Hackers dangle a wide variety of phishing hooks beyond email

Browsers and browser users are the new OS that need increased protection in order to stop phishing that leads to breaches and other damage.

Barclaycard and SAP team up to make corporate payments easier

Partnership looks to bring procurement and payment for B2B organisations into a single solution.

Chinese phones now make up more than a third of all EU sales

Individually, Samsung is still king.

JP Morgan launches cryptocurrency

Business-only JPM Coin looks to take on the likes of Ripple.

Amazon cancels $2bn New York HQ

Online giant claims it doesn't want to go against the wishes of NYC locals.

How technology is transforming the casual dining industry

New ways to buy and new ways to pay are fuelling innovation in the sector.

Why businesses need to go paperless now

Here’s a look at the current situation in the UK and some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.

How AI technology is digitising supply chain processes

With supply chain and logistics becoming more complicated in the age of industrial IoT, the need for AI-enabled chatbots is much higher in this field.

Data puts you in the driving seat – but only if you have the skills to use it

Businesses across the globe, from the UK to the US and Japan, are all facing a data skills gap crisis.

Ticketmaster breach was only part of major campaign

Data breach was one of 800-strong campaign, report finds.

Thales secures medical IoT with new connected health offering

New solution hopes to help secure connected IoT devices in the healthcare industry.

魅族 MX3 Flyme OS 3.4.2 最新固件发布

MX3 Flyme OS 3.4.2 最新固件(国内版)版本:Flyme OS 3.4.2更新时间:2014-02-21适用机型:MX3软件大小:375M    








对于那些一直苦等iOS 7.1.1完美越狱的用户来说,今天的确是个值得欢庆的日子,因为一支来自中国的黑客团队“盘古”发布了越狱工具Pangu 1.0。

Sea Level Rise Is Forcing This Island Nation To Buy Land 1200 Miles Away

The nation of Kiribati is a string of 30 or so tiny islands in the Pacific, each just a few feet above the sea. Thanks to climate change and rising seas, it's officially screwed. So Kiribati's government has come up with a drastic and unprecedented decision: buy 5,460 acres of land that is 1,


在1983年到1989年之间统治巴拿马的军事独裁者诺列加(Manuel Antonio Noriega)因其在《使命召唤:黑色行动II》中的形象而起诉游戏发行商动视。


是否想过直接让自然通过传统乐器来演奏曲子?这设想在以前听起来有点痴人说梦,现在,法国的 Saint-Etienne 市即将上演这神奇的一幕:David Bowen 所打造的一组装置,能够让天上的云来弹钢琴。  

Spotify 稱向 Taylor Swift 付了 2 百萬美元,對方表示只有 50 萬

Taylor Swift 早前離開 Spotify,造成了不小的爭議,Spotify 方面表示,他們今年內向她繳付了 2 百萬美元的盈利,不過唱片公司方面則反駁指他們只收到 50 萬。繼續閱讀了解更多。


据外媒报道,当索尼影业认为《采访(The Interview)》上映这件事情已经告一段落的时候,日前,又一场缘于该部影片的风波出现。

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