How can companies manage their data in an effective way?

In today's digital age, managing your organisation's data has never been more important.

How to keep on top of BYOD security: 5 major pointers from Dell

The rise in the use of mobile and BYOD tech gives employees some flexible and powerful productivity options, but also presents security challenges – which Dell has some advice on.Read more:

Felicis Leads $6.3 Million Series A Round For Employee Survey Startup Culture Amp

Culture Amp wants to provide a cost-effective solution to conducting employee surveys and getting real, actionable insights back from them. And while it’s already attracted a number of major clients along the way, the company hopes to expand further thanks to $6.

How the cloud aids business growth

This HP whitepaper looks at how, when working to the accepted definition of cloud computing, the technology allows organisations to efficiently grow. Read more:

5 key characteristics to look for when selecting a managed service provider

As more services move into the cloud, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on their chosen managed service provider. But what makes a managed service provider good? Read on to find out.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

How big data population analytics will shape the way we build, plan and manage

By spring 2024 the United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 8 billion. Perhaps big data has the key to answering the challenges of the growing population.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

The Path To Successful Digital Transformation Starts With Pockets Of Innovation

I’ve been hearing about “Digital Transformation” for a couple of years now, and as I’ve wandered the halls of Web Summit this week in Dublin, I’ve heard lots of talk about how companies must transform and change the way they approach development and IT,

How to create an effective cloud security strategy

It's important for companies to map out a specific cloud security strategy before storing and sharing their business data via cloud solutions. Here's how to do it. Read more:

Three ways IT can become indispensable to marketing

The relationship between CIOs and CMOs continues to be a talking point, with a seeming disconnect between the two roles that is hindering digital strategies within business.Read more:

How IT can become indispensable to marketing

The relationship between CIOs and CMOs continues to be a talking point, with a seeming disconnect between the two roles. Maria Wasing asks whether this can ever be resolved.Read more:

Message in a bottleneck: Is outdated communications technology putting you at risk?

When faced with critical incidents reequiring an urgent response, many businesses still rely on dated and inefficient communications methods. It's time for companies to get the message.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

New text mining system will cut down on processing and wait times.

Amazon hiring 2,000 more UK workers

Among the 2,000 new workers the tech and retail giant is looking for, are engineers, software developers, as well as data scientists.

Top technological trends for 2019 and beyond

As an entrepreneur or an established businessman, you need to broaden your thinking, explore technologies and implement the ones that will aid the growth of your business even further.

Broadcom reportedly in talks to buy Symantec

The deal could be worth $15 billion.

Kaspersky tracks down major new ransomware

This one is different, and more dangerous.

How messaging apps are raising the stakes with slack

Enterprise communication expert, Praveen Kandyadi, shares his insights on best practices messaging apps need to implement in order to beat the biggest player in the market.

Connected cars and the future of transport

Q&A with Ankur Bhan, head of WING business at Nokia.

Data breaches are costing businesses millions

New research explores the hidden costs of mega breaches.

Why ERP is the key to unlocking the future of retail

ERP systems provide retailers with the features and functionality needed to process drop shipping orders efficiently and effectively.

How can manufacturers deliver in the share economy?

Below are a few key tactics manufacturers can use to ensure the transition to car sharing services is as smooth and profitable as possible.


Gmail 本周将推出一项全新的功能,把推广邮件中的“退订”链接显示在邮件开头部位,方便用户查找。

Motorola 已将他们的开机画面更新,以迎合 Google 的新措施

分类: 智能手机早两日多个消息来源已经确定了 Google 向 Android 手机厂商门发出指示,指出如果出厂的手机想得到 Google 认证的徘,便需要在手机的启动屏幕中加入「Powered by Android」的字句及 Android 标志。

This Love Machine Was the OKCupid of 1955

Twentieth century science was particularly obsessed with finding new ways to approach love — or in some cases, lust. During the 1920s, technology magazines insisted that you'd be able to find the perfect partner through a series of highly scientific tests . By the 1950s,

IN APP 上线满月 吸引百万活跃用户

杭州2014年7月30日电 /美通社/ -- IN APP 于今夏初刚上线便开始活跃在移动图片社交应用的各大下载排行榜,甚至一度超过了 Instagram 的排名。

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Was Hacked 3 Times in 3 Years

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has been hacked three times over the course of the last three years according to a recently published NextGov report.Read more...

目前 A 股的 IPO 条件都有哪些是不符合现在的现实需求,需要做出改进的?



著名美食博主David Hua现在又多了一个新的头衔——药用大麻创业公司Meadow的老板。大家可以在Meadow的应用中看到一张又一张的大麻特写图片。

“光棍节”劳燕分飞 专家呼吁关注“轻爱族”

上海2014年11月18日电 /美通社/ -- 今年10月28日“世界男性健康日”,在中国性医学会发起的“2014男性健康日公益活动”上,中国性医学会的专家们提出了“轻性爱”和“轻爱族”这两个男性健康新概念,呼吁全社会共同关注男性性健康,倡导健康愉悦的两性关系。

In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars writes: Jerry Hirsch writes in the LA Times that personal transportation is on the cusp of its greatest transformation since the advent of the internal combustion engine. For a century, cars have been symbols of freedom and status. But according to Hirsch,



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