Google Pay rolls out P2P payments

Users can now also store boarding passes and tickets via the new Passes tab.

Google Wallet Goes International: Gmail P2P Money Transfer Now Live In The UK, Silent On Payments

Google Wallet — the search giant’s payments business that competes against PayPal and Apple Pay, among others — is today taking its first step outside of the U.S.,in the form of money transfers.

Android Pay, Google’s Apple Pay Rival, Arrives Today

Google’s new payments platform Android Pay, a rival to both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, is starting to roll out, the company is announcing today. The system allows consumers to make purchases at point-of-sale using NFC technology, as well as pay for in-app purchases on Android devices. At launch,

Facebook Introduces Free Friend-To-Friend Payments Through Messages

When you chat with friends about settling debts or splitting the bill, Facebook doesn’t want you to have to open another app like PayPal or Venmo to send them money.

It’s Operating Systems Vs. Messaging Apps In The Battle For Tech’s Next Frontier

As mobile devices continue to explore and colonize the technology landscape, their conquests are leading us to a new era, beyond search and apps.Looking to claim the territory previously held by URLs, portals, and even search and apps, the rapid acceleration of mobile interface innovation,

The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet

Do we have the Internet we deserve? There’s an argument to say that yes, we absolutely do. Given web users’ general reluctance to pay for content. We are of course, paying. Just not with cold hard cash,

The best VPN for torrenting

Looking for a torrenting VPN? You’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft backs down from latest Edge warning

Software giant warned users when installing its competitor's browsers on Windows 10.

Taking a more intelligent approach to AI

Setting clear goals and objectives from the start is key to successfully implementing AI at your organisation.

Retail banking architecture needs to evolve

There are some major challenges that banks must tackle in the quest for agility.

How intelligent enterprises drive mobility innovation

Through a suite of intelligent technologies, businesses have the power to capitalise on mobility data.

The degrees of cloudiness for contact centres

When looking at a software solution, instead of asking the binary question: “Is it cloud based?”, the correct question to ask may be: “How cloudy is it?”.

Q&A with Leo Leung, Senior Director, Products & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on IaaS Trends

Organisations need to consider storage, network download and dedicated network connection prices why choosing an IaaS provider.

Who will drive IoT? Try Insurance companies and banks

Insurance companies and banks are well aware of the information IoT devices can provide.

Will data kill the AI star?

Data challenges must first be tackled before businesses can successfully deploy AI.

Hackers dangle a wide variety of phishing hooks beyond email

Browsers and browser users are the new OS that need increased protection in order to stop phishing that leads to breaches and other damage.



谷歌商店曝重大漏洞 Android用户都有危险


以独立设计师资源为特色的快时尚电商“野糖网” 获IDG数百万人民币天使投资


Save 15% on iTunes Gift Cards Today at Staples

If you ever buy apps, videos, music, or books from iTunes, you can save yourself a little cash today with this deal on iTunes credit from Staples. The discount comes in the form of a $50 gift card for $42.50, and you can purchase up to three at a time if you want to stock up.Read more...

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 now shipping in UK, but base model already sold out

Those of you who didn’t pre-order and were looking to purchase the Core i3 64GB model at £639 are going to have to wait a bit longer, we’re afraid.Read more:

iPod反垄断案开庭 来看看乔布斯在视频里说了啥

iPod 反垄断集体诉讼案业已开庭,播放了乔布斯的相关视频。视频拍摄于 2011 年,乔布斯谈论了自己对这个 iPod 反垄断案的看法。碰巧这也是乔布斯离世之前拍摄的少数视频之一。很罕见地展示了乔布斯领导下的苹果运转。

升级Yosemite常遇到了恼人的Wi-Fi故障?升级OS X 10.10.2试试吧

Mac 电脑进入过休眠而无法重新连接 Wi-Fi 网络?能连接上了网速又变的令人难以忍受的慢?三分钟掉一次线?下一次 Mac OS X 更新的时候这些问题也许都能解决——只是也许。

不得了: 近视眼老花眼放大镜 一副眼镜全搞定

约好几个同事一起唱 K,貌似总会有那么一两个人悲催的忘带眼镜?最郁闷的是就算同事有你也未必用得上,度数不一样啊。不过这副最新的 Oscar 眼镜可是谁都可以戴,不管你近视到什么程度。  

机器人大战?iPhone 7或不再依赖人工组装

在高峰时期——比如为新款 iPhone 上市而进行生产组装,富士康最多拥有 130 万名工人。



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