Right on schedule (heh), Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 17713

This Wednesday morning build release is catching on, sorta. Last week (probably due to the July 4th holiday in the US), a build wasn’t released until Friday, but whenever these new builds come, we’re ready.

Windows Insider sad face – no new Fast Ring builds for 19H1 until at least next Tuesday

Although Microsoft was hoping to get a new build out to Fast Ring insiders testing Windows 10 1903/19H1 today (Friday), it’s not going to happen. And since Monday is the President’s Day holiday in the US, there won’t be a new build until at least Tuesday: Appreciate your patience,

Deal: Save $200 on select Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2 or Book 2 models on the US Microsoft Store

For a limited time, the US Microsoft Store is currently offering up to $200 discounts on select Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2 models.

Changes are coming to the Windows Insider Program, but what’s changing?

Yesterday Microsoft released another Windows Insider build, and as builds go there wasn’t much to it, just a list of some fairly innocuous fixes and changes with no new features. However,

How to restore your PC from a Windows 10 system image

Disaster recovery might not be the catchiest topic in computing, but it’s certainly something to stay abreast of. We recently showed you how to make a Windows system image, which contains an exact copy of everything on your hard drive. In this guide,

Two Final Fantasy XV cars are coming to Forza Horizon 4 with new Series 6 update

Forza Horizon 4 players can now unlock two Quartz Regalia models taken right from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV game.

Microsoft’s OneDrive app updates on iOS with some iMessage changes

Microsoft’s OneDrive app for iOS devices updated to Version 10.54 today. This latest update fixes a typo and adds a new icon link in the OneDrive iMessage app, improved the UI during the search process, and fixed an Office docs bug. Here’s the official release  notes:

Crackdown 3 video game launches on Xbox One and Windows 10

After a rather significant delay in its development, Crackdown 3 has finally launched on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices.

Megaman and more Xbox games discounted in this week’s Deals With Gold

Each week, Microsoft releases a new group of games with Deals with Gold batch on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Two USB adapters for Surface Go will launch August 2nd, too

Microsoft is planning on launching two new USB C adapters for the Surface Go, including a new Surface-branded USB C to Ethernet adapter

Windows 10 April 2018 update becomes the new “Semi Annual Channel” release after this month’s Patch

Microsoft now recommends the April 2018 update to all Windows 10 users, including enterprise customers.

Why San Francisco Is the New Renaissance Florence

waderoush writes "Despite legitimate concerns over sky-high rents, Ellis Act evictions, Google Bus traffic, and the like, the San Francisco Bay Area is perhaps the most prosperous, comfortable, enlightened, stimulating, and generative place to live in Western history. For satisfying parallels,

开发者在Yosemite中发现了分辨率编码的字符串,Retina iMac离我们更近了

根据外媒的消息,有开发者从苹果最新的OS X 10.10 Yosemite测试版中发现了其中包含Retina iMac产品的证据。

NASA Engineers Offered Sally Ride 100 Tampons for a 7 Day Space Mission

Welcome to Reading List, our Saturday afternoon collection of tech, design, urbanism, and landscape reads from around the web. This week, we've got great pieces from The American Prospect, Modern Farmer, Ars Technica, Pacific Standard, and more. It's like crossfit for your brain.Read more...

At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 3 and 4 of 6)

Today's videos are parts three and four of our casual interview with Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media and one of the most influential open source boosters around. (You supplied the questions. He supplied the answers.



[视频]酷冷至尊QuickFire XTi三色背光机械键盘上市 蓝轴$150

酷冷至尊(Cooler Master)推出了一款采用Cherry MX按键和简约设计的背光机械键盘“Quick Fire XTi”。而为了演示各种背光模式,这家配件制造商还特地录制了一段手动切换的视频。

Beyoncé joined Nicki Minaj for 'Feeling Myself' live, but your friends are cool, too

Friendship is tough. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, like taking a break from rocking matching pink fur coats in an inflatable pool in order to perform for an adoring crowdBeyoncé and her fierce ponytail joined Nicki Minaj for a rare live duet of "Feeling Myself" at Tidal X:

如果概括一下 2015 年的中国互联网发生了什么,我会用这 9 件事

编者按:本文作者温城辉,礼物说CEO,微信公众号wenchenghui93,个人微信号wen18826417742。1.二级市场暴跌,一级市场投融资进入寒冬期。 中国概念股在美国集体遇冷,阿里巴巴更是一度跌破发行价。国内A股暴跌,IPO一度关闭。受二级市场影响,各大基金投资策略迅速转为保守(虽然表面说仍要积极投资),一级市场投融资进入寒冬期,特别是B、C轮等中期投融资严重遇冷。行业开始回归商业本质,企业自我造血的能力重新受重视。 2.

首款 Ubuntu 平板开启预定 最高配 1900 元

在国内,搭载 Ubuntu 操作系统的手机已经出现,比如魅族 Pro 5 Ubuntu 版,索尼 Xperia Z1 以及一加的 Ubuntu 版手机,但是搭载 Ubuntu 操作系统的平板还没有出现。 现在首款 Ubuntu 平板 BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition 现在开始在 BQ 在线商店上接受预定了。虽然为首款 Ubuntu 平板,配备联发科四核 MT8163A 1.5GHz 处理器,搭配 2GB RAM 内存、16GB 内置存储空间,支持 microSD 卡最高扩展至 64GB。

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner invests $100m to send a fleet of spacecraft to Alpha Centauri

Yuri Milner is pushing forward with the hunt for intelligent alien life beyond our planet, and is investing another $100 million in a more proactive approach after putting up the original $100m last year. In July of 2015, Milner and I sat down and discussed the greatest question of all.

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