Data breaches are costing businesses millions

New research explores the hidden costs of mega breaches.

Cyber attacks cost UK’s large organisations average £1m per attack

A report by a UK government body worked out that the average cost rose for both large and small businesses with the overall trend showing that attacks in fact decreased.Read more:

2014 Hack Retrospective, Or Why Security Ecosystems Matter

The “Year of the Hack” will probably be one way that 2014 will be remembered. But it actually began in 2013 with a phishing email. There are clues to how hacks that began in 2013 (some even earlier) continue to reverberate, even as we begin into a New Year. Read More

YC-Backed Cymmetria Uses Virtual Machines To Decoy And Detect Hackers

YC-backed Cymmetria, which is uncloaking from stealth now after around a year working its cyber security startup business,

So You’ve Been Breached

Breaches happen the way Hemingway said you go bankrupt: gradually then suddenly.

Following Massive Data Breach, Target CEO Resigns

Following the massive data breach that saw as many as 70 million Target customers’ personal information stolen, along with 40 million credit and debit cards,

Adapting To The Changing Global Enterprise Security Landscape

The finishing touches of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are underway, and with it, many international companies that have data passing through the EU,

Why multi-layered protection might be the only security you can trust

Rising security risks and demand for seamless and secure access across any device, anytime, has triggered greater adoption of authentication solutions. So how can you choose a solution that works?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Employee Data Breach The Worst Part Of Sony Hack

The Sony hack has taught us so much. It’s taught us to send corporate email as if everyone is reading those emails. It’s taught us that people in Hollywood are just as mean as people in any other industry (and potentially racist).

Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015

Editor’s note: Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber are partners at YL Ventures, which invests early in cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data and Software-as-a-Service software companies.This year we witnessed a series of high-profile security breaches,

EU Data Protection Directive: How to minimise your financial risk

The EU's Data Privacy Act is expected to reach final agreement in 2015 and will require many companies to overhaul the way they store and transfer information. Are you ready? Read more:

Google launches hybrid cloud beta

Google reveals more on the hybrid Cloud Services Platform it introduced late last year at Google Cloud Next?

Major Wordpress security flaw discovered

Vulnerability went unpatched for six years, meaning many websites may have been affected.

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Office app

New tool is designed to replace the 'My Office' app currently on offer.

5G can solve worldwide 4G congestion

4G speeds drop significantly during peak hours, research shows.

Increase the ROI 10x faster with these personalised app marketing strategies

Below are eight personalised app marketing strategies to help you increase the ROI 10x faster.

How UK's exit from the EU will impact upon HR practices for tech companies

So just what do HR teams need to consider both in the event of a deal and also in the event of a No Deal exit from the EU?

Data security will continue to be a big deal in 2019 - Here’s what you can do to protect your data n

When applied to protecting against internal threats, employee monitoring software can be a highly effective tool for protecting customer data. Here’s how:

Why ERP is the key to unlocking the future of retail

ERP systems provide retailers with the features and functionality needed to process drop shipping orders efficiently and effectively.

How can manufacturers deliver in the share economy?

Below are a few key tactics manufacturers can use to ensure the transition to car sharing services is as smooth and profitable as possible.

You are what you eat - How blockchain can help us understand where our food comes from

Over the years, there have been a number of food scandals that have rocked consumer confidence in the food industry.

Working with Real-Time Analytics as a Service (Video)

This is wide-ranging interview with Dev Patel and Poulomi Damany of BitYota, an Analytics as a Service startup that works specifically with MongoDB. Open Source? Not yet. But hopefully soon, they say. And why should an IT person or programmer care about marketing-oriented analytics?

Geek Chic? Why Fashion Is Holding Off on Wearables

After receiving an invitation for this year’s fifth annual Fashion 2.0 Awards, an event that acknowledges the fashion industry’s savviest digital programs and technology outputs,

Max Points on a Line - 海 子

Max Points on a Line 题目链接: Givennpoints on a 2D plane, find the maximum number of points that l.....


为什么有毛绒QQ,还要创建QQtoy?   多年的用户沉淀,让QQ企鹅形象成为被众人皆知的极具亲和力的公司代表作形象。

在康奈尔大学 (Cornell University) 就读是怎样一番体验?

回答问题前先传个图片。虽然问题不太一样,但这就是我在学校三年的感觉。总体来说和美国其他排名靠前的学校差不多,学习压力,无休无止的考试作业,peer pressure,无休无止的社团活动和找工作。

【Python③】python基本数据类型,变量和常量 - 网络爬虫_小正

基本数据类型Python中,能直接处理的数据类型有以下几种:整数Python可以处理任意大小的整数,包括负整数,程序中的写法和数学上的一样,例如:6,-666,8888……计算机使用二进制,所以,有时候用十六进制表示整数比较方便,十六进制用0x前缀和0-9,a-f表示,如>>> 0xaa664362.



【插件开发】—— 4 SWT编程须知 - xingoo

根据前两篇博文,应该对插件开发有所了解。前文回顾:1插件学习篇2简单的建立插件工程以及模型文件分析3利用扩展点,开发透视图 SWT知识介绍 之前学过Java的朋友,多少页会一些关于Swing的东西。

'Selma,' 'American Sniper' crash the Oscar race on the same night

LOS ANGELES — It'd been roughly two months since a sure-fire new Oscar hopeful hit the scene, and right on the heels of Interstellar come two more — Selma and American Sniper, which landed on the same night Tuesday at AFI Fest.On the night of Veteran's Day, Selma, the Dr.

Despite the Movie, This Mech From The Matrix Revolutions Is Marvelous

It's pretty clear those Wachowskis didn't have much of a storyline gameplan for Neo and company after the first Matrix film,

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