How can manufacturers deliver in the share economy?

Below are a few key tactics manufacturers can use to ensure the transition to car sharing services is as smooth and profitable as possible.

The Human Impact Of The Industrial Internet of Things

Will digital technology be positive for workers and jobs? Amid today’s public debate about the consequences of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, along comes the industrial Internet of things. Little understood but potentially very significant for multiple industry sectors,

A Gadget’s Journey, From Inside the Mine to Under the Christmas Tree

Imagine you're in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Behind you is China, below you are thousands of tons of consumer goods destined for faraway ports, then stores, then maybe a spot beneath a Christmas tree. You are part of a vast economy that supplies the things we buy—a galaxy of cities,

How I Turned My Subaru Outback Into A Real Adventuremobile

Shopping for a truck to take off-road, I ended up buying a Subaru Outback, then modifying it to meet my need for dirt. 8,500 miles in, how’s it holding up? Pretty damn well, actually. Read more...

Facebook, Google, And Twitter’s War For App Install Ads

Big brands aren’t the only ones to suck up to anymore. No one buys a car or Coca-Cola on their phone, at least not yet, so proving the return on investment of mobile ads to these businesses is tough. There is one thing people will instantly plop down a few bucks for on the small screen, though:

Ben Starr Answers Your Questions About Sustainability and Kitchen Tech

Last week you had the chance to ask chef, travel writer, reality TV star, and all around food geek Ben Starr about sustainable farming, brewing, and building the perfect kitchen. Read below to see what he had to say. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Off-Roading Above 10,000 Feet In The 2015 Ford F-150 FX4

This weekend, we took the off-road version of the new Ford F-150 pickup through the highest elevation trail in California. It’d be a test for its new turbocharged engine and its ability on dirt, rocks and sand. Could America’s best selling vehicle hack it?Read more...

YC Demo Day Session 3: UPower, Edyn, Craft Coffee, Immunity Project, And More

The crowd of founders, investors, and press has finished eating lunch here at Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day (quinoa, salad, some kind of beef stew thing, soda, and beer, FYI) and we’re back in the saddle for the third of four sessions of startup pitches.

The circle of distrust: Why IT departments are set to become the exception rather than the rule

We look at the future of the IT department, and how IT staffers are in many ways killing their reputation and bringing on their own extinction.Read more:

Blood on the Tracks in Pullman: Chicagoland's Failed Capitalist Utopia

In 1880 industrialist George Pullman set out to build a capitalist utopia. The town of Pullman was established just outside of Chicago as a model community—a place that was supposed to produce both happy workers and a nice return for Pullman's investors. It turned out to be a miserable failure.

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

UK utilities ready to embrace AI technology

Monetary savings and customer retention cited as main driving factors for AI adoption.

How hackers can penetrate any organisation via enterprise file sharing platforms

While useful for sharing files, content collaboration platforms often leave organisations exposed to malicious third parties.

How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

One answer to this problem lies in embracing digital transformation to deliver an immersive, engaging and personalised shopping experience for consumers that is exclusive to physical retail environments.

IBM sees results boost thanks to cloud and hardware push

Moving into new territories proved lucrative for the tech giant.

Insider security threats fall following GDPR

Some cyber threats are shrinking in the UK and Germany, new research suggests.

The power of direct mail marketing for education

If you are looking to boost your profile, it’s time to consider these measures. It’s often best to pick a range of marketing tactics.

Leading tech minds swear off using AI for weapons

Hundreds of companies promised not to build AI weapons.

You are what you eat - How blockchain can help us understand where our food comes from

Over the years, there have been a number of food scandals that have rocked consumer confidence in the food industry.

Google Pay rolls out P2P payments

Users can now also store boarding passes and tickets via the new Passes tab.

Who will drive IoT? Try Insurance companies and banks

Insurance companies and banks are well aware of the information IoT devices can provide.

有了 aclock,睡前终于可以将手机请下床了


国内首个时尚童装展 Cool Kids Fashion 将在上海举行

杭州2014年7月14日电 /美通社/ -- 今年一季度全国百家重点大型零售企业零售额增速创八年内同期最低。其中,作为零售业的一大分支,传统百货的日子十分艰难。

Five Candidates to Follow on Twitter Ahead of Midterm Elections

A politician's social media presence matters just as much these days as their campaign ads, posters and public appearances. With so many ways to get things wrong, a handful of candidates seem to get the whole social media thing right.

改善操作感與新增五軸防振機能, Sony A7 II 在台發表

Sony 自去年底發表 A7 至今約一年,當初打著最平價的 35mm 全片幅機種以及最輕重量,還有優秀的鏡頭轉接能力,當初吸引不少人的目光;而日前 Sony 在海外正式發表改款機種 Sony A7 II ,今天也正式在台灣與媒體見面,乍看下外觀變動不大,依舊是採復古與現代融合的線條,不過細節卻有明顯的變更,體積也稍微變大,最重要的是全球第款採用五軸防手振技術的 35mm 全片幅相機。


中国广州2015年4月16日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV南德意志集团(以下简称TUV SUD)负责车辆产品认证服务的TUV SUD Auto Service GmbH获得澳大利亚基础设施和区域发展部的能力认可,扩大了原有的澳大利亚ADR认证测试能力认可范围。



富人思维之一:要开源而不光是节流  大多数富人都不会在意一时的小钱,或者是为了暂时的舒适生活,去做个“房奴”束缚自己。他们会想尽一切办法,为明天做加法。



Google Play打头阵入华 能赢得一个漂亮的翻身仗吗?

暌违 5 年,Google 终于有望重回国内市场,而打头阵的是 Google Play。路透社援引科技博客网站 Information 的报道称,今年秋天,Google 将在中国推出定制版的 Google Play 应用商店。这意味着在离开中国市场 5 ... ...


今年 4 月份的时候,各大科技媒体报道了很多 O2O 行业里的死亡名单,从那个时候起,O2O 在未来的不确定性貌似越发明显了。相比这轮资本寒冬,O2O 的寒冬应该比这刮的更早。也难怪,新美大都开始抱团取暖了,携程 ... ...

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