Employees suffering more and more "cyber stress" at work

Workers facing increased levels of stress due to cyber-breaches, handling sensitive data and being in charge of a bunch of passwords.

UK utilities ready to embrace AI technology

Monetary savings and customer retention cited as main driving factors for AI adoption.

How hackers can penetrate any organisation via enterprise file sharing platforms

While useful for sharing files, content collaboration platforms often leave organisations exposed to malicious third parties.

How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

One answer to this problem lies in embracing digital transformation to deliver an immersive, engaging and personalised shopping experience for consumers that is exclusive to physical retail environments.

IBM sees results boost thanks to cloud and hardware push

Moving into new territories proved lucrative for the tech giant.

Insider security threats fall following GDPR

Some cyber threats are shrinking in the UK and Germany, new research suggests.

The power of direct mail marketing for education

If you are looking to boost your profile, it’s time to consider these measures. It’s often best to pick a range of marketing tactics.

Leading tech minds swear off using AI for weapons

Hundreds of companies promised not to build AI weapons.

Facebook hit with £500k fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

ICO fines social network maximum penalty over illegal data sharing.

How can companies manage their data in an effective way?

In today's digital age, managing your organisation's data has never been more important.

Data breaches are costing businesses millions

New research explores the hidden costs of mega breaches.


据台湾媒体3月3日报道,近期联发科的一些动作往往会让人觉得相当意外。在一份文件中,我们见到了一颗标榜着 HEXA的产品,而这颗型号为 MT6591 的 SoC 处理器,将会是联发科公司首款六核心产品。

Microsoft sells 258,000 Xbox One units in the US for the month of February 2014

Great news for Microsoft as the company has revealed that 258,000 Xbox One units were sold during the month of February 2014 in the United States (US). In fact, at the same point in time, Xbox One sales have surpassed Xbox 360 sales by over 61%.

An in-depth look at how the Office 365 Outlook Web App could be improved

We’ve gathered our thoughts on how Microsoft could improve Office Web App, and the five main areas where this tool could use some honing.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/10/an-in-depth-look-at-how-the-office-365-outlook-web-app-could-be-improved/

為睇女星裸照 網民令紐西蘭寬頻中斷 24 小時

荷里活女星艷照事件的副作用開始浮現,早前紐西蘭有網民為了一睹明星艷照,點擊了有毒的網站,更因此被安裝惡意軟件,最後導致上網服務中斷達 24 小時。

Someone Figured Out How To Make a More Recyclable Plastic Aerosol Can

We've long since found a replacement for the ozone-depleting propellants originally used in aluminum aerosol cans, but they're still not as eco-friendly or recyclable as plastic containers. The folks at Method, though, have managed to make a pressurized container from plastic.Read more...






编者按:想出国留学的同学注意咯!今天@EDC尤原庆 同学分享了自己在美国留学的经验,以及跟多位外国同事交流后的感受,有心到美国读设计先关专业的同学,建.


1. 中国考研、公考市场规模巨大,教材题库、辅导培训等项目回报丰厚;2. 和基础的K12教育不同,窄众的考研公考市场更易聚焦,对手也相对较少;3.


编者注:孤单是一个人的狂欢 狂欢是一群人的孤单,买买买,剁手也要买! 某天猫店主:“一年忙到头,最重要的就这么 […]

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