Google promotes Loon and Wing to full businesses

Loon and Wing make the move from moonshots to other bets.

How To Speak User

This article is an exercise in simultaneously mystifying and demystifying the lingua franca of digital life in order to encapsulate the chronically ironic state of being a user. A companion piece to How To Speak Startup. Read More

UK government plans Internet regulator

Proposed Internet regulator would hold tech giants accountable for content published on their platforms.

Salesforce brings voice to CRM with new Einstein Voice Assistant

Salesforce users can now obtain valuable data and insights with only their voice.

UK employees feel remote working guilt

Half of UK employees working remotely feel pressure to prove their working.

Painting by numbers: developing the real productivity picture

Could technology and data analytics be used to improve not only the workplace but also an organisation's employees?

Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.

How is data analytics transforming healthcare outcomes?

There should be a more concerted effort to apply data analytics in daily healthcare operations to directly fight diseases with data analytics and help avoid preventable harm.

Joining up the dots with conversational artificial intelligence

A rushed AI deployment without a clear goal will likely be unsuccessful.

How to make use of machine learning in finance?

It’s time to see how exactly financial businesses can adopt this technology to make it a success.

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

An anonymous reader writes University of Cambridge scientists have broken a decade-old superconducting record by packing a 17.6 Tesla magnetic field into a golf ball-sized hunk of crystal — equivalent to about three tons of force. From the Cambridge announcement:


根据微软今天公布的2014财年第四财季财报,采用Windows Phone操作系统的Lumia手机销量为580万部。而在去年第二季度(即微软2013财年第四财季),诺基亚一共售出了740万部Lumia手机。


微软2012年曾经收购了名为 Percipetive Pixel(PPI)公司,该公司主要生产55吋级别的大屏幕触屏,被收购后并入了微软 Office 部门。从埃洛普的消息来看,微软将开始对商务场合中会议展示用触屏计算设备市场进行开拓。

Bone marrow jam burger could start a revolution on your taste buds

Oh man, this week's French-inspired Pornburger is making me drool real bad: I drooled when I saw the picture. I drooled when I read the ingredients—I'm dying to try the bone marrow onion jam. I just can't stop drooling, really.Read more...

SpaceX, US Air Force Settle Spy Sat Dispute

hypnosec writes The US Air Force and private space flight company SpaceX have settled their dispute involving the military's expendable rocket program, thereby paving the way for SpaceX to join the spy satellite launch program known as Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV).

Kevin Henrikson on why he chose to target Exchange customers

Earlier today, Kevin Henrikson and his old buddies over at KickoffLabs hosted an intimate live YouTube webinar sharing the story of Acompli. Kevin, who currently leads engineering for Outlook Mobile over at Microsoft, was, until recently,

Zupool iPhone6s/6sPlus AK+ 钢侠系列增强版钢化玻璃膜评测

随着苹果新一代机型的上市,不少用户选择更换iPhone 6s新机,从外观上6S和6来看区别不大,但是6S搭载了3D touch功能,也启用了全新一代的A9 处理器。新的3D touch功能提出了对贴膜的更高要求。


从宫崎骏的动画到北野武的电影,久石让用音符的魔力,让观众沉浸在一个个的光影故事中。即使曲折的故事,随着时间而慢 ...

50 Cent gets arrested for dropping F-bomb at concert in Saint Kitts

Rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was arrested on Saturday night for his use of profanity during a performance at the St. Kitts Music Festival.Also arrested was Bajar Walter, a bodyguard and member of 50's entourage, for his own use of indecent language and obstruction.

Amazon announces dates for 'Transparent,' 'Mozart in the Jungle,' other original shows

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Fall is looking good for Amazon.At its Television Critics Association presentation on Sunday, the streaming service touted a new fall line-up of originals and announced return dates for some fan favorites.SEE ALSO:

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