Announcing TechCrunch Meetups in São Paulo and Mexico City next week

We announced recently that TechCrunch is staging its first ever Startup Battlefield Latin America on Nov. 8 in São Paulo to find the best early stage startup in Latin America.  To spread the word,

Walmart in China is now testing same-day grocery delivery from Dada via WeChat

Walmart has just begun testing same-day grocery delivery called Walmart To Go in one of its stores in China, months after the American retail titan expanded grocery delivery in its homeland.

Internal Facebook memo sees outgoing head of policy Schrage take blame for hiring Definers

TechCrunch has attained an internal memo published by Facebook’s outgoing head of public policy Elliot Schrage in which he blames himself for hiring PR firm Definers. He admits to having the company push negative narratives about competitors,

Zuckerberg won’t step down as Facebook chairman

In a short but amply-hyped interview with CNN, Facebook’s founder and chief executive again responded to criticism over the company’s most recent crisis. The interview, excerpted from a longer Q&A for a CNN series called “Human Code,

Kindred’s robots help retailers handle fulfillment centers — and take on Amazon

Since taking the reins as chief executive of Kindred at the beginning of the year, Jim Liefer has been focused on commercializing his company’s autonomous robots.

Five years and one pivot later, Trueface emerges with a promise for better facial recognition tech

Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni didn’t initially intend to develop a new standalone facial recognition technology, when they first got started developing the technology that would become their new company, When the two serial entrepreneurs were planning their next act five years ago,

Our 3 favorite startups from Morgan Stanley’s 2nd Multicultural Innovation Lab Demo Day 

The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, Morgan Stanley’s in-house accelerator focused on companies founded by multicultural and female entrepreneurs, hosted its second Annual Showcase and Demo Day.  The event also featured companies from accelerators HearstLab,

11 moments from the International Space Station’s first 20 years

It was November 20, 1998, when an unprecedented international coalition of astronomers, engineers, and rocket scientists saw years of collaboration come to fruition with the launch of the International Space Station's first component.

Datadog launches Watchdog to help you monitor your cloud apps

Your typical cloud monitoring service integrates with dozens of service and provides you a pretty dashboard and some automation to help you keep tabs on how your applications are doing. Datadog has long done that but today, it is adding a new service called Watchdog,

Japanese startup Paidy raises $55M Series C to let people shop online without a credit card

Paidy, a fintech startup that enables Japanese consumers to shop online without using a credit card, announced today that it has raised a $55 million Series C. The round was led by Japanese trade conglomerate Itochu Corporation, with participation from Goldman Sachs.

Trail Mix Ventures, an outfit centered on wellness-obsessed millennials, just closed an $11 million

The millennial generation — people born between 1998 and 2000 — are on the cusp of becoming America’s largest generation, according to projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. What else we know about this demographic: millennials are increasingly choosing to live at home with their parents,



Congressman Sean Duffy: 'But First, Let Me Take a Selfie.'

Congressman Sean Duffy (R.-Wis.), who also starred in MTV's Real World Boston, has recreated the viral music video "#Selfie" with selfies he took with constituents, his family and unsuspecting familiar faces on Capitol Hill."I'm jumping on a trend to try to engage my younger constituents,

Google Challenged by 'Right to Be Forgotten' Ruling in Europe

Is Google responsible for links to old websites that can hurt your reputation? A top court in the European Union says the answer is yes.The European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that consumers have the "right to be forgotten" and can ask Google to remove damaging links.

充分发挥资源 索尼全面迈进2014世界杯

作为国际足联数字生活领域的官方合作伙伴,索尼公司(以下简称索尼)宣布将加速发挥全球各大业务优势,全面迈进2014世界杯。2014年巴西世界杯已经拉开战幕。作为国际足联数字生活领域的合作伙伴,索尼致力于发挥其 ... ...


据Recode网站报道,苹果公司将于10月16日在美国库部蒂诺市发布新iPad。报道称,苹果同时会更新iMac和OS X操作系统。这一时间与去年新iPad的发布时间很接近。

Pebble’s CEO Discusses The Company’s Second Product Launch

As other manufacturers look to bring devices for your wrist to market bearing marked similarity to their phones, Pebble has gone in the other direction, focusing on its seven-day battery life and a simple interface. Last week,

Women pay 76 cents to men's $1 at shop promoting wage equality

You pay what you earn at a tiny shop in Pittsburgh that is take a strong stance on gender equality.Elana Schlenker's pop-up shop, Less Than 100, sells gifts like ceramics, paper crafts and art by independent makers. It's like a brick-and-mortar Etsy, except for one distinctive attribute:





Microsoft productivity services to be bundled with future Asus products

Just yesterday we learned that Microsoft and Google agreed to drop their long standing lawsuits against one another, all-the-while Microsoft was working on another patent arrangement. Today, Microsoft and Asus revealed that they have...

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