Mixer updates its Partnership requirements to better represent its different content types

The live streaming platform will now be "investing in those who invest in Mixer," and that means that streamers won't be forced to focus on the latest hot new game to get the chance to become a Mixer partner.

Microsoft To-Do updates on Android & iOS with routine reminders and more

Both the iOS and Android Microsoft To-Do apps have updated to add the importance and collaboration features that were added to the Windows 10 version a few days ago. Here’s the official release notes for the iOS update. New:

VLC app gains ChromeCast support on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

The VLC app for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones and Windows 10 computers has updated to Version 3.1.0. While this update is undeniably a small one, it does come with a pretty major feature; support for ChromeCast.

No Man’s Sky digital pre-orders are now open on Xbox One video game consoles

The No Man’s Sky video game is now available to pre-order digitally on Xbox One consoles ahead of its July 24th release date.

Microsoft continues to rake it in as 4th qtr earnings numbers are released

Microsoft announced its 4th quarter earnings for fiscal year 2018 just a few minutes ago, and as expected, the company continues to ride the growth of Azure, the success of Office 365 and now Microsoft 365, and some bounce back on PC sales numbers to mark another quarter of strong earnings results.

No new Windows 10 Insider build this week as Microsoft plans “a few code changes”

While the Windows Insider team didn’t go into too much details about the delay, it looks like they didn’t have a build that reached their quality standards this week.

LinkedIn introduces better tools for content creators, new features in LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn has announced this week a couple of new features to encourage conversations and content creation on the professional social network.

In latest milestone, Microsoft Teams reaches “feature parity” with Skype for Business

Various company officials have stated this week at Inspire that Microsoft Teams has now reached feature parity with Skype for Business.

Report: Microsoft lays off “small percentage” of international sales force

Microsoft has laid off a "small percentage" of its international sales force. The specifics and impacts of the layoffs are not official or imminently clear, but it is apparently part of a "course of business" due to the start of the 2019 fiscal year.

Gears of War and Halo players will battle it out this weekend for $250,000

Starting this Friday, hundreds of players will take to two main stages to compete for grand prize pools of $250,000

Play Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on Xbox One X today in 4K

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a now available to play on all Xbox One consoles for those that bought it and for members of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The game is a 4-player co-op fantasy action title that offers players 15 career paths, detailed levelling options,







Kodak 的最新运动相机能拍 360 度视频,挑战你的拍摄创意!

近期的柯达(或该说 JK Imaging)真的是很愿意尝试 新的产品线,而尽管运动相机不算是他们的初次尝试,但结合了 360 度全景拍摄的运动摄影机就挺新鲜的了。他们新款的运动相机 PIXPRO SP360...

Determined bulldog struggles to squeeze bone through doggy door

The life of a bulldog is not an easy one.After receiving an extra-large bone for Christmas, Russet the English bulldog just wanted to enjoy her chew toy in peace.

Microsoft partners up with Y Combinator to help startups find their feet

Microsoft has today announced that it is partnering up with startup accelerator Y Combinator with hopes to inspire and help new startups innovate.Y Combinator works by pouring funding and resources into startups to help them get off their feet in what can be very challenging times.



“Journey of Light光之旅”亮相设计上海展

上海2015年3月27日电 /美通社/ -- 2015设计上海今日开幕,由国内最有影响力的家居和设计类生活方式杂志《ELLE DECORATION家居廊》携手米曰工作室,特别企划的“Journey of Light光之旅”正式亮相。

知名主播AngryJoe不满任天堂高达40%的抽成 与任天堂决裂

近日一段主播门在国外闹得沸沸扬扬,请大家不要想歪,这段纠纷所涉及的主要是知识产权问题。在 Youtube 上有许多关注度极高的游戏主播,而 AngryJoe 也是其中一位,这位主播制作了许多关于任天堂旗下游戏的精彩 ... ...

「氪TV测评」像 iPhone 但很好用,三星 Galaxy S6 测评

优酷播放地址往期回顾:「氪TV测评」"小米化" GoPro ?小蚁运动相机「氪TV测评」巨人的回归,诺基亚平板 N1「氪TV测评」“PC的未来”是怎样?

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