Healthcare: how safe is the public cloud?

Moving to the cloud is not a be-all end-all security solution for NHS organisations.

Can the cloud ever be both secure and flexible?

Whilst companies are aware of the cloud's benefits – speed of deployment, scalability, capital expenditure savings, flexibility – plenty of scepticism still remains. Read more:

Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015

Editor’s note: Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber are partners at YL Ventures, which invests early in cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data and Software-as-a-Service software companies.This year we witnessed a series of high-profile security breaches,

Humility, Accountability And Creative Thinking Can Fix IT Security

The state of cybersecurity has reached full-blown systemic failure. The narrative goes something like this: Companies are spending massive amounts of money on technologies that don’t seem to be living up to their marketing messages. According to Gartner,

Can the Design of Hospitals Help Patients Recover Faster?

Can the way hospitals are designed improve the experiences of staff and visitors, and even the recovery of patients? Lucy Maddox finds out. Read more...

Speakers At The Europas Conference And Awards Reflect Europe’s Diversity, June 16, London

The Europas Conference & Awards for European Tech Startups, on June 16 in London, is an annual celebration of Europe’s brightest tech companies. From a small bar in central London in 2009, it’s become a fixture of the European scene, with it’s highly curated daytime speakers and audience,

Meet the New, Dangerous Fringe of the Anti-Vaccination Movement

The 11-year-old girl’s mother saw the Facebook message first. It came from a profile that looked like it belonged to the girl’s beloved aunt, but the words didn’t sound like her. Read more...

Google launches hybrid cloud beta

Google reveals more on the hybrid Cloud Services Platform it introduced late last year at Google Cloud Next?

Major Wordpress security flaw discovered

Vulnerability went unpatched for six years, meaning many websites may have been affected.

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Office app

New tool is designed to replace the 'My Office' app currently on offer.

5G can solve worldwide 4G congestion

4G speeds drop significantly during peak hours, research shows.

Increase the ROI 10x faster with these personalised app marketing strategies

Below are eight personalised app marketing strategies to help you increase the ROI 10x faster.

How UK's exit from the EU will impact upon HR practices for tech companies

So just what do HR teams need to consider both in the event of a deal and also in the event of a No Deal exit from the EU?

Data security will continue to be a big deal in 2019 - Here’s what you can do to protect your data n

When applied to protecting against internal threats, employee monitoring software can be a highly effective tool for protecting customer data. Here’s how:

How the EU cybersecurity act could set standards that impact legal liability and cross-border data f

The European Union believes that regulating IoT devices can solve this problem.

Google promotes Loon and Wing to full businesses

Loon and Wing make the move from moonshots to other bets.

How is data analytics transforming healthcare outcomes?

There should be a more concerted effort to apply data analytics in daily healthcare operations to directly fight diseases with data analytics and help avoid preventable harm.

IUNI OS 正式亮相,看上去夠「优雅文艺」吗?

分类: 智能手机, 软件应用大约 3 个月前,金立曾宣布会在 2014 年春节前推出子品牌 IUNI 的首款手机。但如今看来,手机已然爽约,不过其定制 Android 系统 IUNI OS 倒是在今天早些时候正式亮相了。

保持本心,忠于绘画—— 新锐100设计师江志鹏访谈


Siphons Work Due To Gravity, Not Atmospheric Pressure: Now With Peer Review

knwny (2940129) writes "Peeved by the widespread misconception that siphons work because of atmospheric pressure, physics lecturer Dr. Stephen Hughes, [in 2010] wrote a mail to the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary(OED) pointing out the error. To back his claim, Dr.

Halfway to Iron Man: Hands On With the Myo Motion Control Armband

Myo from Thalmic Labs is one of those smart and deceptively simple-looking inventions that has the potential to change the way we work and liveIt’s as easy to put on as a traditional armband, but is packed full of technology that lets it track both your hand movements and arm motions,

java笔记--超级类Object和多线程的应用(哲学家进餐算法内部类方式再现) - 和佑

关于Object类中的线程方法:Object类是所有Java类的 父类,在该类中定义了三个与线程操作有关的方法,使得所有的Java类在创建之后就支持多线程这三个方法是:notify(),notifyAll(),wait(),这几个方法都是用来控制线程的运行状态的。



6 DIY photography gifts for the sophisticated shutterbug in your life

Trade your wallet for some creativity this holiday season.The Cooperative of Photography compiled six DIY gift ideas for photography lovers. Even if you're strapped for time (and cash), you can still make a beautiful and personalized gift.




BluePrint Medicines是一家创新型生物制药公司,主要研究以患者为“驱动”的癌症个性化疗法。具体做法是通过基因分析将激酶抑制剂和合适的药品/疗法相匹配。比如已经推出的两款产品,BLU-285与BLU-554。

苹果将为350名学生开发者提供 WWDC奖学金


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