How the EU cybersecurity act could set standards that impact legal liability and cross-border data f

The European Union believes that regulating IoT devices can solve this problem.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro review

A powerful and eye-catching device, but is it enough of a step up from previous generations?

BYOD posing major mobile security risks

More and more organisations are allowing employees to bring their own devices for work.

BlackBerry seals $1.4bn Cylance deal

Software giant adds AI cyber security tools to its portfolio.

Major SMS leak exposed millions of messages

Two-factor authentication codes were also exposed in Voxox leak.

Kid-focused smartwatches can be hacked to track location

Report uncovers worrying security flaws in popular products.

Why employee engagement matters in digital transformation

Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona, discusses how employee-buy in can motivate workforces and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Personal cyberattacks becoming more common

Hackers are pushing bots aside as they roll up their sleeves.

Google promotes Loon and Wing to full businesses

Loon and Wing make the move from moonshots to other bets.

How is data analytics transforming healthcare outcomes?

There should be a more concerted effort to apply data analytics in daily healthcare operations to directly fight diseases with data analytics and help avoid preventable harm.

Joining up the dots with conversational artificial intelligence

A rushed AI deployment without a clear goal will likely be unsuccessful.






日前,瑞典一家宽带服务供应商用一种极为极客的方式来向人们展示了滞后性潜在的危害。这家供应商的团队利利用了树莓派微型电脑和Oculus Rift头戴式显示器打造了相关设备。

亚马逊页面显示Moto E和LTE版Moto G将于6月3日发货

本月早些时候摩托罗拉宣布了Moto E和LTE版Moto G两款设备,根据亚马逊官方网站透露的信息这两款设备都确定将于6月3日开始发售,Moto E在美国地区的售价为$129.99,而LTE版本的Moto G售价为$219.99。

Accompani Wants To Be The Relationship Manager To Rule Them All

Many of us suffer the same problem–as our professional networks grow, we can’t keep track of each person’s details, including jobs, personal interests, kids, news and more. Amy Chang, the former global of head of product for Google Analytics and measurement,

Titanfall for Xbox One gets a 50 percent discount in this week's deals with gold

历经7年沉浮 蓝港互动依靠手游业务赴港上市




协议、代理Demo - 巴黎欧莱雅

1.首先协议声明@protocol myprotocol@required-(void)sum:(int)a param:(int)b;@optional-(void)add:(int)m param:(int)n;@end2.类实现协议.h文件中@interface Person : NSObje...



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