Play the Defiance 2050 video game for free on Xbox One today

The Defiance 2050 video game is finally available to play on Xbox One consoles in most regions beginning today. The game is a current-gen upgrade of the Xbox 360 Defiance title that features improved graphics and more in-game content for players to unlock.

Windows 10 news recap: Wileyfox resumes production of its Pro Windows 10 Mobile device, Adobe Creati

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Wileyfox resumes production of their Pro phone running Windows 10 Mobile In a strange turn of events,

Microsoft news recap: Skype calling coming to Amazon Echo, Bing begins showing AMP websites on mobil

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Amazon announces new Echo and Skype integration This week,

Microsoft acquires 332 acres of land in Loudoun County for $73 million, expected to be used for a da

Microsoft has made a large purchase of land in Loudoun County. 332 acres have been acquired for $73 million, covering a large part of Compass Creek (via WBJ). The area is quickly becoming a war zone amongst the biggest cloud companies,

Google Chrome could be getting a dark mode on macOS, no word on Windows just yet

While Microsoft’s Windows 10 has had a system-wide light/dark theme switch for sometime, Apple recently added it to macOS Mojave. It appears that Apple’s attempt at a system-wide dark mode is pushing Google to implement an official dark theme to Google Chrome.

Vodaphone demos holographic phone call using HoloLens and low latency 5G network

Microsoft's HoloLens has done some pretty cool things before, and in the latest, Vodafone is showcasing how the headset can be used for holographic phone calls on a 5G network

Microsoft begins counting some LinkedIn revenues under “Commercial Cloud”

Microsoft is defining the portions of "commercial" LinkedIn as LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Premium business subscriptions and "other."

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers brings Spongebob and more to the Xbox One

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers is finally available to digitally pre-order on the Xbox One. The game brings together an impressive number of characters from popular cartoon series such as Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants,

New Xbox Avatars now being tested on the Xbox One dashboard

Xbox Insiders have been able to experiment with the new Xbox Avatars within the Avatar app for a while now but it now looks like those enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be able to experience them properly within the Xbox One dashboard starting today.

Windows 10 April 2018 update now available for Alienware PCs

Microsoft intentionally blocked the affected Alienware PCs from getting the update because of a known issue

Microsoft introduces a new MVP category for Office Apps and Services

The new MVP category includes many contribution areas such as Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.


@百度MUX :上一篇文章中,我们重新回顾了点、线、面三个设计构成要素,接下来我要带领大家来看看它们是如何利用它们的关系交织在一幅幅画面中,形成一个赋...


Xavier Gallego,西班牙插画师,来自巴塞罗那,现居纽约。他创立了一个名为EYESORES的品牌,拥有自己主题的系列电子贺卡及周边产品,并已推出Facebook插件,风格简单、风趣、可爱。官方网站:

Songza 和 Weather Channel 合作,根据天气来为你提供音乐

分类: 软件应用Songza 可以说是音乐应用中的心理专家,它能根据收听者所处的不同情境来播放适合的音乐。

This busy street intersection with no traffic lights is just pure chaos

Anarchy. That's what it's like to drive on the streets of Ethiopia. There are no traffic lights, no painted lanes, no rules on who has the right of way, no fear of hitting the car in front of you and basically no drive has any idea what the other driver is going to do until they do it.

The New York Times Made a Typo on the Front Page Today

We all make mstakes sometimes.The New York Times hasn't had the best PR run lately, what with the fiasco surrounding the firing of executive editor Jill Abramson,

微软发布手机版 Sample Browser。7000多示例代码一手掌握 - Jialiang

今天早上,Sample Browser发布其全新的Windows Phone版本。至此,自2012年相继推出Desktop版、Visual Studio版,以及2013年推出Windows Store版后,Sample Browser四部曲计划中的所有版本已经全部发布完毕。此次发布的Windows ...

LINQ查询中的IEnumerable和IQueryable - Eric.Hu



前提:前十年我崇拜的合作伙伴给我讲了一个商业模式,第1个是普通人的商业逻辑,第2个是具备商业价值人的商业逻辑, […]


早报导语 锤子手机准备在18日正式发售T1的4G版,本来或许会是一次了不起的蚂蚁对战大象的营销战,但因为队友的 […]


@Micu设计 :这篇主要说一下版面和图形使用,对高手来说可能有些老生常谈,但对移动端界面设计或许会有点参考价值,用几分钟看看吧。 上一篇教程:《90...

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