This is what Netflix ads looked like in 1999

It feels like Netflix's library has always been online. But before the content behemoth pioneered movie streaming, it mailed out DVDs. Remember? SEE ALSO: Netflix's relaxing 'Fireplace for Your Home' isn't just for the holidaysRedditor u/graysonkatz unearthed a true relic in their parents' attic:

How Video Streaming Services Could Save The Music Industry

Record companies, advertising firms, film studios, and television networks are all being forced to change the way they think about doing business in the age of the internet. Read More

The Music Industry Is About To Change, And Apple And U2 Are Just The Beginning

Of all industry roller coasters, the music industry must be the wildest. The last 30 years reshaped the business in a way we never could have imagined. Music as a product changed dramatically (e.g.

What We Know About Nintendo’s Plans For Mobile Games

Nintendo has finally given in to the lure of mobile after partnering up with fellow Japanese games firm DeNA, a billion dollar company that made its name on mobile. Don’t, however, expect a sea change, mobile is an expansion of Nintendo’s existing reach not a wide-ranging pivot. Read More

The Uncanny Valley of Old Futurism

In 1995 Eugene Volokh wrote the most paleofuturish article ever written. By that I mean it's an incredibly prescient meditation on the future of media and technology. But it has just enough weird anachronisms to remind us that nobody can predict the future with absolute certainty. Read more...

The Mysterious Origins of 21 Tech Terms

We use 21st century tech terms like hashtag, stream, and mouse with casual indifference, but how did these words get to be so commonplace in our everyday vernacular? We know the origins of Superman (kryptonite), Spider Man (radioactive spider), and Batman (rich boy's revenge) but not "podcast,

UberFacts Isn't Steaming Hot Garbage Anymore

We fact-checked UberFacts on three separate occasions in 2014. And every time, the Twitter-based trivia robot got a failing grade. But today we're happy to report some good news: UberFacts is more accurate these days!Read more...

Urban Outfitters is selling random VHS tapes for $40

Hope you've still kept some old VHS tapes lying around, because turns out they're actually worth something.Urban Outfitters has rolled out its latest attempt to get you to buy stuff you don't need, in the form of a random assortment of five comedy video tapes from the 1990s.SEE ALSO:

'The Walking Dead' peeks under the masks of the Whisperers

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 9 Episode 10 of The Walking Dead.The Whisperers have proven themselves to be one of the most terrifying threats in The Walking Dead, and learning more about them has only made them scarier.In Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead,

LG says it's 'too early' for foldable phones

You may want to just slow your roll for minute with this whole foldable phone thing. While electronics giants such as Samsung are reportedly charging ahead to release smartphones that bend as early as this year,

John Mulaney is coming back to host 'Saturday Night Live' in March

John Mulaney is bringing his brand of dry, self-effacing humor back to Saturday Night Live.The gifted comic, who is himself a former SNL writer, last hosted the show in April 2018.

This guy found a working 30-year-old Apple IIe in his parents' attic, and wow those were simpler tim

There are objects in our lives that will forever be tied to childhood: a favorite toy, for example, or the first chapter book that you read and truly connected with. For most of us, these items are forever lost — long ago consigned to the dustbin of Goodwill. Not so for Professor John Pfaff,

This spider's eyes still glow, even though it died 110 million years ago

Fossil hunters in Korea discovered long-dead spiders preserved in rock. And to the delight of scientists, the arachnids' eyes are still reflective — some 110 million years after the creatures died. 

Watch Mike Pence gasp when no one claps at his terrible applause line

Vice President Mike Pence isn't a complicated man. He likes Chili's, using his personal AOL account for official government business, and gay conversion therapy. And so, when he addressed attendees at the Middle East conference in Poland on Feb. 14,

'Handmaid's Tale' creator Bruce Miller and star Elisabeth Moss on what to expect next season

If, like us, you have no idea what to do with your feelings about the Season 2 finale of The Handmaid's Tale, do not despair.The creators and actors behind the hit Hulu show are already contemplating what lies ahead for Season 3. And if you thought this one was too grim to bear at times,

Best free dating sites and apps for singles on a budget

If you're not sure about which dating site you should sign up for (AKA spend money on) or which app to download, testing them out for free first is a great idea. But for some dating apps and sites, the free version may actually be all you need.Online dating is hard,

Following his Thailand visit, Elon Musk is going to, um, save Flint?

Fresh off saving a soccer team visiting Thailand with a tiny submarine, Elon Musk is embarking on another heroic mission: bringing clean water to Flint, Michigan. On Wednesday, Musk was gently needled on Twitter by someone seeking help for the people of Flint,

VideoStream for Chromecast 这个 Chrome 外挂可让用户播放几乎所有影片档

分类: 家用数码只要有恒心的话,总会找到能够串流播放某影片格式的 Chromecast 软体,但如果有一个几乎可以串流所有格式的「攞你命 3000」的话,如何?



Deals: The Best Rechargeables, $100 in Free Android Apps, Mac Upgrades

If you own any gadgets that use AA or D batteries, you owe it to yourself to pick up some Eneloop rechargeables. This pack comes with a pair of AAs, with D spacers, and they'll pay for themselves after just a few cycles. [Eneloop AA 2-Pack, $7]Read more...

[视频]瞄准Macbook Air Surface Pro 3新广告火力全开

现在,微软似乎又要在与Mac的PK中火力全开。日前,这家公司最新发布的广告就非常明确地向世人宣告,Surface Pro 3是一款完全能够打败MacBook Air的PC。而在此之前,微软还曾发布针对iPad甚至Siri的产品广告。

Japan's Spending $5 Billion to Fast Track Maglev Trains in the US

Come on guys. It's just 40 miles. We'll even go halfsies with you. Except, in this case, "halfsies" still amounts to $5 billion. Japan, in an effort to help DC build a maglev train that would cut travel time to Baltimore down to 15 minutes, is offering up half the cash to do it. The question is:


2014年12月4日199IT数字晚报(官方微信:i199it) 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年12月4日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年12月2日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年12月3日199IT数

细节感动! 未来iPhone或能够检测屏幕污迹

经常使用 iPhone 的朋友也许会注意到,当iPhone屏幕上出现污迹的时候,比如屏幕上都是用户的指纹,设备上的近距离传感器就会陷入混乱,它以为用户当前正在使用设备打电话,手机在用户的耳边,所以它就会关闭设备的屏幕。


Uber高级副总裁Emil Michael最近对彭博社首次正面提起了此事,并说是“恶意竞争”。对此,TechCruch说,在谁的平台听谁的,这是互联网竞争的法则,Emil Michael的话完全是给Uber招黑。

完全0噪音的Windows 10 PC来了

Windows 10正式发布了一个月有余,搭载Windows 10的PC也开始越来越多了,甚至已经出现了完全0噪音的版本。

小米手机5或12月3日发布 搭载骁龙820处理器


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