Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh puts the focus back on creative pros

New MacBook Pros seemed like a no-brainer for WWDC. Like the rest of the company’s hardware line, however, they were a no-show. Sure,

Don’t want the Surface Book? Here are the next best things

Oh the dilemma of the Surface Book. On the one hand, it is an engineering marvel, a testament to just how much tech we can cram into a small, premium package, with its powerful innards, multitude...The post Don’t want the Surface Book? Here are the next best things appeared first on WinBeta.

Apple could be working with Goldman Sachs on a credit card

According to a new report from the WSJ, Apple and Goldman Sachs are partnering on a different kind of products for both companies — a credit card. The Mastercard-based card would be focused on Apple Pay and feature some deep integrations in iOS. This card could launch later this year in the U.S.

JFrog acquires Shippable, adding continuous integration and delivery to its DevOps platform

JFrog, the popular DevOps startup now valued at over $1 billion after raising $165 million last October, is making a move to expand the tools and services it provides to developers on its software operations platform: it has acquired Shippable,

Redis Labs changes its open-source license — again

Redis Labs, fresh off its latest funding round, today announced a change to how it licenses its Redis Modules. This may not sound like a big deal, but in the world of open-source projects, licensing is currently a big issue. That’s because organizations like Redis, MongoDB,

Microsoft bringing Dynamics 365 mixed reality solutions to smartphones

Last year Microsoft introduced several mixed reality business solutions under the Dynamics 365 enterprise product umbrella. Today, the company announced it would be moving these to smartphones in the spring, starting with previews. The company announced Remote Assist on HoloLens last year.

Spotinst announces strategic partnership with AWS

Spotinst, the startup that helps customers automate selecting the cheapest set of resources to complete a job, announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services today, joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startups program. Under the agreement,

Even the IAB warned adtech risks EU privacy rules

A privacy complaint targeting the behavioral advertising industry has a new piece of evidence that shows the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shedding doubt on whether it’s possible to obtain informed consent from web users for the programmatic ad industry’s real-time bidding (RTB) system to broadcast their personal data.

Alibaba hits the gas on mobility as its bike sharing service adds carpooling

Carpooling is heralded to be environmentally friendly and money-saving, but in smog-stricken China, the transportation option became a source of public concerns after two female passengers got murdered during their lifts with Didi Chuxing drivers.

App marketing platform AppLovinlaunches mobile application publishing studio, Lion Studios

Selling much more than breadsticks and calamari, app marketing platform AppLovin has launched a new application publishing studio to allow developers (of primarily mobile games) to concentrate on building great apps while AppLovin takes care of everything else.

The new MacBook Pro keyboards are quieter, but otherwise unchanged

Like any other line of work, tech journalists tend to get fixated on details. When Apple showed off its new MacBook Pros at an event this week, the company (and a small army of creative professionals) had a lot to say about specs. A majority of our questions, however,

The MacBook Pro gets its own official Apple leather sleeve

After years of producing cases for the iPhone and iPad, Apple finally got into the laptop sleeve business late last year. The leather case sported “high-quality European leather with a soft microfiber lining,” along with the obligatory Apple logo and “designed by Apple in California” guarantee.

HP announces the Pavilion x360 laptop, the latest in Windows convertible laptops

The face of the computer world is changing, despite some of us grasping at the past. The traditional desktops and laptops are becoming a rare breed, though many of us still find a compelling need for these devices. Replacing them are tablets and a new style of notebooks known as convertibles.

April Fools’ 2014: The Round-Up Of The Best

It’s that time of year again, friends. The day when “up” becomes “down”, lies become truth, dogs become people, and when the Internet becomes a liiiittle bit unbearable for a day or so. It’s April Fools’ Day! Yay. As is something of a tradition around these parts,

IFA展会小结:智能手机绽放光彩 平板电脑令人失望

本周在德国柏林召开的 IFA 2014 展会期间,多个厂商发布了多款最新的产品。不过,从中我们可以看到一个统一的趋势,几乎每一个品牌厂商都致力于推出新品智能手机、跨界设备或者是 2 合 1 变形笔记本电脑。



Web App和Native App不是生死之争——反思HTML5惨痛的500天和四个谎言

上一篇《HTML5定稿了?背后还是那场闹剧》讲了HTML5所谓“定稿”背后的商业利益博弈,本文将继续这一话题,反思两年前那场“Web App和Native App”的大争论,提出一些建设性的意见。

2_NC(瑞士军刀) - 左 手


Xperia Z Ultra 後繼機?傳 Sony 計劃推出 6 吋大螢幕新款手機

去年 Sony 的手機業務發展得不太理想,而且一度有傳他們或可能會出售有關業務 ,幸好最後他們明確表明不會放棄手機市場,對用家來說的確是一件好事。

Tracksmith Raises $4M To Outfit The Classic Runner

Tracksmith, a running apparel brand based in Boston, has pulled in $4.1 million in new funding to outfit a growing pack of runners in the traditional style of the world’s oldest sport.Pentland Brands, the management group behind Reebok, Speedo, and Lacoste footwear, among other sporting brands,

If You Watch One Video Of Robots Making A Rope Bridge Today, Make It This One

As we enter the next era of rope bridge construction we must ask ourselves “Who shall make the next rope bridge?” The researchers at ETH have the answer. Their solution, created in connection with architectural researchers Gramizio Kohler,

java中的类变量,实例变量,局部变量的比较 - 时光 说:


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