Microsoft announces general availability of Azure IoT Edge for enterprise-grade deployments

Microsoft introduced Azure IoT Edge last year to allow deployment of cloud intelligence directly on IoT devices.

Windows Insider sad face – no new Fast Ring builds for 19H1 until at least next Tuesday

Although Microsoft was hoping to get a new build out to Fast Ring insiders testing Windows 10 1903/19H1 today (Friday), it’s not going to happen. And since Monday is the President’s Day holiday in the US, there won’t be a new build until at least Tuesday: Appreciate your patience,

Deal: Save $200 on select Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2 or Book 2 models on the US Microsoft Store

For a limited time, the US Microsoft Store is currently offering up to $200 discounts on select Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2 models.

Changes are coming to the Windows Insider Program, but what’s changing?

Yesterday Microsoft released another Windows Insider build, and as builds go there wasn’t much to it, just a list of some fairly innocuous fixes and changes with no new features. However,

How to restore your PC from a Windows 10 system image

Disaster recovery might not be the catchiest topic in computing, but it’s certainly something to stay abreast of. We recently showed you how to make a Windows system image, which contains an exact copy of everything on your hard drive. In this guide,

Two Final Fantasy XV cars are coming to Forza Horizon 4 with new Series 6 update

Forza Horizon 4 players can now unlock two Quartz Regalia models taken right from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV game.

Microsoft’s OneDrive app updates on iOS with some iMessage changes

Microsoft’s OneDrive app for iOS devices updated to Version 10.54 today. This latest update fixes a typo and adds a new icon link in the OneDrive iMessage app, improved the UI during the search process, and fixed an Office docs bug. Here’s the official release  notes:

Crackdown 3 video game launches on Xbox One and Windows 10

After a rather significant delay in its development, Crackdown 3 has finally launched on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices.

Dolby Vision support for video content is coming to Xbox One consoles this Fall

After Redmond pioneered High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on consoles two years ago with the Xbox One S, Microsoft will introduce Dolby Vision video streaming support across Xbox One S and Xbox One X with the Xbox One Fall Update.

Trump’s immigration policies might force Microsoft to move jobs overseas

Microsoft could be forced to potentially move jobs out of the United States due to the Trump administrations immigration policies.

Play the Defiance 2050 video game for free on Xbox One today

The Defiance 2050 video game is finally available to play on Xbox One consoles in most regions beginning today. The game is a current-gen upgrade of the Xbox 360 Defiance title that features improved graphics and more in-game content for players to unlock.


近日宝马宣布和 GoPro 合作制造第一款自动的运动摄像头,这款摄像头可以允许通过苹果的设备来对 GoPro 摄像头进行控制。操纵需要连接 iPhone,并且安装最新的 GoPro 的 iOS 端应用。

Force.com微信开发系列(四)申请Access Token及自定义菜单之创建菜单 - JohnsonWang

在微信接口开发中,许多服务的使用都离不开Access Token,Access Token相当于打开这些服务的钥匙,正常情况下会在7200秒内失效,重复获取将导致上次获取的Token失效,本文将首先介绍如何获取Access Token,再介绍如何通过Access Token来在微信内添加自定义菜单(.

Google Dart语言进入TIOBE排行前20

匿名读者 写道"本月TIOBE编程语言排行榜出炉。Google的Dart语言进入了前20。 许多人把dart当成js的一个替代。但对Google来说,从dart编译出高效的js比dartVM自身的效率更为重要。




拥有40年历史的微软公司,目前是全球第二大上市科技公司。一直以来,微软习惯被人称作是软件巨人,因为全世界各行各 […]

纷享销客开启 B+C 战略,个人级应用客脉获 A 轮融资

10 月 28 日,个人用客户管理工具「客脉」宣布获得由纷享销客、IDG 资本、北极光创投以及华软创投的联合投资的 A 轮三百万美金融资。客脉定位于「免费的个人客户管理工具」。


Google最近宣布准备回归中国地区,虽然该公司目前仍然没有透露具体的细节,但很可能意味着该公司的Google Play商店将进入中国,对于手游产业来说,这或许是一个良机。Google Play如果现在进入中国Android市场,必须面临本土化以及和本地伙伴进行合作。

If Designed Like This.红包口令

对于微信的全面封杀,15年2月红包口令的推出,让支付宝在2015年与微信的红包战役中扳回一城。配以接龙红包、逗 ...

Woman shares photo of dimples on breast to raise awareness of cancer symptoms

An Australian woman has shared a message to Facebook in the hope of helping others.In February, Kylie Armstrong discovered dimples, which had not been there previously, on the underside of her breast. Worried about the change in tissue,

微软 //Build 2016 开发者大会 直播预告

微软 //Build 2016 开发者大会今年将于 3 月 30 日到 4 月 1 日在美国旧金山举行。无法前去美国参加 Build 大会的中国开发者们,记得还是一起来线上看 Keynote 主题演讲直播噢(有中文字幕)!今年与往年不同, ... ...

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