Lenovo’s Windows 10 on ARM powered Miix 630 is now available

Several months after being announced at CES 2018, Lenovo's Miix 630 Always Connected PC is now also available for purchase.

Microsoft amps up Surface Go marketing with 10 new short video ads

Microsoft recently pushed out a series of short video ads on YouTube, all showcasing the use cases and features of Surface Go.

Lenovo Legion Y530: This is the gaming laptop I’ve always wanted

The design and performance on Lenovo's revamped Legion Y520 make this the gaming laptop that I've always wanted.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store receives design overhaul, Panos Panay says Surface Phone is n

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: teams up with Google and other companies for the Data Transfer Project, Linked

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Google,

Microsoft’s security team prevented a phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidate

Microsoft's security team has prevented a targeted phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidates running for election in the midterms.

Pre-order the Surface Go and receive a $50 Best Buy gift card

Those of you wanting to get your hands on Microsoft’s latest Surface device, the Surface Go, can already pick up a deal. You’ll still pay the full price for the Surface Go, but Best Buy will give you an electronic $50 gift card. This could be used towards anything else you’d like from Best Buy, […]

Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 report shows its very much still a consumer focused business

Let's skip those metrics and go straight to the relatable stuff about Microsoft's FY18 Q4 earnings such as, how the company did with its expanding Surface hardware line, Xbox gaming division and how exactly is Windows doing for the company.

Developer enables Windows Timeline support for Google Chrome with his own custom extension

Chrome happens to be one of these apps which doesn't yet have Timeline integration, so Windows developer Dominic Maas coded with his own custom extension to bring Chrome to the newest Windows 10 experience.

Mixer updates its Partnership requirements to better represent its different content types

The live streaming platform will now be "investing in those who invest in Mixer," and that means that streamers won't be forced to focus on the latest hot new game to get the chance to become a Mixer partner.

Report: Microsoft lays off “small percentage” of international sales force

Microsoft has laid off a "small percentage" of its international sales force. The specifics and impacts of the layoffs are not official or imminently clear, but it is apparently part of a "course of business" due to the start of the 2019 fiscal year.


移动互联网带来的众多变化有目共睹,移动应用的繁荣当属其中之一。Gartner的统计数据预测,预计到2016 年,全球App下载次数将达到3000亿次。App正不断改变着人们的生活,同时改变着世界,前进的脚步将变得更加迅速。

These Stunning Satellite Images of Cities Were Really Made With Data

Satellite images of cities at night look wonderful—until you zoom in and realize that they're a big, blurry mess. These gorgeous city images, made by Marc Khachfe, solve that problem—because they're actually computer generated from OpenStreetMap data.Read more...    



期货监管禁用支付宝转账保证金 漏洞或用作洗钱


Xubuntu 14.04 更新默认壁纸 展现轻盈一面

这是一款漂亮的壁纸,Xubuntu 最近几个发行版本都是以蓝色为主,壁纸主题简洁轻盈与Xubuntu这款轻量级桌面系统非常搭配。壁纸中心为 Xfce 鼠标标志,以折纸的方式呈现也是表现出轻盈的一面(点小图看大图)。    


国家质检总局24日发布消息称,索尼(中国)有限公司决定自即日起,召回2014年2月至2014年4月期间在中国大陆地区销售的总计约1400台VAIO Fit 11A multi-flip TMPC复合翻转式个人电脑。


yxt 写道 "我正在帮助复旦大学经济学院许闲老师完成一项《Just for the fun of IT》问卷调研, 该问卷的目的在于检验《Just for the fun of IT: Evidence on the importance of motivation in the IT world》理论研究相关结论是否真实反映中国的实际情况,

.NET下的并行开发 - 无涯Ⅱ


面向Windows Phone的Windows 10技术预览版将于2015年到来

在9月30日的发布会上,微软已经向我们证实Windows Phone也将迎来融合后的Windows 10。虽然面向PC的Windows 10技术预览版已经发布,不过对于移动平台,这件事却不会很快发生。

第二人生 | 入戏

《人物》微信账号:renwumag1980文|鲸书 编辑|张薇 摄影|程泉紧紧抱着花格子编织袋,蒋秀华女士被急躁的人流推挤着,下火车,傻眼了。全是人,人山人海的,哪都是道,往哪边走?

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