Dolby Vision support for video content is coming to Xbox One consoles this Fall

After Redmond pioneered High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on consoles two years ago with the Xbox One S, Microsoft will introduce Dolby Vision video streaming support across Xbox One S and Xbox One X with the Xbox One Fall Update.

Xbox One Review Update: Six Months Later

Last November, Microsoft released the Xbox One. Six months later, the console has gotten a bunch more games and a hefty software upgrade. Microsoft has also decided to sell the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor. Halfway through its first year on planet earth,

Microsoft amps up Surface Go marketing with 10 new short video ads

Microsoft recently pushed out a series of short video ads on YouTube, all showcasing the use cases and features of Surface Go.

Lenovo Legion Y530: This is the gaming laptop I’ve always wanted

The design and performance on Lenovo's revamped Legion Y520 make this the gaming laptop that I've always wanted.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store receives design overhaul, Panos Panay says Surface Phone is n

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: teams up with Google and other companies for the Data Transfer Project, Linked

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Google,

Microsoft’s security team prevented a phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidate

Microsoft's security team has prevented a targeted phishing attack by Russian actors on 3 congressional candidates running for election in the midterms.

Pre-order the Surface Go and receive a $50 Best Buy gift card

Those of you wanting to get your hands on Microsoft’s latest Surface device, the Surface Go, can already pick up a deal. You’ll still pay the full price for the Surface Go, but Best Buy will give you an electronic $50 gift card. This could be used towards anything else you’d like from Best Buy, […]

Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 report shows its very much still a consumer focused business

Let's skip those metrics and go straight to the relatable stuff about Microsoft's FY18 Q4 earnings such as, how the company did with its expanding Surface hardware line, Xbox gaming division and how exactly is Windows doing for the company.

Trump’s immigration policies might force Microsoft to move jobs overseas

Microsoft could be forced to potentially move jobs out of the United States due to the Trump administrations immigration policies.

Play the Defiance 2050 video game for free on Xbox One today

The Defiance 2050 video game is finally available to play on Xbox One consoles in most regions beginning today. The game is a current-gen upgrade of the Xbox 360 Defiance title that features improved graphics and more in-game content for players to unlock.

New Xbox Avatars now being tested on the Xbox One dashboard

Xbox Insiders have been able to experiment with the new Xbox Avatars within the Avatar app for a while now but it now looks like those enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be able to experience them properly within the Xbox One dashboard starting today.


uBear是一款高端手机、平板电脑和笔记本电脑配件经营品牌位于加利福尼亚州的洛杉矶。他们的品牌标识,是由Hype Type Studio做的创意开发,包括一个新的标志、文具、包装和相应网页的设计。



RCP:利用actionSet在菜单(menu)里添加内容 - 蔡羽



美国德州的一家公司 Patent Harbor 日前向法院提起了专利诉讼,指控苹果的 iMovie 以及运行该项苹果应用的 Mac 产品对其造成专利侵权。

停车位大小的蜗居 你会怎样去装点它?

随着人越来越多,房价居高不下,住真正的蜗居似乎已经不再是笑谈。如果有一天真要住进这样的房子,你会怎么装饰?美国萨凡纳艺术设计学院就发明了一种名为 SCADpad 的迷你住房。  

Duo Sneak an Oculus Rift Onto Roller Coaster For a Wild Ride

New submitter bobbrocolli (3647945) writes "Equipped with a hidden laptop and Oculus Rift, O'Driscoll may be the first person to have ever gone on a 'Real VR' roller coaster with perfect motion feedback.

[图]4.5英寸+1830mAh电池 诺基亚Lumia 530获入网许可

作为WP阵营最畅销的产品Lumia 520尽管凭借着亲民的价格迅速占领入门市场,但同时也存在内存不足等短板,对此此前不断有消息称诺基亚即将推出型号为Lumia 530的继任机型。




摘要 : 对于国产手机厂商来说,4G千元机出货量决定了芯片厂商今后对其支持的力度,新的4G千元机之争将首先从供应链打响。   搜狐IT 文/宿艺(微信公众号:壹观察)   国内4G千元机之争正进入新的搏杀周期。



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