Trump’s immigration policies might force Microsoft to move jobs overseas

Microsoft could be forced to potentially move jobs out of the United States due to the Trump administrations immigration policies.

Microsoft amps up Surface Go marketing with 10 new short video ads

Microsoft recently pushed out a series of short video ads on YouTube, all showcasing the use cases and features of Surface Go.

Lenovo Legion Y530: This is the gaming laptop I’ve always wanted

The design and performance on Lenovo's revamped Legion Y520 make this the gaming laptop that I've always wanted.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store receives design overhaul, Panos Panay says Surface Phone is n

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: teams up with Google and other companies for the Data Transfer Project, Linked

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Google,

Microsoft’s security team prevented a phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidate

Microsoft's security team has prevented a targeted phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidates running for election in the midterms.

Pre-order the Surface Go and receive a $50 Best Buy gift card

Those of you wanting to get your hands on Microsoft’s latest Surface device, the Surface Go, can already pick up a deal. You’ll still pay the full price for the Surface Go, but Best Buy will give you an electronic $50 gift card. This could be used towards anything else you’d like from Best Buy, […]

Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 report shows its very much still a consumer focused business

Let's skip those metrics and go straight to the relatable stuff about Microsoft's FY18 Q4 earnings such as, how the company did with its expanding Surface hardware line, Xbox gaming division and how exactly is Windows doing for the company.

Play the Defiance 2050 video game for free on Xbox One today

The Defiance 2050 video game is finally available to play on Xbox One consoles in most regions beginning today. The game is a current-gen upgrade of the Xbox 360 Defiance title that features improved graphics and more in-game content for players to unlock.

New Xbox Avatars now being tested on the Xbox One dashboard

Xbox Insiders have been able to experiment with the new Xbox Avatars within the Avatar app for a while now but it now looks like those enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be able to experience them properly within the Xbox One dashboard starting today.

Windows 10 April 2018 update now available for Alienware PCs

Microsoft intentionally blocked the affected Alienware PCs from getting the update because of a known issue

传Facebook 将于一年内在北京设立首个销售办事处,拓展中国区广告业务

据WSJ消息,社交巨头Facebook 将于一年内在北京财富中心设立首个当地销售办事处,以与本地广告商接洽合作。目前该公司正与写字楼方面商讨租用事宜,但仍未决定员工的劳务形式是合同式还是全职。

This Giant "Straw" Will Suck Vegas's Water From the Desert

Las Vegas gets 90 percent of its water from Lake Mead, the lake created by the Hoover Dam about 45 miles away. It's also a lake that's only half full—with water levels that are decreasing every year.


进入2014年,生鲜电商网站持续快速成长、快速洗牌,从粗放发展时期的拼资金、拼投入,生鲜电商也开始步入精细化运 […]

Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

First time accepted submitter jarmund (2752233) writes "I first got a WRT54GL in 2007. Now, 7 years later, it's still churning along, despite only having one of its antennae left after an encounter with a toddler. As it is simply not up to date to today's standards (802.11N for example),

20 Useful Cleaning Hacks to Make Chores Less Painful

Nobody likes chores, especially when they involve cleaning.Sure, the end result of a good cleaning session invokes a sense of accomplishment, and it's nice to live in a clean house — but the act itself is awful. The only time most of us actually clean is to get out of something even more painful,

微软正式在中国发售Surface Pro 3,起售价5688元

微软今日在京宣布,将于本月28日起向中国用户发售Surface Pro 3平板电脑及配件。Surface Pro 3配备了12英寸、分辨率为2160x1440的全高清显示屏,并提供了多种英特尔酷睿处理器的版本可供选择。Surface Pro 3专业版搭载了Windows 8.

Why the password's days are numbered

In an era of increasing security threats the password is often the weakest link that allows attackers a way into a system posing as a legitimate user. Read more:

Ebola Risk in Dallas Eases as No New Cases Reported So Far

The absence of new Ebola cases found in Dallas have put the city on track to reduce its watch list, an acknowledgment that the risk of a further outbreak in the Texas city has lessened."This is a critical weekend," Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Saturday,

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