Tiger Global reportedly pours more than $1B into SoftBank, saying its shares are “undervalued”

Tiger Global has poured more than $1 billion into SoftBank Group, according to the Financial Times. The newspaper reports that the firm told investors SoftBank’s shares are “meaningfully undervalued.” In response to a request for comment,

October lets 11 public companies borrow money on its platform

French crowd-lending platform October (formerly known as Lendix), wants to educate more people about new ways to borrow money. That’s why the company is launching a project called Grandir Ensemble (grow together). 11 big companies are borrowing €100,000 each on October at a 2.

Only one week left until Disrupt Berlin 2018 begins

Heiliger Strohsack! Holy smokes — Disrupt Berlin 2018 kicks off in exactly one week! We’re beyond excited to welcome thousands of startup movers, shakers and makers to Europe’s premier tech startup conference. We’ve packed a ton of top-notch programming into 29-30 November,

As Taiwan prepares to vote on LGBTQ issues, a homophobic group is running ads before kids videos on

This Saturday, several issues related to LGBTQ equality, including marriage, are up for referendum in Taiwan’s mid-term elections. A little more than a year after the country’s top court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage,

Movinga, the European house removals platform, raises further €15M

Movinga, the European house removals and relocation platform, has closed €15 million in further funding. The round was led by London-based growth investor ETF Partners, with participation from existing backers Santo Venture Capital, Earlybird, and Rocket Internet.

Cross-border fintech startup Instarem raises $20M for global expansion

Instarem, a Singapore-based startup that helps banks transfer money overseas cheaply, has raised a Series C round of over $20 million for global expansion.

Tencent e-wallet is following Alibaba to Hong Kong subways

China’s payments giants have taken their battle to Hong Kong. Less than a week after Ant Financial announced adding QR codes to the city’s MTR public transport network of rail and buses, Tencent’s WeChat Pay unveiled a similar scheme on Wednesday. Starting mid-2021,

Teaching STEM through the wonders of larva harvesting

There’s hardly enough room to turn around in Livin Farms’ office. Pretty standard, really, in Central, Hong Kong, where space is at a perpetual premium. It’s a small operation for the HAX-backed startup — there’s space for a few desks and not much more. The startup’s last product, the Hive,

Medical care scheduling startup Doctolib acquires MonDocteur

What do you do when you’ve raised nearly $100 million and you want to grow as quickly as possible? In Doctolib’s case, the startup is acquiring its main competitor MonDocteur. Together, the two companies work with tens of thousands of doctors and get tens of millions of unique visitors every month.

The U.S. and ZTE reach a deal that will lift export ban

The United States government has made a deal with Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE that, once completed, will lift the ban preventing the company from working with American suppliers. The agreement eases tensions in the U.S.-China trade war because the seven-year denial order,

Overwatch League strikes a milestone deal with Disney and ESPN

If you’re sick of hearing about esports, you need to get over it. The space continues to grow, inching its way into the traditional media landscape. Today, in fact, Activision Blizzard announced that the Overwatch League playoffs will be aired on ESPN and Disney XD.


负责该项目的主要研究员Gunwoo Yoon还借此课题在国外科学杂志上发表了一篇论文。

阿汤哥自曝3C恐惧症 里维斯不懂电邮


Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

April 15, 2014 isn’t just a full moon: it’s Tax Day in the U.S. That means most American adults have already submitted a tax return, or an extension request, to the IRS and -- except for a few lucky states -- to their state governments as well. I filed my (very simple) tax return online.



If You Own Land, How Far Above and Below Do You Own?

On paper, the concept of land ownership sounds very simple- you pay money and in return you're given unfettered access to a predetermined amount of land. But how much of that land do you actually own? Do you own the sky above it? How about the land below it?


Tor匿名网络项目的执行董事Andrew Lewman称NSA和GCHQ的成员定期向外泄露Tor bug的细节,使得他们能更快的修复漏洞。NSA和GCHQ对此拒绝置评。Lewman称,他们有递交bug报告的安全渠道。

中兴财报:2014年Q1-Q3中兴净利润18.32亿元 同比增长232.04%

今日晚间,中兴通讯发布的第三季度财报显示,1至9月公司实现营业收入588.01亿元人民币,同比增长7.78 %,实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润18.32亿元,同比增长232.04%,基本每股收益0.53元人民币。

微软也推运动穿戴产品:Microsoft Band 运动手环与 Microsoft Health 平台接连登场

看来除了甩甩手之外,微软还希望你"动"得更多!而且还要更有生产力(看来真的是 Microsoft 无误),所以他们选择在今天,正式加入了健康穿戴产品的行列,推出搭载屏幕的 Microsoft Band...

小 D 活动:告别一个人的狂欢,仅一步之遥


jQuery $(document).ready()和JavaScript onload事件 - 圣骑士wind

jQuery的ready()方法介绍,包括调用时机,几种书写形式,和window.onload,body onload等事件的比较,加入实例代码和Chrome, FF运行结果分析.

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