Broadcom signs $19bn deal for CA Technologies

Broadcom might have failed in its acquisition of Qualcomm, but it will have to satisfy its purchasing needs with CA Technologies.

Barclaycard and SAP team up to make corporate payments easier

Partnership looks to bring procurement and payment for B2B organisations into a single solution.

Chinese phones now make up more than a third of all EU sales

Individually, Samsung is still king.

JP Morgan launches cryptocurrency

Business-only JPM Coin looks to take on the likes of Ripple.

Amazon cancels $2bn New York HQ

Online giant claims it doesn't want to go against the wishes of NYC locals.

How technology is transforming the casual dining industry

New ways to buy and new ways to pay are fuelling innovation in the sector.

Why businesses need to go paperless now

Here’s a look at the current situation in the UK and some of the ways in which businesses can benefit from going paperless in 2019.

How AI technology is digitising supply chain processes

With supply chain and logistics becoming more complicated in the age of industrial IoT, the need for AI-enabled chatbots is much higher in this field.

Fujitsu teams up with SAP and Oracle to accelerate digital transformation

Partnership aims to address issue of growing demand for third-party orchestration of complex IT estates.

Employees suffering more and more "cyber stress" at work

Workers facing increased levels of stress due to cyber-breaches, handling sensitive data and being in charge of a bunch of passwords.

Facebook hit with £500k fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

ICO fines social network maximum penalty over illegal data sharing.






俄罗斯互联网新规:公民数据必须存储在国内服务器上2014年07月06日 09:



Apple releases iOS 8.3 beta with new, diverse emoji

Apple has started to invite developers to try the beta version of its upcoming iOS 8.3 software, which will include the emoji update that features various character skin tones for the first timeSome developers who signed up to test the iOS software are now able to download the update,

Did Louis C.K.'s mildly racist 'SNL' monologue go too far?

The Middle East, mild racism and child molestation ...oh myLouis C.K. hosted the 40th season finale of Saturday Night Live, and boy did he make sure to go out with a bang. The comedian kicked off the show with a 10-minute monologue filled with what some would call edgy,

Adobe Creative Cloud adds Android apps, stock photo service

For the past year, Adobe has been steadily releasing iOS app after iOS app in its attempt to create what it likes to call "mobile to desktop to workflows." Now the company is finally beginning to bring its Android offerings up to date.Adobe just released four new Android apps,


Dominic Szablewski在GPLv3下发布了让你可以在浏览器上玩PC游戏的程序jsmpeg-vnc。

Badass eagle takes out a drone in mid-air

Lesson to be learned: Don't mess with a wedge-tailed eagleA large Australian bird of prey knocked a video drone out of the sky with one swift talon punch. According to Melbourne Aerial Video, the eagle was unharmed, while the drone needed a bit of work before it was up and flying again.

Google Photos 现在会自动删除你已备份过的照片

Google 今天对 Photos 进行了更新,其中最大的变化,在于设定菜单中多出了一个「清出空间(Free Up Space)」的选项,让服务可以自动删除设备内已在云端完成备份的照片。

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