Google promotes Loon and Wing to full businesses

Loon and Wing make the move from moonshots to other bets.

How To Speak User

This article is an exercise in simultaneously mystifying and demystifying the lingua franca of digital life in order to encapsulate the chronically ironic state of being a user. A companion piece to How To Speak Startup. Read More

Huawei Mate 20 Pro review

A powerful and eye-catching device, but is it enough of a step up from previous generations?

BYOD posing major mobile security risks

More and more organisations are allowing employees to bring their own devices for work.

BlackBerry seals $1.4bn Cylance deal

Software giant adds AI cyber security tools to its portfolio.

Major SMS leak exposed millions of messages

Two-factor authentication codes were also exposed in Voxox leak.

Kid-focused smartwatches can be hacked to track location

Report uncovers worrying security flaws in popular products.

Why employee engagement matters in digital transformation

Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona, discusses how employee-buy in can motivate workforces and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Personal cyberattacks becoming more common

Hackers are pushing bots aside as they roll up their sleeves.

How is data analytics transforming healthcare outcomes?

There should be a more concerted effort to apply data analytics in daily healthcare operations to directly fight diseases with data analytics and help avoid preventable harm.

Joining up the dots with conversational artificial intelligence

A rushed AI deployment without a clear goal will likely be unsuccessful.

How to make use of machine learning in finance?

It’s time to see how exactly financial businesses can adopt this technology to make it a success.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online Comes Out Of Preview, Gets A 99.9% Uptime SLA

Last November, Microsoft launched Visual Studio Online, formerly known as Team Foundation Service, in preview. Today, at its Build developer conference in San Francisco, the company announced the general availability of Visual Studio Online.

Qualcomm's 2015 Snapdragon Chips Promise Lightning Fast Phones

Qualcomm has just revealed the specifications for its 2015 mobile chips—and if you thought this year's offering sounded good , you are in for a massive treat when you read about these newer slabs of silicon.Read more...

[图]年增长率119% 最新数据显示WP系统销量增幅明显


酷派Coollife UI 6.0界面曝光 或更名CoolUI


UNWTO:2013年中东地区旅游业与全球平均水平5%持平 表现最差


Outlaws and Socceroos: 10 World Cup Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

It's finally here. Four years have passed, and you're all ready to watch the opening match of the most competitive tournament in sports history.But is your Twitter feed ready — perfectly curated to deliver you the best news and information about the World Cup?

I Want You!选择单页设计的五个理由

互联网最令人着迷的地方在于它会不断地进化。每年都会不断涌现新的工具和技术替换过时者,用新的解决方案来搞定各种问题。 单页设计在前几年就已经出现,并且愈.

平板電腦遊戲吃香!2019 年營收將增加三倍

近年平板電腦的畫質及記憶體容量都越來越高,因此吸引到更多人利用這種裝備打機。近日有調查機構更預測,2019 年平板電腦遊戲的營收將會增至 133 億美元,比今年的 36 億美元大幅增加三倍有多。



瞄准奢侈手表市场:Kevin Rose推出Watchville应用

连续创业者兼原Digg创始人Kevin Rose刚刚推出了一款新的iOS app。与此前“面向社交”的平台不同的是,虽然Watchville是一款免费应用,但它瞄向的却是奢侈手表市场,并扮演新闻聚合器与原子钟工具的角色。

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