokia deal

New frame agreement will aid China Mobile in the rollout of 5G networks.

Investment in end-user training will maximise Unified Communications success

Integrating Unified Communications into your organisation requires more than just choosing which technology to invest in.



Android的消息循环机制 Looper Handler类分析 - 圣骑士wind


Windows in the Car:微软也想用 Cortana 攻占你的行车中控盘,别担心,应该不会蓝画面

分类: 科技新闻其实微软在许久之前便已经进军过行车系统的市场,不过这次看来他们打算要把手机的行动系统界面给带到汽车的中控台之上了(至少,是"行动系统"所以应该不会遇到蓝白当机画面啦 XD)。







Breathalyzers, Selfies And Body Sweat? A Wallet Password Replacement Showdown

If you hate typing long passwords into super small screens, I have good news: smart people are trying to fix the problem. Yes, the whole rigmarole of creating a word that has at least one capital letter, one number and one special character could soon be history. For the mobile payment industry,

How Long Will It Be Until You Can Get an Anti-Aging Pill?

Last month a team of doctors and scientists made the case to regulators at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consider approving anti-aging drugs as a new pharmaceutical class. Such a designation would treat aging as disease rather than a natural process,



这是一个与iPhone 6相关令人感动的好故事

Todd Stabelfeldt 是一位工程师兼企业家,当然,他也是一个非常不幸的人,因为他四肢瘫痪,他不能移动脖子以下任何的部位。

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