Gears of War and Halo players will battle it out this weekend for $250,000

Starting this Friday, hundreds of players will take to two main stages to compete for grand prize pools of $250,000

Microsoft continues to rake it in as 4th qtr earnings numbers are released

Microsoft announced its 4th quarter earnings for fiscal year 2018 just a few minutes ago, and as expected, the company continues to ride the growth of Azure, the success of Office 365 and now Microsoft 365, and some bounce back on PC sales numbers to mark another quarter of strong earnings results.

No new Windows 10 Insider build this week as Microsoft plans “a few code changes”

While the Windows Insider team didn’t go into too much details about the delay, it looks like they didn’t have a build that reached their quality standards this week.

LinkedIn introduces better tools for content creators, new features in LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn has announced this week a couple of new features to encourage conversations and content creation on the professional social network.

In latest milestone, Microsoft Teams reaches “feature parity” with Skype for Business

Various company officials have stated this week at Inspire that Microsoft Teams has now reached feature parity with Skype for Business.

New Microsoft Launcher beta brings more customization options, animation improvements

Microsoft has started testing a new version of its Android Launcher this week, and beta testers can now check out new customization options, improved animations and more.

OneNote Windows 10 app gets a host of new features for public users and Insiders

As OneNote for Windows 10 is set to become the main OneNote client in Office 2019 later this year, Microsoft has just updated the modern with a couple of new features for both Windows Insiders and regular Windows 10 users.

Xbox One’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War finally gets a free video game demo

A free demo for the Middle-earth: Shadow of War video game has just launched on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. This demo allows players to try the game for free before investing in the full title. Here’s the game description for the demo. Play the Demo for Middle-earth:

Play Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on Xbox One X today in 4K

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a now available to play on all Xbox One consoles for those that bought it and for members of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The game is a 4-player co-op fantasy action title that offers players 15 career paths, detailed levelling options,

New product pages are coming to Xbox One video game consoles

Microsoft has begun testing new Store product pages on Xbox One consoles. This new design spaces out the content a bit better, shifting the Buy button to the right side of the screen and bringing the video game description to the top of each product page (see above image).

Dead Cells’ Xbox One release date announced, pre-orders open

The video game, Dead Cells, has officially been confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One on August 7th this year and digital pre-orders for it are now live. The game is a 2D platformer with a huge emphasis on exploration, numerous skill and weapon combinations, and nonlinear progression.

BCG: 中国数字化新世代3.0——信息图


传Nokia X 系第二代将提供专属Home键

今年 2 月份的 MWC 2014 世界移动通信大会上,诺基亚正式发布了旗下第一波 Android 系列智能手机 Nokia X。该机子一经上市反响巨大,其销量超过了诺基亚预定的产量。

解决AutoCAD2010在VS2010上无法命中断点 - 楚人杨子

AutoCAD 2010的二次开发告一段落,现在整理一些开发中遇到的问题。 最早遇到的问题是关于AutoCAD 2010在VS 2010上无法调试。奇怪的是这问题只出现在我同事电脑上,我的电脑一切OK,我暗喜^_^,莫非是人品问题。

国际版Lumia 730将推双卡版 不支持4G LTE

外媒 NPU 此前曾报道,设备代号为 RM-1040 的 Lumia 730 变种机型近期已经通过印度.尼西亚的入市许可。


如果你是为了在 LinkedIn 上找工作、拓展人脉、寻找合作伙伴或者销售产品,LinkedIn 肯定可以帮你,因为这个巨大的在线人际网络中有 3 亿职场人士,他们遍布全世界。

广东首例DIO 3D导航微创种植牙在瑞邦种植牙专科成功开展

中国深圳2014年12月15日电 /美通社/ -- 日前,广东首例 DIO 3D 导航微创种植牙在深圳瑞邦种植牙专科成功开展。


随着2014年即将结束,现在是时候回顾今年科技界发生过的最难忘却的经典时刻。从Facebook花费220亿美元收购WhatsApp到苹果正式发布智能手表Apple Watch,2014年充满了值得永远记忆的重大事件。


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Cortana in Windows 10 now uses names within responses, making for more natural conversation

When Cortana was first integrated into the Windows 10 Technical Preview, she was very limited in terms of capabilities, especially when compared to her Windows Phone 8.1 counterpart. Slowly, but surely, Microsoft has been adding to the feature set of Cortana on Windows 10.

[攝影小教室] 業配文照片這樣拍(四):用 Lightroom 筆刷讓龍捲風更清晰!

前兩天我發了這篇:[攝影小教室] 業配文照片這樣拍(三):用閃燈高速凝結的「大人的科學」水龍捲風機裡面有提到這張照片雖然用閃燈凝結了罐子裡的龍捲風,但實際上因為罐子裡的霧氣很多,所以拍起來的效果其實還是要經過 Lightroom 的修整之後才會達到封面圖的效果。

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