Why ERP is the key to unlocking the future of retail

ERP systems provide retailers with the features and functionality needed to process drop shipping orders efficiently and effectively.

Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

New text mining system will cut down on processing and wait times.

Amazon hiring 2,000 more UK workers

Among the 2,000 new workers the tech and retail giant is looking for, are engineers, software developers, as well as data scientists.

Top technological trends for 2019 and beyond

As an entrepreneur or an established businessman, you need to broaden your thinking, explore technologies and implement the ones that will aid the growth of your business even further.

Broadcom reportedly in talks to buy Symantec

The deal could be worth $15 billion.

Kaspersky tracks down major new ransomware

This one is different, and more dangerous.

How messaging apps are raising the stakes with slack

Enterprise communication expert, Praveen Kandyadi, shares his insights on best practices messaging apps need to implement in order to beat the biggest player in the market.

Connected cars and the future of transport

Q&A with Ankur Bhan, head of WING business at Nokia.

How can manufacturers deliver in the share economy?

Below are a few key tactics manufacturers can use to ensure the transition to car sharing services is as smooth and profitable as possible.

You are what you eat - How blockchain can help us understand where our food comes from

Over the years, there have been a number of food scandals that have rocked consumer confidence in the food industry.

Google Pay rolls out P2P payments

Users can now also store boarding passes and tickets via the new Passes tab.


毫无疑问,Windows 依然是目前头号操作系统,传闻台式机电脑和笔记本电脑大多数搭载了 Windows 平台。

19 Dogs That Don't Care About Society's View of Beauty

Purebred dog owners spend thousands each year maintaining the most beautiful pets in the world, in hopes for a moment in the spotlight at the Westminster Dog ShowThe Ugly Dog Contest is kind of like that too, in a way — except way less expensive.See also:


腾讯善于做产品,世人皆知。但其实在腾讯内部,很少提“产品”和“功能”。   腾讯谈的是“服务”和“特性”。   腾讯内部永远不谈,我要做一个产品,它要包括哪些功能。   


paopao 写道 "11月12日凌晨,阿里巴巴公布双十一全天的交易数据:天猫双十一全天成交金额为571亿元(约93亿美元),其中在移动端交易额达到243亿元,物流订单2.78亿。

eBay's 8 best Black Friday deals

eBay may not be everyone's go-to stop on Black Friday, but it's as packed with deals as any other retailer.From ice cream makers to touchscreen-enabled gloves, many of eBay's deals are severely marked down. They're organized in categories according to whom you're buying for,

今日新聞淺談:癮科技開始放假了耶比,祝大家新年快樂啾咪 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

因為敝公司老闆宅心仁厚不想上班了,所以敝公司從今天開始放假,如果從此時此刻開始找不到我們那也是相當正常的 XDDD,在這邊跟各位讀者拜個早年~祝大家羊年行大運、“羊羊” 得意、三 “羊” 開泰、皮膚水嫩冬季不 “羊羊” 閱讀全文

特斯拉自动驾驶技术浮出水面 马斯克亲自试驾


深圳2015年7月29日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,海豚供应链的物贸一体化物流管控体系“SCOR模型”完成公测,现已正式上线。

31、三层架构、AJAX+FormsAuthentication实现登陆 - 海盗船长




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