Windows 10 April 2018 update becomes the new “Semi Annual Channel” release after this month’s Patch

Microsoft now recommends the April 2018 update to all Windows 10 users, including enterprise customers.

Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS with a better uploading experience

The official Microsoft OneDrive app updated on Apple’s iOS devices today with a small update that improves the uploading experience. The update, which brings the app to Version 10.55, makes it so that files that are being uploaded will now be visible during the upload process.

Star Wars Battlefront II video game to get HUGE Clone Trooper revamp next week

A Community Transmission dropped for players of the popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game today that detailed the Clone Trooper design changes being made in next week’s update. Turns out the changes are going to be significantly bigger than most players had expected.

Headlander is now playable on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox One video game, Headlander, is now playable for Xbox Games Pass subscribers. The game is 2D platformer with a strong retro Sci-Fi vibe aesthetic and a futuristic robotic world to explore. Here’s the official game description: You are the last known human in the universe,

Windows 10 19H1 build 18342 is now available for Fast Ring Insiders, here’s what’s new

With this new build, Microsoft continues to test gaming improvements with the State of Decay game available in the Xbox Insider Hub, and Linux files also become accessible within File Explorer.

New Xbox One 1904 build brings ability to restart console after holding down Xbox button

Microsoft is making it easier to restart your Xbox One console by adding a dedicated button to the Power menu, which appears when you hold down the Xbox button on your controller.

Microsoft’s new Office app for Windows 10 is now available for all users

Just like, the new Office app for Windows 10 works like a central hub for your Office activity, but it’s actually a PWA that works works even when your PC is offline.

Xbox and Paradox to allow user-created mods without pre-approval for the first time ever

Microsoft and Paradox are partnering to enable custom mods created by other users to be shared and applied to games developed by the gaming company.

Lenovo’s Windows 10 on ARM powered Miix 630 is now available

Several months after being announced at CES 2018, Lenovo's Miix 630 Always Connected PC is now also available for purchase.

Developer enables Windows Timeline support for Google Chrome with his own custom extension

Chrome happens to be one of these apps which doesn't yet have Timeline integration, so Windows developer Dominic Maas coded with his own custom extension to bring Chrome to the newest Windows 10 experience.

Mixer updates its Partnership requirements to better represent its different content types

The live streaming platform will now be "investing in those who invest in Mixer," and that means that streamers won't be forced to focus on the latest hot new game to get the chance to become a Mixer partner.

The Worst Blunders People Make in Inventing Fictional Alien Worlds

We love stories that take us to alien planets and let us explore whole new environments. But not every alien planet is totally realistic, especially given how much we've learned about exoplanets lately.

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How Virtual Reality Became Reality

An anonymous reader writes "Wired has an in-depth report on the development of the Oculus Rift, telling the story of the tech and its creators from conception to present. Quoting:

The Hacking of NASDAQ

puddingebola (2036796) writes Businessweek has an account of the 2010 hacking of the NASDAQ exchange. From the article, "Intelligence and law enforcement agencies, under pressure to decipher a complex hack, struggled to provide an even moderately clear picture to policymakers. After months of work,

不用买 Kinect ,智能手机就能实现体感操作

记得微软开卖 Kinect 的时候,学校“斥巨资”购买了两台,于是经常跟小伙伴们相约去图书馆地下活动室排队玩 Xbox 游戏。那会儿对体感操作还没什么概念,只觉得一切都能用手势来完成很酷炫。

Elon Musk的“人工智能恶魔论”是在误导大众

作者注:Elon Musk不久前曾公开表示人工智能就如同“召唤恶魔”,用科幻电影来说明人工智能的危害。

Ultrathin 'mirror' can cool buildings by reflecting heat into outer space

A new superthin material can cool buildings without requiring electricity, by beaming heat directly into outer space, researchers say.In addition to cooling areas that don't have access to electrical power, the material could help reduce demand for electricity,


据国外科技网站geekwire 1月19日报道,阿里巴巴集团酝酿今年采取重大动作,向美国零售商提供新的销售途径,向中国规模庞大,并且不断增长的消费人群销售商品,以扩展其在美业务。

Which 'Mad Men' character needs a spinoff series? Here's who the stars picked

LOS ANGELES — A Mad Men spinoff series is not an outlandish idea — this is AMC, after all, the network that dared order up Better Call Saul after Breaking Bad came to a definitive conclusion.The question then becomes: Which Mad Men character should get the Saul treatment?SEE ALSO:

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