Will data kill the AI star?

Data challenges must first be tackled before businesses can successfully deploy AI.

Artificial Intelligence, Legal Responsibility And Civil Rights

I have been a huge science fiction fan as long as I can remember, and a recurring theme in both science fiction literature and movies is the creation of artificial intelligence. However, the subject is becoming increasingly more science and less fiction. Read More

11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

Between the portal to hell opening in our comments section, Elon Musk’s AI demons, and metallic 3D printed guns, it’s been a scary Halloween week here at TechCrunch. We give you our best stories of the week (10/25-10/31). 1. During an interview at an MIT symposium,

The 10 Dumbest Artificial Intelligences Ever Created

The Singularity is coming soon! Artificial intelligences will reinvent everything, and there will be unlimited rice pudding. Except, of course, that when we imagine artificial intelligences in fiction, they’re often not that smart. Case in point?

11 Ways The Future Could Turn Out Differently Than You Expect

Many of us, owing to an intuitive sense of where technological and social progress are taking us, have a preconceived notion of what the future will look like. But as history has continually shown, the future doesn't always go according to plan.

Most Survival Games Have Problems That S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Solved Long Ago

Bulletstorm and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter lead Adrian Chmielarz recently confessed that he liked the idea of survival games more than any survival games he actually played. I feel similarly, but his remark got me thinking about why that might be. Read more...

The 10 Most Unfilmable Books (That Absolutely Must Be Made Into Films)

One of the best parts of science fiction and fantasy books is that they let our minds go to places where reality can’t follow. Recently creators have taken an interest in visually showing us these impossible places, and we love it. Here are 10 books that we think can’t be put on film,

The 10 Maddest of the Mad Science Projects Funded by DARPA

Founded in 1958 to prevent technological surprises such as Sputnik, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funds projects that are both outside the box and off the wall. Although DARPA gave us the Internet and GPS, plenty of its blue-sky ideas have crashed back down to Earth.

A Wearables Startup Playbook

The rise of mobile broadband, commodity sensors, smartphone-based companion apps, virtualized manufacturing and supply chain, crowdfunding, and nimble design have converged to make wearables mainstream. With the category now validated as a strategic hotspot for all major corporations and platforms,

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Making of Mork and Mindy

For one year, Mork and Mindy was arguably the most successful science fiction TV show ever made. The comedy about an alien and his human best friend turned Robin Williams into a global sensation. How did this miracle happen, and why didn’t it last? To find out,

The best VPN for torrenting

Looking for a torrenting VPN? You’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft backs down from latest Edge warning

Software giant warned users when installing its competitor's browsers on Windows 10.

Taking a more intelligent approach to AI

Setting clear goals and objectives from the start is key to successfully implementing AI at your organisation.

Retail banking architecture needs to evolve

There are some major challenges that banks must tackle in the quest for agility.

How intelligent enterprises drive mobility innovation

Through a suite of intelligent technologies, businesses have the power to capitalise on mobility data.

The degrees of cloudiness for contact centres

When looking at a software solution, instead of asking the binary question: “Is it cloud based?”, the correct question to ask may be: “How cloudy is it?”.

Q&A with Leo Leung, Senior Director, Products & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on IaaS Trends

Organisations need to consider storage, network download and dedicated network connection prices why choosing an IaaS provider.

Hackers dangle a wide variety of phishing hooks beyond email

Browsers and browser users are the new OS that need increased protection in order to stop phishing that leads to breaches and other damage.

Data puts you in the driving seat – but only if you have the skills to use it

Businesses across the globe, from the UK to the US and Japan, are all facing a data skills gap crisis.

Ticketmaster breach was only part of major campaign

Data breach was one of 800-strong campaign, report finds.

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Derek Zoolander and Hansel storm the runway at Paris Fashion Week

Prepare yourselves. It's a walk-offThe eccentric duo from the 2001 comedy Zoolander made a surprise cameo at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday during the Valentino runway show. It seems Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson still have their classic "blue steel" stares,

从游戏中学习 | 如何做出让人沉迷的好产品

所有游戏的设计都是冲着“人性的弱点”来的。 1、即时反馈 你在游戏中的任何操作,都会立马视觉化、数据化地显示出 […]

[Android]Spinners介绍及用法 - Wossoneri

本文地址:http://www.cnblogs.com/rossoneri/p/4366018.htmlSpinners介绍 Spinners提供了从一个集(set)中选择某个值(value)的一个快速的方法。在缺省状态,一个spinner显示它当前选择的一个值。触摸spinner会显示一个含有所....

The Next Fintech Sandbox

It’s a new day for how we interact with money. You can pay for your morning latte without reaching for a credit card, let alone cash.

TC Disrupt Hackathon 正在进行!

熟悉的九月,熟悉的旧金山 TC Disrupt。 Disrupt 的保留开场节目,Disrupt Hackathon 今年吸引了 700 多个骇客参与这场 24 小时的黑客马拉松。

技术宅福音 这可能是最好的赚700万美元机会

700 万美元对于一个普通人是怎样的概念?可以毫不夸张的说,这或许是很多人一辈子都难以赚到的一个数字(以目前的购买力计算)。如果利用合理的话,完全可以通过它和它所产生的附加利益——比如利用它所进行的合理投资产生的收益来过上很好的生活。而现在,对于各位技术宅们来说,可能有一个最好的赚取 700 万的机会摆在面前,就看有没有人愿意去珍惜它了。



10吋以上:Continuum编辑文档需Office 365订阅

Windows 10 Mobile系统的杀手锏功能之一就是Continuum功能,它能让高端手机(目前仅Lumia 950/950 XL两款)通过扩展坞(Display Dock)变成便携式移动PC,连接显示器和键鼠获得类似于桌面的操作体验。而在该环境下用户可使用Universal应用来进行各种操作,尽管应用还不够丰富但在此前的实际演示中已经能够创建和编辑Office文档,不过这项功能现阶段并非免费面向所有用户的。

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