Michelle Wolf perfectly roasts Australia's 'bag rage'

Some Australian customers are losing their damn minds after finding single-use plastic bags banned from many major supermarkets. One even became violent, a perpetrator of "bag rage."Oh, Michelle Wolf noticed.

FDA boss threatens 'game over' for e-cigs if companies won't keep kids away

The head of the Food and Drug Administration has threatened to pull e-cigarettes out of U.S. markets entirely unless e-cig makers take greater measures to curb the youth's use of their products. Speaking at a public hearing Friday, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner,

Chevy built a massive, 3,000-pound Lego replica of its Silverado truck

If you've ever wondered what a full-sized pickup truck would look like in Lego form, Chevrolet and Lego have you covered.The two companies have teamed up to make a massive,

More Snap execs are out amid reports of an 'inappropriate relationship'

Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama after reports have surfaced that two more executives are leaving the company under less than desirable circumstances. The company's head of security, Francis Racioppi, and head of human resources, Jason Halbert,

There's a secret dog hidden in your YouTube video timeline

YouTube hasn't ever been one to skimp on the Easter eggs, but this is a new one for me.It's hidden away on the timeline that charts your progress through a video. If you highlight that timeline and hold left — either left on an attached game controller,

All the best signs from Women's March events around the world

The Women's March is back for its third year, and despite several layers of controversy surrounding the march's leadership, highly attended events were still held across the world.In Dec. 2018,

Teens in MAGA hats sparked outrage after crashing the Indigenous Peoples March

A group of young Donald Trump supporters has come under fire after ambushing and taunting a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.On Jan. 18, Washington, D.C. hosted both the Indigenous Peoples March and the anti-abortion March For Life.

Facebook could face 'record-setting' fine from FTC

Facebook could soon set a new record — just not the good kind.The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering a "record-setting" fine for the social network, as the result of its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

Desperate for peace, people are enjoying this video of a lemon literally rolling down the street

It's been a tough couple of years. Keeping up with current events is an emotionally exhausting chore.Which is why, despite how bizarre it sounds, people got so invested in watching this lemon roll down the street for one minute and 51 seconds. SEE ALSO:

This is what Netflix ads looked like in 1999

It feels like Netflix's library has always been online. But before the content behemoth pioneered movie streaming, it mailed out DVDs. Remember? SEE ALSO: Netflix's relaxing 'Fireplace for Your Home' isn't just for the holidaysRedditor u/graysonkatz unearthed a true relic in their parents' attic:

'Handmaid's Tale' creator Bruce Miller and star Elisabeth Moss on what to expect next season

If, like us, you have no idea what to do with your feelings about the Season 2 finale of The Handmaid's Tale, do not despair.The creators and actors behind the hit Hulu show are already contemplating what lies ahead for Season 3. And if you thought this one was too grim to bear at times,

首都机场全面禁用手机叫车 司机称“被抓罚两千”


Photographer Shows the Sweet Side of Pit Bulls

Dogs bring joy, tail wags and companionship to their humans — no matter the breedPit bulls' muscular strength have earned them a label as being aggressive or dangerous, but as thousands of dogs endure abuse and end up locked away in shelters,

索尼背景重新对焦应用登陆Google Play

安锋网 4 月 24 日消息 索尼背景重新对焦应用目前已经登陆 Google Play 应用商店,喜欢这一功能的粉丝可前往 Google Play 下载。  值得注意的是,如果你不是索尼用户,这一功能你只有眼馋的份。



Report: Amazon's Taking Square Head-On

9to5Mac has obtained some convincing evidence that Amazon's working on its own credit card swipers, aiming its sights at incumbent Square for payments-on-the-go. Because if you're not going to buy from Amazon, at the very least they can handle the money.Read more...


学会和理解如何排版是成为一个设计大师中超级重要的一部分,有很多刚入门的设计师并不了解网格系统,也不会利用网格系 […]

微软关闭Xbox娱乐工作室 高管失业


Age of Empires: World Domination for Windows Phone delayed until 2015

小米手环已适配iPhone 相关app今天正式上架

感谢Seele的投递小米手环今天通过官方微博发布消息,小米手环iOS版正式上架APP Store,使用iPhone手机的同学们可以自行下载体验了。



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