Ticketmaster breach was only part of major campaign

Data breach was one of 800-strong campaign, report finds.

The best VPN for torrenting

Looking for a torrenting VPN? You’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft backs down from latest Edge warning

Software giant warned users when installing its competitor's browsers on Windows 10.

Taking a more intelligent approach to AI

Setting clear goals and objectives from the start is key to successfully implementing AI at your organisation.

Retail banking architecture needs to evolve

There are some major challenges that banks must tackle in the quest for agility.

How intelligent enterprises drive mobility innovation

Through a suite of intelligent technologies, businesses have the power to capitalise on mobility data.

The degrees of cloudiness for contact centres

When looking at a software solution, instead of asking the binary question: “Is it cloud based?”, the correct question to ask may be: “How cloudy is it?”.

Q&A with Leo Leung, Senior Director, Products & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on IaaS Trends

Organisations need to consider storage, network download and dedicated network connection prices why choosing an IaaS provider.

Thales secures medical IoT with new connected health offering

New solution hopes to help secure connected IoT devices in the healthcare industry.

Public cloud use set to transform investment banking

Investment banks will use public cloud 50 per cent more in the next five years.

Half of businesses ignore future cyber threats

Many firms are too busy fighting current cyber threats to plan for the future.

一款自动发链接软件的实现细节分析 - 进步就好




[图]4G LTE联通版索尼Xperia Z2获入网许可

继日前行货版索尼Xperia Z2(型号为L50w)正式登陆中国市场之后今天4G LTE 联通版索尼Xperia Z2(型号为L50u,TDD/WCDMA/GSM)也拿到了入网许可,意味着该机即将在国内发售。

ENC28J60 + M430G2553,用uip搭建http服务器,解决“在XP系统下可以访问,在Win7下不能访问”的问题 - Gizmo.G




百度公布智能自行车DuBike细节 或于年底发布

据科技资讯网站Tech In Asia消息,百度此前透露的智能自行车一直颇受关注,近日百度智能自行车DuBike的官方主页悄然上线,同时也公布了不少新的细节。

These horrible mindsucker bugs can infect and control their hosts

The November's issue of National Geographic has a fascinating article titled Mindsuckers, the tale of tiny beasts that get into their victims bodies to eat them from inside and control their bodies, turning them into remote controlled zombies. And there are more horror ahead,

14 dinosaurs that will terrify Chris Pratt in ‘Jurassic World’

Sure, everyone loves Chris Pratt, but the upcoming Jurassic World movie would be nothing without his ferocious prehistoric co-stars.



Envelop Is Building A Nightclub For Audio Nerds

We’ve been stuck in stereo for too long. Ambisonics is the future of audio, where sound can come from any direction in a 3D space. But there are few places to listen to this type of music, and it’s even harder for artists to create it.

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