Facebook hit with £500k fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

ICO fines social network maximum penalty over illegal data sharing.

Hacker groups going after government domains

Security researchers are suspecting state-sponsored actors.

SMS 2-factor authentication is alive and kicking

Far from dying off, SMS will be confirming online identities across the world for many years to come.

Amazon is shutting its Chinese marketplace

The Chinese will still be able to buy from international sellers.

Four horsemen of the data centre

Budgets, reporting, scale and security are important considerations for a holistic approach

The procurement quandary

Who should take centre stage when it comes to procurement? Why should they?

Facebook uploaded over a million user emails without permission

The emails were used to import contacts and 'improve ads'.

Building reliable data pipelines with AI and DataOps

If we can’t understand or make use of data, then why generate it at all?

How can companies manage their data in an effective way?

In today's digital age, managing your organisation's data has never been more important.

Data breaches are costing businesses millions

New research explores the hidden costs of mega breaches.

Why ERP is the key to unlocking the future of retail

ERP systems provide retailers with the features and functionality needed to process drop shipping orders efficiently and effectively.




作为广泛应用于智能手机的人工智能技术,以 Siri 为代表语音识别提供了一种全新的人机交互方式。在识别语言和语义方面,这些语音识别应用已经殊为不错。

iOS 8 向第三方应用开放 JS 引擎

iOS 8 向第三方应用开放 Nitro JavaScript 引擎,开发者使用 WebKit 编程接口就可使用这一技术,这将极大提升第三方浏览器性能。

福建小伙大玩“闪电足球” 助阵世界杯



不懂技术的创业者怎样解决技术问题,这些人如何寻找技术合伙人?在技术采用上,遵循什么原则?看V众投发起人李智勇怎么说。谷歌发出邀请函,邀请大家参加9月15日在印度举行的发布会,分析指出Android One或将亮相!



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Yes, We Are in the Early Stages of a Mass Extinction

A new study suggests that thousands of species on Earth going extinct at a rate that far exceeds what’s typical. We are in the beginnings of a mass extinction, argue scientists, and it could lead to global starvation for humans — as well as many other animals.Read more...

The sun likely stripped away much of Mars' atmosphere, studies show

NASA's newest Mars orbiter is piecing together the history and even the future of the red planet's atmosphere one measurement at a time.Scientists think that Mars was once a warmer, wetter world billions of years ago, but over time the rust-colored planet slowly shed its atmosphere to space,

iOS-笔记 字符编码 - 指尖上跳跃的阳光

今天做视频字幕的部分,是srt格式,得到的是字符串,在解码过程中卡壳半天,也是醉了获取的data是有数据的,转换成字符串愣是没数据,经过多方面研究发现了自己的错误,以前一直用的解码方式都是UTF8的,所以习惯了NSString *string = [[NSString alloc]initWithD.

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