Windows 10 April 2018 update becomes the new “Semi Annual Channel” release after this month’s Patch

Microsoft now recommends the April 2018 update to all Windows 10 users, including enterprise customers.

You can now design your dream Xbox One controller in the Microsoft Store app with the Xbox Design La

Since the inception of the Microsoft Store app, it has continued to grow through the addition of new product categories, such as offering up Microsoft’s range of devices, to an enhanced Games section with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

How to make Windows 10 feel faster by disabling animations

Windows 10 added a lot of design refinements to the Windows desktop. Especially since the introduction of Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, motion and animation has become much more prevalent throughout the user interface. While animations can make for a more polished, streamlined feel,

Microsoft reportedly working on a low cost – no disk drive Xbox One

After releasing the Xbox One S in 2016 and the Xbox One X console a year later, we could get new Xbox One hardware as soon as next year.

Microsoft Transforms France’s Mont St. Michel with HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens is responsible for helping create a 3D model of Mont-Saint-Michel, an island and monastery in Normandy, France. Those equipped with a HoloLens can see the inside and outside of the cathedral as a part of an interactive exhibit at the Musée des Plans-Reliefs in Paris, France.

Edge wins an Emmy for helping to standardize HTML5

Microsoft was honored with an Emmy for its role in supporting TV experiences over the web via its new Edge browser.

Microsoft is apparently testing showing ads to non-Office 365 subscribers in its Windows 10 Mail app

Microsoft could soon show some ads to users of its Windows 10 Mail who don’t have an Office 365 subscription.

Sunset Overdrive officially coming to Windows 10 & Steam today

It’s official, both Microsoft and Insomniac Games confirmed yesterday that Sunset Overdrive is coming to Windows PCs today.

Lenovo’s Windows 10 on ARM powered Miix 630 is now available

Several months after being announced at CES 2018, Lenovo's Miix 630 Always Connected PC is now also available for purchase.

Developer enables Windows Timeline support for Google Chrome with his own custom extension

Chrome happens to be one of these apps which doesn't yet have Timeline integration, so Windows developer Dominic Maas coded with his own custom extension to bring Chrome to the newest Windows 10 experience.

Mixer updates its Partnership requirements to better represent its different content types

The live streaming platform will now be "investing in those who invest in Mixer," and that means that streamers won't be forced to focus on the latest hot new game to get the chance to become a Mixer partner.

多伦多警方调查问题市长 苹果公司协助解锁证物iPhone

外媒报道,苹果公司回应加拿大多伦多市警方的召唤,协助一项目前正在进行中的调查,提供了问题市长Rob Ford的手机数据。Rob Ford是加拿大政客和商人,近日来吸毒丑闻缠身,争议不断。

编写高质量代码改善C#程序的157个建议[动态数组、循环遍历、对象集合初始化] - aehyok

前言 软件开发过程中,不可避免会用到集合,C#中的集合表现为数组和若干集合类。不管是数组还是集合类,它们都有各自的优缺点。如何使用好集合是我们在开发过程中必须掌握的技巧。

Alex Trebek Rapping '90s Hip-Hop for $1200, Please

Jeopardy may have just unleashed its greatest category ever.Alex Trebek went from game-show host to hip-hop MC in a recent episode when he quizzed contestants on their '90s rap knowledgeSee also: What Is 50 Crazy Facts About 'Jeopardy!' for $1000?The nostalgic lineup started strong,

大膽熱情 HTC One M8 熱戀紅開箱


Louis Zamperini, War Hero and Subject of Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken,' Dies

Louis Zamperini, the U.S. Olympic track star and World War II hero whose remarkable survival story is the basis for the upcoming Angelina Jolie-directed movie Unbroken, has died at age 97.Zamperini died Wednesday after a bout with pneumonia, his family said in a statement from Universal Pictures,


一个月前,小编写了一篇第一次试用电力线网络(俗称电力猫)的心得文。从大家的回应来看,似乎知道的人并不多 --...


虎嗅注:孙宇晨,生于1990年,锐波科技创始人兼CEO,美国硅谷Ripple Labs大中华区首席代表。Ripple Labs正在构建一个未来金融系统的底层协议,秒杀比特币。

This is the largest spacecraft welding machine in the world

Behold the new welding "tool" at the Vertical Assembly Center in NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, the largest spacecraft welding tool in the world for the largest rocket ever, the Space Launch System that will take us one day to Mars. Read more...

首架 Made in Japan 噴射引擎民航客機登場

某些強國可以登陸月球,但一般的科研發明卻甚麼都沒有似的,就算有都沒有人夠膽使用。雖然日本的宇航研發機構要在 2020 年左右才登月,但由三菱飛機公司用了 6 年時間開發的第一部機民航噴射飛機 MRJ 就公開了!

Pitch Your Startup In The TC Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM

If you enjoy reading TechCrunch, there’s a really good chance you’d enjoy the TechCrunch Radio show on Sirius XM. Yes, that’s a real thing. John Biggs and I discuss the latest in tech news for the first half hour and then we dive right into the TechCrunch Radio Pitch-Off.

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