The U.S. and ZTE reach a deal that will lift export ban

The United States government has made a deal with Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE that, once completed, will lift the ban preventing the company from working with American suppliers. The agreement eases tensions in the U.S.-China trade war because the seven-year denial order,

October lets 11 public companies borrow money on its platform

French crowd-lending platform October (formerly known as Lendix), wants to educate more people about new ways to borrow money. That’s why the company is launching a project called Grandir Ensemble (grow together). 11 big companies are borrowing €100,000 each on October at a 2.

Only one week left until Disrupt Berlin 2018 begins

Heiliger Strohsack! Holy smokes — Disrupt Berlin 2018 kicks off in exactly one week! We’re beyond excited to welcome thousands of startup movers, shakers and makers to Europe’s premier tech startup conference. We’ve packed a ton of top-notch programming into 29-30 November,

As Taiwan prepares to vote on LGBTQ issues, a homophobic group is running ads before kids videos on

This Saturday, several issues related to LGBTQ equality, including marriage, are up for referendum in Taiwan’s mid-term elections. A little more than a year after the country’s top court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage,

Movinga, the European house removals platform, raises further €15M

Movinga, the European house removals and relocation platform, has closed €15 million in further funding. The round was led by London-based growth investor ETF Partners, with participation from existing backers Santo Venture Capital, Earlybird, and Rocket Internet.

Cross-border fintech startup Instarem raises $20M for global expansion

Instarem, a Singapore-based startup that helps banks transfer money overseas cheaply, has raised a Series C round of over $20 million for global expansion.

Tencent e-wallet is following Alibaba to Hong Kong subways

China’s payments giants have taken their battle to Hong Kong. Less than a week after Ant Financial announced adding QR codes to the city’s MTR public transport network of rail and buses, Tencent’s WeChat Pay unveiled a similar scheme on Wednesday. Starting mid-2021,

Teaching STEM through the wonders of larva harvesting

There’s hardly enough room to turn around in Livin Farms’ office. Pretty standard, really, in Central, Hong Kong, where space is at a perpetual premium. It’s a small operation for the HAX-backed startup — there’s space for a few desks and not much more. The startup’s last product, the Hive,

Overwatch League strikes a milestone deal with Disney and ESPN

If you’re sick of hearing about esports, you need to get over it. The space continues to grow, inching its way into the traditional media landscape. Today, in fact, Activision Blizzard announced that the Overwatch League playoffs will be aired on ESPN and Disney XD.

“Airbnb mafia” fund Wave Capital makes it official, closing its debut fund with $55 million

A couple of weeks ago, Airbnb announced some major changes to the ways that it compensates employees before it goes public. At least two former Airbnb employees and a longtime VC will be ready to fund those who leave when it does. They’ve been waiting on this moment since last summer, in fact.

Ex-Tesla worker makes it official and blows the whistle to SEC

The former Tesla employee who was fired and then sued by the electric vehicle automaker has filed a formal whistleblower tip to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleging the company has misled investors and put its customers at risk. Martin Tripp has retained Meissner Associates,

The World's Tiniest 3G Modem is Barely Bigger Than a Penny

One factor limiting the integration of your home's appliances into the so-called Internet of Things is the size and ruggedness of the device's modem. But with this miniscule new modem from Intel, anything bigger than a penny will be granted cellular connectivity.Read more...

巴菲特的长寿秘诀 ——每天喝5罐可乐






The Secret WWII Club That Healed Burned Pilots and Revolutionized Plastic Surgery

One of the most exclusive clubs in Great Britain is not full of hereditary peers and socialites, but instead counts former pilots and servicemen as its chief members. It’s called the Guinea Pig Club and membership dues are steep. Read more...

三星的这台冰箱有相机和... 21.5 吋屏幕!

CES 上的其中一个焦点是三星和 LG 两家如何在大型家电加入奇怪新功能(和互相攻击?),今年三星为了联网家居的潮流也当然不遗余力。他们最新的 Family Hub 冰箱,搭载了一个 21.5 吋 1080p 屏幕和在冰箱里放有相机。通过专属的手机应用程序,用户就可以确认冰箱里的库存,不会忘记或重复购物(以及知道谁在半夜偷吃饭菜)。在韩国本土,冰箱还会发出购物和促销提示,甚至可让使用者直接下单呢!那片大屏幕的用途当然是浏览网页和查看食谱了,也可以用作留下便条之用。有了显示器,还欠什么?没错,冰箱...

红黑树的插入和删除 - 浅井光一


Watch a Carnivorous Plant Wrap Itself Around a Bug and Entomb It

Meet the Drosera Capensis, also known as the Cape sundew. It’s a deadly little thing that looks like some sort of alien finger trap but it’s actually a carnivorous plant with sticky tentacles that basically entomb bugs that come across its way. It’s crazy to see how it traps the bug,

[视频]《谍影重重5》定档8.23 马特达蒙回归


Man claims iPhone 7 burst into flames in his car

A surfer from the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, has captured footage of the aftermath of a car fire he claims was caused by his week-old iPhone 7 on Thursday. Mat Jones told media outlets he wrapped the phone in some clothes on the seat of his car, while he went for a surf.

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