Project Loon and Project Wing graduate from Google X

Google X projects Loon and Wing have left the nest and graduated to independent companies under Google’s parent company Alphabet, Google X Captain of Moonshots, X Astro Teller wrote in a Medium post yesterday. “Today, unlike when they started as X projects,

A list of ten things that billionaire owners of EV, clean energy and rocket companies should and sho

So… apparently there’s been another kerfuffle on the Twitter about some asinine things that a certain wealthy, rocket-building, payment-revolutionizing, electric vehicle company-creating entrepreneur has written in tweets to millions of followers. This billionaire is, by all accounts,

Sacha Baron Cohen is about to add jet fuel to Showtime’s rise, starting tonight

Netflix has been killing competitors with its original TV shows and movies. A Morgan Stanley survey released back in May had 39 percent of U.S. consumers naming Netflix as offering the “best original programming” among subscription video services, with everyone else eating its dust, including HBO,

Liberty, equality, technology: France is finally poised to become a tech power

Once America had an unassailable advantage, an economic flywheel that spun off innovation and Fortune 500 companies like a perpetual-motion machine. Bring in the best, brightest,

EV startups Alta, Energica, and Zero could reboot the motorcycle industry

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 accepted into YC, raises $1.

Why BMW needs to own its customer experience from start to finish

For the last few years now, BMW has wrestled with the question of what it’ll mean to be a luxury car manufacturer in the age of electric cars, autonomous driving and rapidly changing — and increasing — customer expectations. What, after all,

In Q2 2018, late-stage deals led the world’s venture capital market

Here is what you should take away from the state of the global venture capital market: late-stage deals dominated Q2.

3D printed guns are now legal… What’s next?

Jon Stokes Contributor Jon Stokes is one of the founders of Ars Technica, an author, and a former Wired editor. He currently hacks ruby at Collective Idea, and runs

Uber now lets you pay for rides and food via Venmo

Uber has teamed up with PayPal-owned Venmo to let people pay for rides and food via UberEATS with the funds in their Venmo account. According to the companies, more than six million payments mentioned Uber in the last year.

GitHub Enterprise and Business Cloud users now get access to public repos, too

GitHub, the code hosting service Microsoft recently acquired, is launching a couple of new features for its business users today that’ll make it easier for them to access public repositories on the service. Traditionally,

Sight Diagnostics starts selling an AI-based diagnostics device for faster blood tests

Sight Diagnostics, an Israeli medical devices startup that’s using computer vision and machine learning technology to speed up blood testing, is launching a point-of-care blood diagnostics system today. It claims the compact,



为什么 HBO 的剧集出品都那么精良,在众多公司中独树一帜?

不少回答裏面都有細節錯誤。首先在美國,電視台分為Cable和Network兩個大類。後者不需要訂閱費用,每一個小時的節目會插播數次廣告,且嚴格受到Federal Communications Commission的監管。

杭州一旅行社领队代购20万元化妆品 被判走私罪


Four Japanese Startups Visit Me At The Bates Motel During SXSW 2015

Operating out of Room #4 at the Bates Motel at SXSW 2015 (this is another story), I got the opportunity to interview a few fascinating startups that traveled from Tokyo to Austin, TX over the weekend to show their hardware-based concepts. During a rapid-fire demo session,

Apple Watch保护壳:免受意外磕碰好拆卸

苹果在本月的发布会上表示Apple Watch将于4月10日开启预定,并将于4月24日正式上市。每次新款iPhone的发布都会催生不少新款保护套的出现,而作为一个全新类别的产品,Apple Watch显然也会很快有各种各样的配套保护套。

WPF vNext以及NuGet



根据发表在《Nature Neuroscience》期刊上的一项研究,雌性鼠和雄性鼠使用不同的免疫细胞管理痛觉敏化,暗示男性和女性之间可能存在根本的痛觉差异。

QNB Group公布截至2015年6月30日的六个月财务业绩

卡塔尔多哈--(美国商业资讯)--全球最具实力的银行之一、中东北非地区首屈一指的银行QNB Group公布了该集团截至2015年6月30日的六个月业绩。   这份智能新闻稿包含多媒体内容。完整新闻稿可在以下网址查阅: http://www.businesswire.

6 ways to give back to good causes this Halloween

Halloween — known as a night for fright, cobwebs and candy — also has major potential for some philanthropic fun.The spooky season may not seem like it offers many opportunities to make a difference, but from donating costumes to volunteering at local events,



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