Intelligent recruiting platform Greenhouse picks up another $50M

Finding the right talent is a make-or-break situation for any company — especially smaller ones, which might not have the robust tools (or pocket books) of larger companies like Google that have a complete system in place.

Okay, one final Form D note

Some more comments from readers on the changing culture around startups filing their Form Ds with the SEC, and then a short update on SoftBank and a bunch more article reviews. We are experimenting with new content forms at TechCrunch.

Twitter, those ‘verified’ bitcoin-pushing pillocks are pissing everyone off

Elon Musk’s tweets piss me off for two reasons. When he’s not accusing actual heroes of sex crimes or trolling the federal government, it’s what comes after that drives me batshit.

BlaBlaCar to acquire Ouibus and offer bus service

French startup BlaBlaCar is announcing plans to acquire Ouibus, the bus division of France’s national railway company SNCF. For the first time, BlaBlaCar is moving beyond carpooling and plans to offer both long-distance carpooling rides and bus rides.

Chappy, the Bumble-backed dating app for gay men, inks partnership with GLAAD

Chappy, the dating app for gay men, has today announced a partnership with GLAAD. As part of the partnership, Chappy will make a donation to GLAAD for each conversation initiated on the dating app, from now throughout 2019. The company won’t disclose the amount of the donation,

With the Paris Call, Macron wants to limit cyberattacks

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech at the Internet Governance Forum at the UNESCO in Paris. While the IGF has been around for a while, it hasn’t been as active as some would have hoped. That’s why the French government is issuing the Paris Call,

Enterprise shopping season starts early with almost $50B in recent deals

Black Friday may be still be 10 days away, but shopping season started early in the enterprise this year. We have seen acquisitions totaling almost $50 billion in the last couple of months alone, topped by the mega $34 billion IBM-Red Hat deal two weeks ago. What exactly is going on here?

Audioburst turns the best part of podcasts into personalized news briefs

Tel Aviv-based Audioburst has been developing a search engine for audio news, which allows users to locate audio content within podcast and other talk radio programs. Today,

Meero raises $45 million for its on-demand photography service

Have you ever wondered why photos on Airbnb, UberEats and your favorite hotel platform always look so good? French startup Meero has been working on a marketplace and AI-powered technology to make it easy to get good photos of products and places.

Apply to TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Latin America

The TechCrunch crew is practically giddy to be heading to São Paulo, Brazil to host the inaugural Startup Battlefield Latin America on November 8, 2018. This is the first time we’ve hosted an event in Latin America, and we’re stoked to cover and support the region’s fast-growing startup scene.

Snowflake expands beyond Amazon to Azure cloud

Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse, announced a partnership with Microsoft today to expand their offering to the Azure cloud. The new product is still in Preview for now. Given that Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia worked at Microsoft for more than 20 years,


Google和微软是一对传统竞争对手,但很多Google产品服务已渗透到微软产品线中,通过微软平台覆盖广大用户 […]



Microsoft to fix error 80188309 which prevents users from updating to Windows Phone 8.1

It's been a while since Microsoft released the Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Preview for users. You can download it even if you're not a developer, but it seems people are having troubles when they try to update to Windows Phone 8.1. The update downloads on the devices,

[组图]比尔盖茨的未来之屋 智能家居的典范


Intel launch industry-leading 14-nanometre fanless Core M processor

Processor-producing behemoth Intel has shown off its brand new Core M chip at IFA 2014, a chip packing transistors that have been shrunk to a minuscule 14 nanometres. Read more:

未見實機先見說明書!Motorola Droid Turbo 功能規格曝光

較早前網上曾流傳出 Motorola Droid Turbo 的機背殼圖片,當時有指它將會配備怪獸級的規格。而在官方正式公佈之前,今日網上竟然率先流出其說明書,從中可以看到這部新機不少細節。

亚马逊Kindle Voyage拆解 厚7.6mm拆解容易

日前亚马逊推出了全新的Kindle Voyage电子阅读器,而随后iFixit就推出了其拆解过程,为大家展示里面到底有些什么。  Kindle Voyage电子阅读器配有6英寸屏幕,机身存储空间为4GB,值得一提的是这款设备机身厚度仅为7.

数据挖掘入门 - 山坡上的人们




認真的看待惡搞這回事, KDDI au 未來研究所利用 Firefox 把惡搞的 INFOJAR 智慧電鍋完成

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